Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11, 2001

Sixteen, that's the years since.

We have loosed das-gov and its running wild.

We morn the dead.  We will be morning the living, as it is with insanity.

Not much else to add Never Forget.

Keep the powder dry, a sharp eye, and your head low.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Commencement and graduation

It's all bullshit!

Some of the best speeches advocate useful, meaningful stuff like;

 Wear sunscreen,  cancer sucks.  Really!  Prevent now what can now as often you can't prevent much else that will happen.

 Drink in moderation, liver transplants are costly and you can never drink again.  Drink the good stuff at least.

Some have nothing but the hot air under the noon day sun with a dark color graduation robe on.

So here are some of my thoughts.  At least I'm not in the sun getting cooked.

 Its far too late to get an education, what you did in school is best described as, it equipped you for something that may someday pay well or, "would you like fries with that".   However, get a job, anything.  You can treat a job as two things, pain and suffering, or a way to learn what you need.  I suggest the latter as it makes the day worth it.  If you learn what you need for a job you like with challenges can be possible.  It is all up to you.
Or do nothing.  That tends to be depressingly boring.  So do something, and make it interesting if only for you.  Do it with others as its more fun.

 You will fail, learn to get used to it!  Move on.  Don't forget to learn from it.  You might have done wrong or maybe wrong has been done to you, no matter learn and move on.  Keep moving and keep learning.  Blaming others for you failure is pointless.  Its your choice, take advantage of that.  Also do it while your young, saves doing it later.  It also good when young well, because, if you have to run you can run faster.

Tomorrow there will be few if any safe spaces save maybe for you parents basement.  Be wary, many basements flood.  Get a place of you  own, you will appreciate why picking up your socks is important.

Learn to cook.  Part of the real world is feeding yourself.   Learn to be be social.  Also it helps if you can set and a formal table and know what fork to use.  

Get a hobby, learn to cook, drive on a race track, learn to fly, paint, learn an instrument, sing, or build things.  Try them all or at least some it will make you more interesting.  You will need something else besides a job to keep your mind entertained.  If your reasonably good, others might pay attention.  You might find what you do for a hobby is more satisfying.  It might lead to the job that you never knew you wanted.

In the end you are the only one responsible for you.  Today can be a crappy day,  Tomorrow does not have to be.  Responsibility has a component, choice.  Every day you can make the choice of accepting what comes or rejecting it for something different if not better.    

If all else, stand back a safe distance and push the damn button.  

Keep moving, ducking, never give up and never surrender.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

its been 15 years...

Its been 15 years and little good has become of it.

Many died on the day.  More were sickend and died working the pile.  For those we pray they found or will find peace.

But we became aware of the ever hostile and likely hateful in the world.  To that end we made more that know who to hate.  War is the way of treasure, not minds.

We spent like drunken sailors, did about as much good.  Like many of those the brig was then home lest till it passed.  The rest of us we have the authoritarians whats good for us and likely better for them.

In the end whose who might do like then will likely find the patience of the nation short and the wrath long.   We do forget, but when we remember its with great resolve.  Word to those out there
is to not make us remember, its likely to hurt, you.

In the end we are not more a government of bureaus with their micro-law rather than the larger nation of laws.  tar and feather just once might bring the bureaucrats back to remembering their neighbors.

So I believe in rust.    Whatever you do to treat it cover it or scrape it off it wins.  Its the killer as it works from inside where few look.  Rust always wins!  How do we fix rust, we remove the poisoned metal and replace it.  We do that as needed to keep the structure whole and sound.  Rust is also the analogy of corrosion of the soul or mind.  If you allow good ideas to become weak with that corrosion of weak thinking eventually rust wins. Like the metal form the corroded ideas and what they stand for have to be excised and replaced with new understanding.  Think critically, rust is the lazy way out and often just an other way of saying propaganda.   Listen to all, distill fro it the truth
from the jingoism and big lies, then go forth.

Pay attention, think about what you hear and see, ponder it for its truth if its there.  In the heat of battle one can miss the details that tell.


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ubuntu is lost...

I'm a linux user.  Winders with their gyrations long since alienated
me with If you want the new OS but anew system with enough
power to run it r it will suck and crash.

Ubuntu has wandered down that path.  the version 12.04 was its
entry to if your hardware isn't mumf your screwed.  The pain of
this is that many Linux users want to do things not spend they
days making money just to buy a better machine to continue
doing things that were happy the way they were.  The latest
is a new old IBM with a P4 CPU with 14.04 is now "insufficient".
Well that sucks.  Add to that they don't seem to want to support
32bits or older machines without PAE.  Welcome to the world of
WIN10 because its the same shit.

What prompted this is the gnawing level of feeping creaturism
where the latest update killed Chromium a favored browser by
trying to install the 64bit version.  Thankyou very much assholes.
The problem is no way to revert without much command line
action and hunting down an older archive somewhere.  OK, I'm
old school and command line is cool by me.  I didn't volunteer
to have to do this.   I see no reason to have a 4core, 3ghz, 64GB
ram  machine to do routine things or for that to simple hit web
pages that are even more old school.

So now I ponder getting off the Ubuntu circle train and looking
at derivitives like MINT or other Debian releases. 

Its a problem why?  Sometimes you need a stable system to do
basic things every day the same old way without all the cutsie
things.  So to prevent further damage I will edit the update files
so it can't foul something I consider both adequate and depend
on.  After all it worked yesterday why break it.

I'd post all this on the ubuntu boards but they can't even keep
Chrome and Chromium straight.  That and any question that
they don't like never appears.

So in short where the hell is the 12.04 LTS version support
besides broken.  If you promise x many years of support that
means keeping it going not breaking it.   While your at it maybe
hint that the next version will not be suitable for the current
hardware before burning install time and stop hounding for a
version update when its not possible.

I need powder and shot to fix this mess with holes for vents
to let out the smoke.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy unfortunate turkey

Well its Thanksgiving.

I can be thankful for family friends and interesting work.

Things not thankful for...

    Liberals that are actually bullying fascists.  If you are really liberal you should not need to silence those that disagree.

    Overly sensitive weenies, if everything requires trigger warnings, get therapy.  The world is not a sensitive place its actually quite unfeeling.  If this bothers you, therapy is a good thing.

    Those that call themselves progressive.  You have not progressed enough.  Try evolution.

    Anyone that "feels" more secure while taking my rights your should know your hurting my feelings.  I have the right to feel secure too, consider that.

For those that can and do think critically, enjoy the day.

Keep your powder dry and watch for the idiots.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Been a while....

I've gone a while because saying nothing as I have had little new to say.  I could mutter the same old stuff from time to time but why?


Gun Free Zones.  What outrageous stupidity.  There are those that call these free  victim zones, or my favorite, Fish in a barrel.

Yes, fish in a barrel.  Your in there, its hard to get out fast, not many places to securely hide.  A barrel!  All you can do is wait to be fed or a hook to drop in.

My suggestion, get the hell out of there.  Either that or wear a bullseye over your heart.  Get out and stay out.  If the business goes broke so be it they signed up and on.

If you didn't sign up and on, and your in that, maybe you need to leave or arm up.  Those are your choices, unless you don't mind wearing a bullseye,  see your already in the target  zone.

Why advocate this?  Self defense is a right.  If you do not believe that you have missed something important.  Its responsibility.   Really!  If you die your family is stuck with burial, your bills, and maybe raising your kids.  Your responsibility is to be there for them and protect them, to do that you must protect yourself.  You have the right to do that, and the responsibility to do that.  Its not the job for the police or anyone else, though I applaud those that would step in and render assistance.  You are the first line of defense in saving yourself and and those around you.

Now for the love of life and all things important why would you ever go into a Gun Free Zone where you are obligated to be nothing more than a FISH IN A BARREL.

Keep your head down, Eyes open, and your powder dry.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why is this day special...

Today is 9/11 the 13th.  On this day a bunch of terrorists killed 3000 civilians.

All I can say is their heirs and survivors should suffer the regret of time. Their copycat followers should inherit the wrath bestowed on those that kill indiscriminately.

A moment for those that died.

Keep your eyes open and your powder handy.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Selling down the house...

from post that EBM hit a nail on...

The good news is anything running DOS3.0 can't multitask, network, or handle disks(logical) larger than 32MB...

However we have single chip micros that are barely of the power of the 1976 8bitters than do all sorts of networking and stuff...

Add to that people using minuscule systems of processing power of the PentiumI/333mhz on a 7$ chip the size of a fingernail for door openers with a OS, why?  Cause it cheaper.  They didn't have to think and write real code.  And they assumed the canned security is both functional and they used it right.  Seriously?

If you want secure computer run an obscure architecture with a real known secure OS and airgap it inside a locked room.  What is airgap, not connecting to any network, they can't reach you if the only way is through a physical locked door to a secure vault.  Anything less and people will try to poke at it over the network and if they poke right they might get lucky but more likely the operator/owner will get stupid.

Why use an odd computer with a odder OS and airgap it?  Well I do.  The beauty is with portable and well scrubbed media I can bring the nastiest virus to my favorite machine and look at its internals with total safety.  How is that, most nasties are written for PCs usually Intel or phones and Pads ARM are the popular ones though there are others.  So native code for them cannot run on say a lowly PDP-11 due plain being incomprehensible to the -11.  Some require things like Adobe reader, Java, or other PCism helper apps or languages.  So foreign systems can treat any nasty thing out there as DATA and data can be analysed in a forensic way.  That DATA is the software equivalent of a car you tried to run me over with complete with fingerprints and partly chewed gum.

Why steal data...?

First one has to know one thing.

Money is only worth face value and its physical so lots of it has bulk and electronic versions of money is traceable.

Data, however has not been so unlucky, data has value and more data has great value.  The right data is better than gold, it weighs less and is very very tiny.  Don't believe tiny try a USB that is 32gb and 17mm x 12m x 5mm and cheap too. So data is worth stealing as its both hard to trace, harder to physically find and very impossible to take back.

What is all this valuable data?
Why not put a sign on you house as follows; "Billboard for rent, Free." girls and boys that's you email address. One address is like a penny not worth much but a million known good ones has value for the guy selling a herbal johnson drug.  Your age and sex means rather than a johnson
drug maybe you should be getting a makes your face look 20 years younger cream, or adult diapers.  Three easy things, most give them away without thought An Email Address, age and sex.  Now is we know what you drive, the state and town you live in we can make some greater assumptions.  But there is only one more piece of data, your computer password.  With that
we can get you VISA card, and the ever valuable SSN aka 9 digits of pure gold, and more.
Horrors is what people freely post on book of face and other social networking sites.

Remember that for every sick ass doing break your machine malware there are groups of bad guys with serious intent looking to steal data for its latent value.  Lest I add companies that want your computer to be their billboard and also their corporate kisok for their that you will buy, buy, buy.

So if you read some article about what security is or isn't think about what you told your coworker today... ALL OF IT!  I'll bet as a third party to that there was tons of your personal info.

Keep your powder dry as they surely will try to take it.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Six On

Doors opened here on 2/4/08.

That's all.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Phobia and fear...

This is promted by Sean over at

Guns are a Rorschach test.

As one that doesn't fear firearms its interesting that I do respect them. What does that mean...

Well I've also got a healthy respect for the chainsaw, I even use them.  That said I handle it with great care as I'e seen what can happen and its very bloody.   So yes, a tool deserves respect.  I also understand how it works so I can use it carefully and efficiently.  After all nothing makes short work of trees and logs better.  I build and do things with them,  recreation, fun even!

With that said I've seen people use chainsaws with the chain brake wired back and carried by the handle with fingers on the throttle and all my hairs stand up as I know it can do a lot of damage.

That's healthy fear.  It can hurt me or my workmate if I am careless or they are.

A gun is no different.

Unhealthy fear is ban all those chainsaws, the blood!.  Never touch one as it may start and slice me up.  When it get to that level the term phobia is warranted.

So we have guns a very useful tool as well. I have used them for all lawful purposes over the years.  I treat them with respect, not fear.

Yet we see unhealthy fear.

Those that say guns are bad, guns kill, guns are the root of crime, they are truly past fear.  If it were fear it can be corrected or moderated with education, training, and experience.  However the concept of touching a gun as something to never be done is phobic.  Its irrational for fear a  device or a tool that left alone or handled properly is inert. Those that do not even want to read the truth or fact are phobic.  See to even lean about it means they could use it and fear happens.

We also have those that claim to hate guns and take them to congress and political places to show off how evil they are.  This is a very special thing as its no longer phobia and we should watch them very closely for signs of sociopathic need for power and control.

We sometimes call them gun grabbers and that is a misnomer as their phobia would not allow them to touch a firearm.  For that they rely on  those dark people with no fears to do their bidding.  Such as it is for the gun banners.

Keep your head down and powder dry.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All Hail the cat! Aye!

We call them companion animals.

However in my life this one was an extra special guy.

To me he was a friend.  He waited for me and would lay next to me or on me.

We called him Boo...  He was a Maine Coon Cat, strong as an ox, yet never scratched me in fear. A true gentle giant.  He prowled the house, his domain, the empire, one we gladly shared.

Today at a ripe age of over twenty and some, and with us for more than eighteen, it was time.

Cancer, the evil taker had done its damage and he was unable to be a cat.  To the very end he was aware and with us as his friends.

Forever is never enough.

Goodbye dear Boo.  You will be missed.  


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Its 9/11 again

12 years, have we really learned?

I say that with a hard realization that many thousands of people died that day so dasgov could go nutzingfutz and get a power trip on.

Those people will not recognize how we are now.   I'm not sure I do either.

So I'll only say good words for the dead.

... and resist walking around with a 1000 yard stare making sheep like noises.

The good new is the people that did this and instigated it are dead and hopefull in their own private hell.

The rest of us are or at least a few are waking up to dasgov growing like black mold in a bathroom all toxic and nasty.

Grieve for the living as the dead are now beyond their cares.

Heads down, it many not be safe out there.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Assholes, both of them...

two assholes meet on a path both bent on some ritual of respect.

Who won?

Certainly not Zimmerman.  How about Martin?  Neither of them.

It makes little sense to get on either side because it was race.  It was about to assholes that didn't have sense or maturity enough to back away.

So the strong younger attacks the older for some perceived diss, the older is a ball of flab with a gun.  So how does it end?   Either way its already bad and neither wanted to have it this way but both pursued the course they took.  In the end one or the other was going to get seriously hurt or dead,  and did.  Both had a chance to disengage neither didn't.

It might have been a knife, stone, or choking, maybe a cerebral hemorrhage.  Girls and boys it was about violence by and between both of them.  Next time you cut someone off and they flip you the finger, think about those two assholes.  Think hard about which one your playing.

The law only deals with questions of was it murder or some assault.  Facts seem to indicate that either way one of them, if death didn't happen, would likely have done time minimally for assault.

So yes I hold the most unpopular position.  The law is right.  One of two assholes lost the fight and the other will have vengeance applied because those that disagree have the same asshole violence thing going.

If you think either is right and your angry and thinking violence...  Remember you too can be in a fight and win or loose you are not going to like the result.  You had a chance to walk away and didn't.  It was never your fight.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hate no longer law

DOMA is dead,



Sunday, June 16, 2013

NSA data mining.

While for one second I do not believe those guys haven't lied more than a lot I do believe they did collect said metadata.  Likely their half truths of thwarting terrorist enterprise is bogus.

We do know since Hoover that internal data collection is the rule not the exception.  Files and lists all secret.


That information could also be used to solve the age old problem of the pisshats that subvert the do not call lists

Just this FOIA the data, check for sites that originate many calls to more than one number often twice and then compare the numbers called to any of the do not call registries. Find out who called and start issuing fines.    There are people that would call that a good thing.  Likely the Rethugs would have a bird fit.   The ensuing battle would be worth a seat.   After all the statists would want that control and the other would claim undue restraint on free enterprise.

Fun to speculate.

In the mean time keep stuff dry, cranium down, and check your six.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day

It is the day we remember our dead.

It's the weekend of car sales, furniture sales, the first big barbecue weekend.

And we forgot why they died.

They died to protect us.  They died to preserve.  They died.

In all the wars of this country the one thing remains, they died so we could live
the way or founders believed we should, as a free people.

Consider that.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Orders from Der Prince

Yes, SnowMAgedden really!

Check this...

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency for blizzard that could bring near 3 feet of snow.

Right here...

The penalty for not paying attention to their authority is up to $500 and a year in jail.    Extreme, yes?

While I agree its possibly one Wicked bad Stawm, there are people that MUST appear at work that are not police or other "emergency service".

So we have Der Prince and possible future elect issuing emergency laws that sound just a bit over the top. So whats to stop him from doing who knows what?

Hey, it's a seriously bad storm and plan accordingly to protect your home and families. Stay safe.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

LArge Black Assault Dogs

Over at Straight Forward in a Crooked World there is a stunning example of Evil Black Rifle ban.

Now mind you we don't have wolves her in eastern MA that I know of but, Foxes, Bobcat, Coyote
and a wide assortment of other predators have been seen by me locally, even on my residential property.  We even had a Bobcat attack west of here.  So ponder that.

Keep your varmints at more than arms reach.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day of the jackpot

NY is one of the first major signs of what I'll call the coming of the jackpot.    If we continue down that path I foresee a very dystopic future not far ahead. The other major sign is those that would based on unsubstantiated belief, false facts, myth and feelings will dominate.  Dear fuzzy one, we are seriously devolving.

Keep what powder you have dry,


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Constitutional Law and why they are

A little bit of history..

We are the United States of America though a revolution where the King of England treated us (the colonies) as less worthy subjects and went as far as to mistreat us.  We didn't like it and one day in April we said enough....

Fast forward a few years the result is we are have now acquired sovereignty as a Country. We codified it in the Constitution Of the United States but, before the states would sign up they wanted a few safe guards. So we have the The Bill of Rights.

The key paragraph that is all to often not quoted is:

Item 1:

THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

In short we never want this kind of thing again and this is how we plan to have law to prevent it.  The first 10 amendments spell out prohibited acts of the government.

I will skip the First Amendment as it allows me to write this even of you don't agree.

Item 2:  Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The first item calls out why this set of Amendments were important, namely and I quote as key phrase, " in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers,".  This is about the government in modern terms of going off the rails.

The single sentence in item 2 is a clear statement blocking the government from removing the means to insure the people can and will remain in control of their rights and property.  In short the government is the subjugated not the the people.

Why is the second amendment so strongly worded.  Its the enabler to the prohibitions of other acts a government may partake.  Freedom of speech, right to property, protection against illegal search, and a host of other things that were grievances against King George, and many other despotic regimes that would emerge after him over the course of history.

With that I offer two views of why this is important.

Marko lays out why the threat of force has no place in a society where it has the force to repulse that threat.  I offer, his work,  why the gun is civilization,

The followup is some very sobering thoughts from Dean Garrison if they come for your guns do you have a responsibility to fight .   I do believe we have the responsibility to fight the attempt to even go that far with letters and phone calls to those people we call our representatives.    Even the great people that wrote the Constitution petitioned King George with their grievances before firing the shot heard round the world.  We should honor them by doing no less.

Take care and keep your powder dry.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Talk without spitting on me..

My words for the antigun taking heads are..

If you gungrabbers want raving talking heads as representation all the better.   Its clearly significant of their mindset.  That and someone I'd not waste my time talking to because, they already talking at.

If they want a dialog, they can find me.  If they want to talk at me then talk to my back as I have no use for yammering fools.

I hunted down many a gungrabber site the things I find missing are use of facts or truth, an absolute lack of critical thinking beyond the immediate, such sensibilities over harsh language to require only the anointed ones can speak while they apply the same language on others. They love ad hominem and reductio ad absurdum as argument tools. The use of anecdotes are still not make them fact. They love the 1st when they can talk, not so much when they have to listen. For them to have a debate listening will be a acquired skill.

We should observe and use it against them.  For the loudest vessel is often the empty one.

They I'd say on that basis they approach a  vacuum.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Irrational national 2

Last post it was a bit on how some just done think.

A bit more and specific.  The jackhole in upstate NY that shot and killed firefighters got the guns from a neighbor woman that bought them for him.

A very good story about what will happen to her:

Yes there is a law that says if its not for you and you lie its 10 years in the FEDERAL pokey and the state of NY has their special gift for that too.  So Yes, there is a Straw purchaser law.

The problem here is a excon that did 17 years asked someone to buy guns for him and they did it.  Now the real question was is it ignorance or outright stupidity to provide a person that did time for murder a gun?

I suspect the answer is part social engineering on his part and maybe she didn't know or even know to ask why he could  buy a gun.  Heck, the regular Jane or joe doesn't need to know this.  NOT.

Even if you do not own or want a gun, ignorance of the laws is not an accepted excuse. That is a universal aspect of the law.  So when I see a quick article saying its easy to buy a gun its at best a half truth as every gun purchased from any firearms dealer will have a valid  federal 4473 form.  Even some states require a transfer of firearms record (MA, form 10).  You lie on the form it might just get you some trouble.

We had a newspaper try and vilify gun gun owners by printing their names and addresses. Yes we do not even make the slightest effort to acknowledge that they have to know those laws and more as ignorance is not a defense.

So we have those that went right out can called the NRA dirty names or worse that likely will not acknowledge that EVEN THE NRA would agree what was done is illegal and should be.

I'm not a member of the NRA.   I just don't play the blame someone else game.

Don't let the bastards lie without calling them on it.  They will lie to you and smile.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Irrational national

Well we have at least one  senator that wants her rules to be our  rules.  The starting point will be to ignore the Constitution  and then created yet more expanded powers for the government.

She is just another idiot grandstanding and also doing the polka in the blood of the victims for her agenda.  There are a few of them around that know what is good for all of us.

What it still ignores is many of the laws that exist don't work as they attack the honest civilian and do little to impact the criminal or the insane.

Things that do not work.

State laws that are a patchwork, confusing, or unintelligible. We need some consistency.

Gun Free Zones, someone has to be made to explain why that should work and clearly doesn't,  being as criminal don't give a shit and honest people do.  In the end it just means was have a defined place  without any useful protection or anything other than imagined safety.

Large capacity magazine bans, Yep this one has the "but we are the anointed ones" all over it.  We now this doesn't work as DC has a ban and some idiot appeared on TV with one despite that and got  dispensation.   Again no one has proven a thing that this helps.

The concept of self defense, right having a gun as a best means is for something improbable and never happens like home invasions.  They call those that prepare paranoid.

So what have we got.  Criminals that get out if they were ever in to do more of the same AGAIN. People arrested and given excessive bail and imprisoned for months for wearing a fake ammo belt before they even get to a trial.

We have the near do wells who have the critical thinking ability of a 12 years old, that stamp there feet  and in their tantrum do the  I want, I want, with out any thought or reason.  Then they expect others to  to the work.  Their version of We is someone other than thee.

Then there are the privileged few that make their safety business for someone else and personal to them but try to deny average Joe or Sally the idea that they just might need to protect themselves.

Other than the few the good news is most of them are just so much hot air that mostly will contribute to global warming as as soon as the fiscal crisis warms up in a short while they will be far to busy dealing with the fallout.

Then we have the blame game.  The NRA armed the bad guys, come on, get real, and think about the utter stupidity of that.  The NRA is an organization of DUES paying members and criminals and other
sorts do not even match that little detail.  the NRA does not give out guns.  The NRA oddly does do safety training and safety programs.

So for the blame game participants, who's next.  Try the mirror.  Every time you do nothing and practice the outright denial that evil exists while saying it can't happen to you your extending the possibility that indeed it can.  Every time you make your safety someone elses job you make it more unsafe for me and everyone else.  I'm putting it all on those whining, denial mongering,  liars who believe in magic talismans like signs.

Lets start telling them that their request is unacceptable.  Vote, notify the senators and congress critters and the local gov as well.

For the rest of you stay safe, keep the powder dry and well hidden as they pledge to take it.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

What drill..

The name of the blog is Mozambique Drill.

The gunny version is to stop your attacker, two in the chest or heart, one to the head.  It's a defense drill.

The human version is, most things cause two hits to the emotional heart and one hit to the to the rational thinking part...  and rational thought rarely survives.

We had a situation that occurred that was a huge blow to the heart, children, people died.  The follow up was to take a hit to the head in the form of total wipe out of reason and logic.

The assault to the head was WE, yes the formal everyone else not me, should do something to prevent this.  With the rapid follow up of WE have to ban things.

Here is the problem and why my head hurts now.  Seems the whole thing was banned or illegal acts that only a criminal would do.  They were already banned.  Yet we have the steadfast that truly believe that just one more law will fix that.  Save for the one further thing, the criminal in this case was bent on destruction of anyone and themselves.  We have laws about suicide as well, they are ironic.

So now that collective WE wants to punish the innocent as well. After all somebody has to pay for this why not those that didn't have anything to do with it and would never.

Yes, it's the age of not me and your or some inanimate thing is the cause.

There is a rising feeling of alarm over what may be the next wave of riots that no one wants.  Who will be the ones hearing from the have-nots that were denied was they had or what they worked for.  It may be money, property, or the civil liberties that are being eroded daily by those that either want it for themselves or are elitist enough to believe no one should have it.  In the end there will be pain and suffering.

Reminder, in the spring 1775 there were troops of the British army under the rule of the Crown commanded to go and take the arms and powder of the colonials and any that should resist.  The rest we know as history.  What was never clear to some who were obviously sleeping is was the unjust taking of property that added the extra straw that broke the colonials back.  It was one too many of the intolerable acts that preceded it.  This was the beginning entry into six years of war.

I finish on this. Only a portion of the colonials were active in the revolution, more than a third were and preferred to be un-involved and maybe as many were on the British side.  It was long and bloody and not the last war we as a nation would fight against a foreign power on our land.

Consider our history and why our most basic laws are what they are.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Newspeak and oldspeak and Big Lie.

My favorite things is when people use language to obscure things or flat out lie.  I have a name for
that and it's propaganda.

The most common tool in propaganda is the big lie.

Usage:  Assault weapons need to be banned.

Lets analyse that.  What they are... really.

Assault rifle; select fire or full automatic, magazine fed, intermediate caliber rifles are the single most common military rifle in the world.  For the USA that's the M16 or the M4 in the past it would be the
M14, and the Thompson machine gun may even qualify.   Hard to buy or own legally since 1994 mostly due to scarcity and cost.  But if you can find an eligible one and navigate the paper work and pay the $200 tax it's legal and its expensive to purchase and shoot.  In the end we call it a machine
gun in plainer language.

Assault weapon; the made up name for the  semi-automatic, magazine fed, intermediate caliber rifles are the single most popular type of gun in America.   With one addition...  they may look like an assaul rifle.

What makes assault weapon different from the common auto-loading hunting rifle?  Often only looks.
But the big lie calls it an  "assault weapon" which is a made up pejorative name for it.

But.. they have assault in the name and one is a machine gun  and the other is supposed to
be confused with it.  This is their way of making that evil and then they assign "bullet hose"
as a way to make it visualize as even more so.   See how the big lie works.  Two things
somewhat similar but different masked behind obfuscated language and terms.

In some states [I really mean the volksrepublic of MA] that means a auto-loader with a wood stock
is less regulated than the similar or same rifle with a plastic skeleton stock and a metal barrel shroud.
If you add any other feature to that rifle to make it look like a assault rifle its a felony[in MA].  Why?

Fear.   Just like taking a 30-06 hunting rifle and adding a telescopic sight and painting the wood
in camouflage colors makes it a sniper rifle to those that fear.  It of course will magically
kill at a distance on its own, not.  The difference here is often the rifleman's training and
less the tool.  That however makes use of the big lie again as sniper rifle is more menacing
sounding than a high caliber sport hunting rifle.   Well the real big lie is that the sniper rifle and
the assault weapon are more dangerous and need to be regulated [more than already are] to
excess or out right banned.

I will not go into the redundant language and error filled line "high capacity stripper clip bullet magazines" save for the description appends two different things into one even more incorrect one.  Stripper clips are the fast load tool for old rifles like the 1903 Springfield.  Magazines are those boxes that hold cartridges that attach or may be permanently attached to a firearm [or the ammunition storage
area on a warship].  Also bullets are part of a cartridge and not the complete ammunition ..   The
big lie requires the use of ambiguous language or made up words to sway those without the
knowledge to know or recognize its a sham.  It has to sound right and have a good flow even
if untrue or worse meaningless.

Enough for now as the telescreen gives more Newspeak from Minitrue.

Keep your powder dry and ears open,


Saturday, November 3, 2012


Seriously strong words, they are.

Why?  I do believe in one thing as a citizen you have the obligation to vote.

IF you fail to do so any and all the fail of the next four years, you are not exempt.  However,
any bitching or crying are going to be ignored.  You didn't make a choice, you are affected,
but your choice is not in there so what every happens to you it still your fault.

Be responsible, VOTE.


Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm aching from the idiot.

We all know what Akin said and it's plum crazy.  But he believes that and that is whats more than scary.

But rather than rehash that as others have done well I'll take the other tack.


What he said is a woman has limited rights and those are ones he believes are granted to him and his.
In short girl, hes saying he gets to say what legitimate and when, your say don't count,

What do I think?    Hrrumph!    Thank Darwin I don't live in that pisshole state.

He's trying to tell me or more correctly anyone he can influence control over is, hon you have no say.  That's a direct statement we wimmin are chattel and in servitude.   Ain't that cute and all condescending.  All you women that vote for that thing this election both deserve to be at
the head of the line as you have done gone to Gilead.  If that is disagreeable to you just remember
hes saying,  you don't have a say.  Lay back and enjoy it.

My cut is hit them good old rethugican boys where it hurts, I'd suggest nine months sleeping on the couch, tub, or floor and no sex for that long too.  It's about time they get to relearn what NO really means.  Might as well start with your body as it's all you have left.

Powder up and tell them to blow it out their arse.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

13 percent

What does 13 percent mean to me..

Well if I got to pay only that I'd get the equivalent of one whole month work this year back as cash.

Seem us in the trenches get the higher rates.

That is one whole hell of a lot of money to  any person working I'd bet.

But you see I'm not Rmoney, I have to buy a silver spoon as mine was not given to me.

Now, does that seem right to you?

Keep your powder dry as it's all ready tax paid.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rmoney's legacy

I live in the Volkspublik of MA.. That means we have that individual mandate to have health insurance. If we don't we pay a fine, err rather, a tax.

Like and good law abiding sort I have that insurance and it's damn expensive.

I go to the doc for a routine renewal of medication, the doc charges $542 for a office visit with no labs or procedures.  Nothing complex or involved or even life threatening.

The insurance company of big blue and the cross refuse to pay.

I get a bill that I have to now pay with post tax money to the tune of about 20 plus hours of my time.  I really wish I could charge 20X my current hourly rate, but the doc does.

Yep the system works just fine.  Thanks Mittens for all the costs.

Keep your powder hidden as someone is surely ot to steal it.


Friday, July 27, 2012


We wander down the lane of those that listen and those that might
if they did.

The problem is not guns it's the people that often are criminal to 
start with that have them despite many layers of laws imposing 
sanctions on their actions.  It's real easy to blame the NRA.  It's 
also just that, the lame blame game.  There is NO correlation 
between guns and death that is unique to guns.  There is a very 
strong correlation between violence and death.  Guns are a 
means, not the cause.

People even make up stories about lax gun laws.  Yet here in 
the USA in Chitown where gun ownership is was banned, DC 
and  NYC too, yet bad guys do criminal things.  Doesn't 
work, never worked.  Here in the volksreplubik of MA the laws 
are draconian regarding guns yet criminals still hurt and maim 
some with guns most without.   The most common shootings 
happen to be criminal on criminal and ignoring murder it's 
illegal in all 50 states for a criminal to possess a firearm and in 
many cases a weapon of any form.  Generally the criminals 
involved are out on bail or even parole. 

So far the most horrid examples of violence were often committed
in one of two cases, in declared gun free zones (gee can't criminals 
read) and by criminals on criminals.  Like drugs which are illegal 
yet any fool can easily buy them, banning guns will work at least 
as well.  Not going  to work.  Best example, prohibition, then we 
only tried to ban booze.

As to gun play being "shocking, deplorable, preventable"  We
react the same way to the first two, but prevention is best left to 
jailing (not a slap on the wrist) the criminals and becoming s
elf aware enough to know the wolf exists and likes his sheep 
docile and defenseless.  Murder is still a capital crime and 
carries one of the highest criminal sentences.  Yet we have killers.

You do have violence I really don't care if its gun, machete, or 
baseball bat in the bad guys hands it's still mayhem and death 
about to happen.    The first problem is violence and usually 
unless it's a insurgency problem, the cause is local and criminal.

There is no 100% solution, look at all the shootings is England 
and Austraila.   Then look at the violence there, the non gun type.
Look at the people committing the crimes and not how.  In the 
end the kid that was busting heads then going on to  robbing the 
corner store and ends up moving on to bigger and worse criminal
activities before he/she either gets killed or finally incarcerated 
for a long time.

Evil exists, it is the hand and the rest of the body holding a weapon.
 It's not rational, nor frequently correctable or predictable.  Most 
people choose to wander through life and say it does not exist in 
their realm, that is mostly due to statistical luck and faith in 
fantasy.  The choices are there,  but the first step is be alert 
and aware, avoid those places and times. When all else reaches
ends you may find you need a plan that does not include running.
If you say that will never happen, I offer the this, Virginia tech.
In life always, never, and can't  often sneak up and get real 
because they don't reflect the exception nor reality.

None of this is to say packing heat is a solution.  For some it's 
an unacceptable one and others are better off without anything 
dangerous including a car.  The reason is they all imply 
responsibility and require being aware.  In this case 
responsibility is not who we blame but the obligation to 
insure what they do is conducted safely without undue 
risk to others.  

Ponder that,  going though life trying to not induce undue 
risk on others.

As always keep the powder dry and the family safe.


Oh, I forgot what is YAAGT..  Yet Another Anti-Gun Troll.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Short and to the point..

Some believe they are safe, only to find they are not.  What is the difference?

Denial and a profound lack of awareness.

Never confuse the illusion with reality.  The latter may be harsh and ugly but the key word is

Keep your heads down and powder safe, those that might take that from you believe in the fantasy of illusion.


Monday, July 2, 2012


When someone writes a post about the radical nuts running off at the frothing mouth what happens..

The frothies attack,

  they foam,

    and they say all the crazed things..

       Damn,  That's priceless irony.

Hey ya all keep your heads down and watch for the crazies..take care now.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day

Over the years I've pondered the day and its meaning to a lifelong civilian, me. I thought back to my dad and WWII.

 GI Joe, was inducted and served in the Army.

 Private Warrant Officers,
USA Selectees (Enlisted Men)

 His training included the Army basic down south in red mud country and he excelled as a Rifleman. I know that from the badge and the ladder under it.   From there he was part of of Clark's 5th Army in the Chemical Mortar Division. Hard to remember now what division but eighty something sticks in memory. I knew he was in North Africa likely after Rommel's demise, I knew that more so because he knew some french and told a favorite story about those crazy yanks eating the Arabs corn, seems that was only eaten by animals and never people there. He went to Italy visited all the big names including Monte Casino. never knew if he lobbed mortars, shot at things, or did paperwork as a corporal. I did see at one time samples of V-mail back home to mother. Quite the artist. Returned home and the only admitted casualty was malaria, but that never explained the second purple heart or the other metals including a small star. Nor did he.

 Why all that. As well as I knew pop, he never spoke of the war. To this day I do not know what he saw or did not see. He taught me to shoot a BB rifle the way the Army taught him but it was a one time, this is how to do it right, and he never touched it again. However reading history and other accounts being in country during the action meant he did see something and it was not the thing talked about. So what's the point.

 War sucks, we know that. War leaves other wounds, hidden wounds, we see people that suffer those outwardly too. What we do not see is those that went served, maybe left some part of themselves there and returned changed forever. I just don't know.

On this Memorial Day we talk of those that gave life, some are still giving a little every day. To those serving, I wish you safe and secure, those that served your stories are important as they are part who
we are.

 As usual I bid you heads down and powder dry, and a good meal.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

G......, leave the kids alone...


If it isn't broke, please don't go off and break it.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

The slime is Pink??

Pink slime chemically refurbished renderings of beef waste..

Soylent Blue for the 2012 set.

We know what Soylent Green was.

Heads down, powder dry, don't eat it if your didn't shoot it.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ya gotta be kiddin..

The anti-gunners are at it again..

What now? They want a boycott Starbucks as they have no wish to play politics and run with what is legal shall be. So here they go again. Their plan is Valentines day to issue a protest letter and boycott.

I suggest we cop-opt their stupidity and turn it around.

Now I generally don't do boutique coffee. But I will BUY Starbucks on that day as a statement of support for a company who wishes to sell coffee and all the trimmings and not be a political entity. I suggest you do same and let them know why too. Oh, if you can open carry where you are please do so. It gives the 'phobes fits.

As usual keep your powder dry and be safe.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Screw the dark, I weild light!

I propose a display that will show we have the same goals, but our side is actually interested in results." - Weerd

Here here!

Our anti gun fiends who suffer the cognitive dissonance of fear can light a candle. I suspect they fear the flame. Cowards one and all they be. Go live with your fears and bow to those rough men that would do what you cannot for they will surely rule you.

I'm in the Volksrepublik (Ma for the uninitiated) so a firearm is a process that requires money and time. So I can 't have a good looking picture of my gun as it doesn't exist in this state yet. However, for those that read that as being unarmed foo on that.

Light always pushes back darkness.

I have the enemy of evil, light. Portable bright ones that kill night vision and general light that makes the inside and outside bright. It is also the symbol of knowledge and understanding. I light the light to make the statement that if you fear the dark, light a light and learn. With both I can push back the dark as I do not have to fear it. 'Id argue that the Constitution does not say I have he right to be armed, to me it says the government has no right to disarm a citizen of good standing and that is me.

Unarmed, that is their wish.

I don't buy in to being unarmed. There are tools of all sorts to avoid a bare hand fight. But lo there are things that propel lead that even our fair stasi permit. Rifles and pistols of .22 caliber and .177 that are good for velocities far higher than so called called BB guns. Yep, the Ruger may only be the UMAREX springer but a pellet at 1000fps punches a clean hole through a 5/4ths fir board. The long barrel target pistol pushes a .22 pellet through things too. Yes, like the sometimes maligned .22 rimfire, you have it, you learn to be good with it, and use what you have. If all else that Ruger looks like an EBR with a black stock and at over 8 pounds it would hurt to get butt stroked by it.

So for the night there will be the three weapons handy by me, two rifles, a pistol of non toy air propelled plus the light that fights back the dark. One would argue it's a weak gesture but the line goes, care to take a chance on that? Can you tell from 20, maybe 10 feet that your evil intent to continue carries no risk?

Of course a firearm is better but, I'm far from unarmed. I do so in the light. I have taken the first steps long ago and decided that being a victim is a terrible choice. Being a unarmed by anothers choice is unacceptable.

I light a light to be far from the dark. I keep tools handy and learn to be sharp with them. I do plan to fight ignorance and the evils that live by it.


Friday, January 6, 2012

That Damn Cat!

That Damn cat had a name, Ming.

Ming was a domestic shorthair of the lopsided grey and white. Cute, cuddly and a purr that wouldn't quit.

That Damn Cat could shed. Winter or summer the fur would fly.

That Damn Cat started peeing on the rug. Never stopped the habit though later at about 11 years old we found out she was diabetic. The cat was type 1 insulin dependent and we gave her insulin twice a day and tested her blood to make sure it was right.

That Damn Cat at 15 developed arthritis, we did pills and later injected drugs to help her move and be a cat. Then they didn't help any more.

That Damn Cat peed in the bed, her bed, and then anywhere. Seems at 17 almost 18 years of age moving was too hard. The kidneys were going and the left leg didn't work anymore. She'd drink water and lay on the floor all wet. That cat was fat and so enjoyed eating. But, then she couldn't get to the bowl to eat without help it was a sign.

Today I took Ming to the vet for the last time. I knew it was time when she didn't flinch or try to get away. There was no hope, age and disease took what made her a cat. It was hard to do. It was a matter of dignity for her. The vet understood and was exceedingly gentle. She is gone now.

I miss her. She did things that annoyed me and I loved her and petted her and tried to keep the fur brushed. I did what i could to keep her healthy and safe. For all the years it was a good life for a cat someone dumped, someone rescued, and someone loved.

That Damn Cat left a big empty hole right in my heart.


Saturday, December 31, 2011


The elapse of another year.

We here the echos of history rhyming with the present. We hum the same old tune too often.

This may be the "Year of the Jackpot", Heinlein may have got that right, Potiphar Breen seemed to figure out that if everyone does the same things and that isn't working the likelihood of all that insanity added to coincidence could be well, nuts!

So we have a major election year ahead, maybe the Mayan's will be sort a right. One can never tell if prediction lead to result or just suggest a wackier direction than would have been taken.

Stay safe, Happy New Years.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

For all good and kind of heart people..

A very happy Yule, Merry Chrstmas,Happy Chanukah and all.

Stay safe everyone.