Friday, July 18, 2008

Gaters dang it

Hey its been a while but life happens and all.

It's hard to remember you're drainin the swamp when you're butt deep in hungry gators.

In every project there looms a date that those that empower or pay say this happen by then. In every project Murphy sets to work planning how that date will be total bogus. But then Thats why the pay me the big and ever shrinking bucks.

Enough about swamps gators and projects, this is my off hour(s).

This is really about das gov while storing on the Bill of Rights, law and essential services has forgot to mind the door to the vault. Sooner of later the cost on money is going up and in a big way fast.

We got energy prices going nuts, This is the year lots of old people die in freezing houses or outright loose them to heating and electric bills. Some people with lower middle class jobs are facing the prospect of the cost to get to work exceeding income.

We have the banks trying to collect on bad paper for loans. They in turn are suffering the end game for poorly run business.. failure. Those that haven't failed or are in the impending doom state yet are trying to collect some of those bad loans and people are losing their homes. There there are the would be rich on paper folk that well, aren't rich anymore.

Industry is in a turmoil, cost of goods are tied to cost of material which is tied to cost... anyhow between the metals, petroleum, and intermediate goods it's a real contest to make anything and then sell it for what it cost plus some reasonable profit.

Add to that a few major public disasters, Katrina, midwest floods, fires in southeast and fire country of California, tornadoes and we have people who have lost everything and a government that can't fix it or makes it worse. Even if its a 500 year cyecle and not global warming the effect
is the same, one more pressure point on the public.

People are getting antsy, theres a growing discomfort, some are just pissed and it's getting more tangible. Over the course of history there is a boiling point and once exceeded things happen. I fear that the '60s long hot summer is due for a repeat.. or worse. Crime is like business failures, bank failures, unemployment and GNP an indicator of general social health. Right now it's getting mighty unhealthy out there. When it reaches a point where those that claim to know sense the public health is running a fever will discover it's way too late. Governments have institutional stupidity and lousy hearing, eyesight and worse memory for repeating history so counting on them to sort it out is always a delayed overreaction event.

Caio for now and remember, fresh batteries, clean water, first aid, an emergency radio, keep your helmet handy and your rifle clean. One hopes that none of will needed.