Monday, March 19, 2018

Children, useful idiots, and follow the money

Lenin called those that didn't care or know enough to care, useful idiots.

Children seem to have a lot to say these days.  By children I mean people who are too young to, vote, drink and most can't even drive without a keeper.  They have feelings but not much in the way of education or critical thinking skills.  In short they are not adults.  The again many adults are still children by behaviour and not age.

The Pnews (pwnd news as the facts part is missing but the profit part is solid) has all the coverage of the school walkout.  You  kids, do you know your being played!   Who payed for your trip if not YOU?   Who made it ok for you to walk out of classes without permission or penalty?     You wouldn't be at risk if some stupid adult decided that making your school a defenseless gun/weapon free zone.  After all is fishing in a barrel is a good and fair thing for the fish.

Given that criminals do not obey the law.   There many things criminals  can possibly employ to put YOU at risk for injury or death.  I ask the following test.  Its open book.

This is a 100 point multipart question, show your work and offer proof and references.

    IF YOU are in a place where you can't defend yourself who is responsible for defending you?
    Who would those people responsible people be?
    IF they are not nearby, how long must you survive until they assist?
    IF the person(s) responsible for your safety is prohibited from having any weapons,
    can they successfully defend YOU?

      Trick question, if they do not have the means to defend you is it fair they should die trying?

      Trick question two, is it fair they{teachers, administrators, staff, custodian}
       should not have protection?
    If the people that are supposed to keep YOU safe insist that they lock you in a room defenseless
    what is YOUR protection?

    IF a criminal enters with intent of doing harm, what is your solution for preventing that?

    How would YOU stop that person, prevention? 
    Presuming that didn't work, stop the perp during the event?

Failure to answer this question gets a 0{zero, failing} grade.

     Self defense is a right.   Should anyone in the building be allowed to defend themselves?

     If so why? 

     If not why no to self defense?   YOU get to be asked, are you suicidal?    

         If yes please report to the local mental health center, do not handle
         anything dangerous, drive, vote or drink.  You are unsafe without 
         someone to watch over you.

Keep your powder safe.


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