Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rights, right?

Things never banned..

The state concerned over the high number of traffic accidents and thefts causing accidents has passed a new policy.

Under this ruling cars can be {cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, powered transport or capable of powered transport} .

Effective today the cost of drivers license increased to 500 dollars, and good for 1 year.
You must apply for it with the local chief of police and as it's may issue the chief may deny for no specified reason.
You cannot apply for it if you have any prior civil, criminal or traffic infractions.
You must be 18 or older.
You cannot purchase a car without a valid license and if for any reason your license becomes invalid you must return the car to an authorized holder or dealer.
Owning or having a car with an terminated or expired license on your property is a felony.
Your license must be valid to sell a car, if you sell more than 1 a year you must have dealers license.
You cannot sell your car to anyone that does not present a license.
There is a mandatory 14 day waiting period on all sales.
You cannot have more than one car unless you are a business with prior approval.
All transfers and sales must be checked through the License Authority to confirm the buyers license is valid.
A license check is required to buy gasoline.
When not in use or under the control of it's licensed owner the car must be disabled, secured in a garage, and locked using a lock approved by the police chief.
You must be register to the car you are driving and the car must not be on any prohibited list created by the energy conservation enforcement people.
Other licensed drivers may only use your car if you are present.
The major cities, since there is mass transit you must prove you need a license as you have no need to drive.
You may not drive your car to another state unless the license and type is recognized there.
You must file Part B of Registration if the car is from another state and it must be verified it is not modified outside the compliance list.

See I didn't ban cars either. I am reasonable. Of course if your rich or important this is not a handicap.


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