Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11, 2001

Sixteen, that's the years since.

We have loosed das-gov and its running wild.

We morn the dead.  We will be morning the living, as it is with insanity.

Not much else to add Never Forget.

Keep the powder dry, a sharp eye, and your head low.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Commencement and graduation

It's all bullshit!

Some of the best speeches advocate useful, meaningful stuff like;

 Wear sunscreen,  cancer sucks.  Really!  Prevent now what can now as often you can't prevent much else that will happen.

 Drink in moderation, liver transplants are costly and you can never drink again.  Drink the good stuff at least.

Some have nothing but the hot air under the noon day sun with a dark color graduation robe on.

So here are some of my thoughts.  At least I'm not in the sun getting cooked.

 Its far too late to get an education, what you did in school is best described as, it equipped you for something that may someday pay well or, "would you like fries with that".   However, get a job, anything.  You can treat a job as two things, pain and suffering, or a way to learn what you need.  I suggest the latter as it makes the day worth it.  If you learn what you need for a job you like with challenges can be possible.  It is all up to you.
Or do nothing.  That tends to be depressingly boring.  So do something, and make it interesting if only for you.  Do it with others as its more fun.

 You will fail, learn to get used to it!  Move on.  Don't forget to learn from it.  You might have done wrong or maybe wrong has been done to you, no matter learn and move on.  Keep moving and keep learning.  Blaming others for you failure is pointless.  Its your choice, take advantage of that.  Also do it while your young, saves doing it later.  It also good when young well, because, if you have to run you can run faster.

Tomorrow there will be few if any safe spaces save maybe for you parents basement.  Be wary, many basements flood.  Get a place of you  own, you will appreciate why picking up your socks is important.

Learn to cook.  Part of the real world is feeding yourself.   Learn to be be social.  Also it helps if you can set and a formal table and know what fork to use.  

Get a hobby, learn to cook, drive on a race track, learn to fly, paint, learn an instrument, sing, or build things.  Try them all or at least some it will make you more interesting.  You will need something else besides a job to keep your mind entertained.  If your reasonably good, others might pay attention.  You might find what you do for a hobby is more satisfying.  It might lead to the job that you never knew you wanted.

In the end you are the only one responsible for you.  Today can be a crappy day,  Tomorrow does not have to be.  Responsibility has a component, choice.  Every day you can make the choice of accepting what comes or rejecting it for something different if not better.    

If all else, stand back a safe distance and push the damn button.  

Keep moving, ducking, never give up and never surrender.