Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pet peeves:

Blogs that require Adobe flash player.. and Adobe who can't be bothered to support the OS in use. To that we award the royal fart!

The web sites that require every stinking bell and whistle be enabled so they can insure their corrupted site will infect the "Guest". Guys, content and all is nice but it really improves the "experience" if we don't have to clean up the mess you leave us. Isn't the idea to attract the user with a pleasant "experience" rather than one they remember as being like dentistry before functional pain control? To them we award a years supply of feline spent fuel rods (cat poop).

Winders in general and XP especially. Thanks for an OS that always trying and never succeeding to please it owner/user. It does succeed wildly at annoying the user/owner. We award a years supply of Brown29, that's that stuff from UrAnus Corp.

Remember their motto: UrAnus Corp, we invented Brown29, you poop and we profit.

Das Gov.. well if they succeeded at anything it's proving we are in big trouble. As they unaware they are the cause it's more remarkable. To them we award them the Golden Sewer Plant, after all they did stink up the place.

Oh, Obama and Hillary, we give no award. Seems they would rather fight each other forsaking the dumb fscking incumbent Das Gov.. likely we {the people} will get the shaft, tunnel and the sewage passing down it as a result and we don't deserve to get shat upon like that.

Utter than that, them is the words.


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