Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mine, Mine, mine, well not really!

A while back, say over a year we had a legal entity running around suing bloggers over copyrights..

At that time I said..

"But before you claim ownership one better make sure it's both theirs and unencumbered. I propose titles for copyright, if you claim copyright you have to prove you are the title holder if there is any dispute."

Guess what.. they lied. Seem they didn't own it and may not have been an actual authorized litigant.

Thank you EFF for that one.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tee Many Martini

A flash fiction challenge, based on the name of a cocktail.

Y'all have to excuse me if this is a bit random. I've had a few Martinis. Likely to have a lot more.

We started years ago hunting in the back woods. A larger group then. Now only a few of us remain.

Seems we were tired of the usual game. Well, it seemed that way at the time.

Fact was, Tim wandered out in the wood drunk one night and found himself one of those creatures in the back wood. He ran for it, when he got back he was all cut up and looked like he'd been stomped by an elephant with a switch blade and put out for bait. A bloody mess. We decided whatever could do that was a worthy hunt.

Since then we meet, go out into the back wood and hunt for that thing. As many times as we have gone we only get a glimpse, maybe a few shots. We thought they were misses.

After the first year we never hunted in groups smaller than three.

Hell after that some of us armed up with .50BMG or .454 with big mags. Seems Alf's .308 only annoyed it and it got even. Ed saw that. After the hits it took I was trying to buy a Ma Duce. The BMG was what could be carried.

Its big, 7 foot long and we know it's not friendly. Did I mention it's damn fast.

Body armor was added too. That happened after the second year when we got a look at it using night vision.

The noise it makes is just something humans can't do.

`Bout every other year we lose someone to the thing, or their nightmares. Hell, last year Fred saw the thing and returned to get seriously liquored up. He ate a 12ga a week later. Ed too, he spotted it and charged it with a .45 after a full clip of '06 from his favorite Garand. We knew it was too fast to outrun. Tough critter.

We're down to three of us after 10 years. We all have nightmares. But we owe it to those we lost, even Mikey in the bughouse, to get this thing.

It's been a long hunt, we got it last night and we had to round up a few locals to help haul it out. I was the lucky one, emptied the Barrett, when I was done 10 rounds of mixed ball, AP, Tracer, a few sabot rounds. I started shooting at about 400 yards, it stopped at pistol range. But it was down and not moving. My shoulder hurts like hell.

Imagine, eyes of a gator. Nearly 350 pounds of claws, fangs, smelly, and most scary, female. There may be more out there. The joke was it was a mother-in-law and genetic experiments gone wrong. We're not so sure it's that far from the truth.

Anywho, I'm putting down my fifth drink I can still see its eyes.

The bar's buying, I'm drinkin' Blood Martinis.


* 1 1/2 ounces Ketel One Citroen Vodka
* 1 ounce Ginger Liqueur
* 1 ounce Dark Grape Juice
* 1/2 ounce Blackberry Syrup
* Blackberries and raspberries for garnish

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bilgewater on the Mount

Over 20 years ago I was reading how the Radical Christians as we now call them and before then they were the Moral Majority and Family Values passing the message to their flock that civic involvement is crucial to gaining the upper hand and defeating the godless. They actually had a "guide" that specified that even the lowly PTA was important but the school board was prime place. Of course they also pushed for more FV/MM/RC members to be part of other parts of government even the seemingly backwater parts like building and planning as they got to say if a Shrine or Tabernacle was permissible. Everyone can be the christian conscience, and indeed they are.

Fast forward to today. We have revisionist Barton being hailed as a speaker of the true words and endorsed by Huckabee his equal in the religiously fervent. Liars, preachers and revisionists, oh my. We looked at that that stuff from twenty plus years ago and laughed and now we see. If you don't that re-education camp will be more comforting pablum for the sheeple.

Me I'm for teaching Orwell, and the other masters of dystopian orders so the oblivious little kids of today have some clue what, Four legs good two legs better, really means. Maybe Mein Kampf should be critically read to see how those that want to control do so my inches. Of course Mao's little red book as well. After all everyone should know the rules and have the right words when challenged. then again if you have read them you know where and how words like them are created.

In the end if you don't not watch this you certainly will be will be sheeple. Don't forget the wolves are discussing dinner tonight and well, you are not on the dinner planning board, but likely on the cutting board.

As always keep your ears open, eyes pealed, powder dry and you head down.