Thursday, December 27, 2012

Irrational national

Well we have at least one  senator that wants her rules to be our  rules.  The starting point will be to ignore the Constitution  and then created yet more expanded powers for the government.

She is just another idiot grandstanding and also doing the polka in the blood of the victims for her agenda.  There are a few of them around that know what is good for all of us.

What it still ignores is many of the laws that exist don't work as they attack the honest civilian and do little to impact the criminal or the insane.

Things that do not work.

State laws that are a patchwork, confusing, or unintelligible. We need some consistency.

Gun Free Zones, someone has to be made to explain why that should work and clearly doesn't,  being as criminal don't give a shit and honest people do.  In the end it just means was have a defined place  without any useful protection or anything other than imagined safety.

Large capacity magazine bans, Yep this one has the "but we are the anointed ones" all over it.  We now this doesn't work as DC has a ban and some idiot appeared on TV with one despite that and got  dispensation.   Again no one has proven a thing that this helps.

The concept of self defense, right having a gun as a best means is for something improbable and never happens like home invasions.  They call those that prepare paranoid.

So what have we got.  Criminals that get out if they were ever in to do more of the same AGAIN. People arrested and given excessive bail and imprisoned for months for wearing a fake ammo belt before they even get to a trial.

We have the near do wells who have the critical thinking ability of a 12 years old, that stamp there feet  and in their tantrum do the  I want, I want, with out any thought or reason.  Then they expect others to  to the work.  Their version of We is someone other than thee.

Then there are the privileged few that make their safety business for someone else and personal to them but try to deny average Joe or Sally the idea that they just might need to protect themselves.

Other than the few the good news is most of them are just so much hot air that mostly will contribute to global warming as as soon as the fiscal crisis warms up in a short while they will be far to busy dealing with the fallout.

Then we have the blame game.  The NRA armed the bad guys, come on, get real, and think about the utter stupidity of that.  The NRA is an organization of DUES paying members and criminals and other
sorts do not even match that little detail.  the NRA does not give out guns.  The NRA oddly does do safety training and safety programs.

So for the blame game participants, who's next.  Try the mirror.  Every time you do nothing and practice the outright denial that evil exists while saying it can't happen to you your extending the possibility that indeed it can.  Every time you make your safety someone elses job you make it more unsafe for me and everyone else.  I'm putting it all on those whining, denial mongering,  liars who believe in magic talismans like signs.

Lets start telling them that their request is unacceptable.  Vote, notify the senators and congress critters and the local gov as well.

For the rest of you stay safe, keep the powder dry and well hidden as they pledge to take it.


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Comrade Misfit said...

I'm not a big fan of the NRA. But having said that, in these times, I think everyone who owns a weapon or might want to needs to join.