Friday, September 26, 2008

How to make a few million, lose a few billion of everyone elses

I be busy.

That is unlike the CEOs who be bz. Smooze you luze, not at all. Seems screwup royally
and you get the show handed to you. So long as the money lost is not your money. I really wish I could fail and get a bazillion bucks.

Oh well I wonder, nah I know. Us in the trenches get our face escorted to the door when we screw up.

Keep you sights clean and the ammo can handy.

comradski Eck!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Gaters dang it

Hey its been a while but life happens and all.

It's hard to remember you're drainin the swamp when you're butt deep in hungry gators.

In every project there looms a date that those that empower or pay say this happen by then. In every project Murphy sets to work planning how that date will be total bogus. But then Thats why the pay me the big and ever shrinking bucks.

Enough about swamps gators and projects, this is my off hour(s).

This is really about das gov while storing on the Bill of Rights, law and essential services has forgot to mind the door to the vault. Sooner of later the cost on money is going up and in a big way fast.

We got energy prices going nuts, This is the year lots of old people die in freezing houses or outright loose them to heating and electric bills. Some people with lower middle class jobs are facing the prospect of the cost to get to work exceeding income.

We have the banks trying to collect on bad paper for loans. They in turn are suffering the end game for poorly run business.. failure. Those that haven't failed or are in the impending doom state yet are trying to collect some of those bad loans and people are losing their homes. There there are the would be rich on paper folk that well, aren't rich anymore.

Industry is in a turmoil, cost of goods are tied to cost of material which is tied to cost... anyhow between the metals, petroleum, and intermediate goods it's a real contest to make anything and then sell it for what it cost plus some reasonable profit.

Add to that a few major public disasters, Katrina, midwest floods, fires in southeast and fire country of California, tornadoes and we have people who have lost everything and a government that can't fix it or makes it worse. Even if its a 500 year cyecle and not global warming the effect
is the same, one more pressure point on the public.

People are getting antsy, theres a growing discomfort, some are just pissed and it's getting more tangible. Over the course of history there is a boiling point and once exceeded things happen. I fear that the '60s long hot summer is due for a repeat.. or worse. Crime is like business failures, bank failures, unemployment and GNP an indicator of general social health. Right now it's getting mighty unhealthy out there. When it reaches a point where those that claim to know sense the public health is running a fever will discover it's way too late. Governments have institutional stupidity and lousy hearing, eyesight and worse memory for repeating history so counting on them to sort it out is always a delayed overreaction event.

Caio for now and remember, fresh batteries, clean water, first aid, an emergency radio, keep your helmet handy and your rifle clean. One hopes that none of will needed.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Da poop

All hail the Poop... err pope.

Well by now there is no secret I have no use for most of not all organized religion. This particular one is the last remaining vestige of the Holy Roman Empire. For those who don't read history there was a time when the pope was the supreme leader of the known world and if you didn't agree with him or the current dicta then you ran the risk of a miserable life assuming you retained it. It never fails to disgust me when I read about WWII and the German war atrocities in particular their acts of genocide against 6 million people yet apparently the Pope at that time was ok with it or chose to not look. No respect for that seat.

The 6 Million that died, the Jews, gypsies, the infirm and handicapped, homosexuals, and anyone likely that annoyed the local gestapo all suffered.
For those that died, were tortured, enslaved and maltreated nothing can make up for not raising a voice against it. Human history and dignity demand that whose that did that and those that have done other despicable acts in recent times be stopped and their acts of grave sickness be spoken out loud.

It's crime, it's time at least recognize it has happened, is happening still that not doing something to stop it or speaking out against it is the worse crime. The first step is to see the act and say stop it.

We have words and they are often the only bullets we have they still have a target.

Lock, load and come out loud.

Oh, Keep your heads down.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pet peeves:

Blogs that require Adobe flash player.. and Adobe who can't be bothered to support the OS in use. To that we award the royal fart!

The web sites that require every stinking bell and whistle be enabled so they can insure their corrupted site will infect the "Guest". Guys, content and all is nice but it really improves the "experience" if we don't have to clean up the mess you leave us. Isn't the idea to attract the user with a pleasant "experience" rather than one they remember as being like dentistry before functional pain control? To them we award a years supply of feline spent fuel rods (cat poop).

Winders in general and XP especially. Thanks for an OS that always trying and never succeeding to please it owner/user. It does succeed wildly at annoying the user/owner. We award a years supply of Brown29, that's that stuff from UrAnus Corp.

Remember their motto: UrAnus Corp, we invented Brown29, you poop and we profit.

Das Gov.. well if they succeeded at anything it's proving we are in big trouble. As they unaware they are the cause it's more remarkable. To them we award them the Golden Sewer Plant, after all they did stink up the place.

Oh, Obama and Hillary, we give no award. Seems they would rather fight each other forsaking the dumb fscking incumbent Das Gov.. likely we {the people} will get the shaft, tunnel and the sewage passing down it as a result and we don't deserve to get shat upon like that.

Utter than that, them is the words.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Rabbit Day.

I say that with the full recognition that the easter bunny thing is the fiscal holiday and does not have any basis in the religious sense..

In general I pass on all organized religion. It's always seems to come down to My GAWD is, the GAWD, and your "god" is some perversion or worse. So in the end we have the fundies, be they Islamic, Catholic, or any of the other smaller but equally vocal we have it right and you are all sadly wrong types. It's pretty sad as the only count that makes any sense at all is th numbers of "faithfull" that have died in the name of "their religion", and continue to die I might add. If all that effort were put to something truly useful we would have beaten drought, famine and diseases of poverty. Not likely to happen though that would mean helping the heathens, infidels, perverts or unclean and we can't have that. Of course we also have the "they can't help what they are" mindset where the help is rendered because they are so obviously broken and we'll tolerate their sick notions till we cure them. In the end religion and das-gov are both the same as they serve themselves and not those that empowered them.

So Happy Rabbit Day.

Keep your powder dry. Eck!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hey fellas I'm Back...


Good, Fast, Cheap Pick any two .

That speaks to the compromises of design. technology limits you to building with whats available, and cost to develop technology is high and the quality of the result is alway in question. However fast is rarely speed like cars or computers but development time. Sometimes getting there first with less innovative but solid tech is a good path, sometimes not.


Good, Fast, Cheap We balanced the parameters ofthe product and the customers desires and those customers are excited with the result.

More likely they are bored, annoyed with strangely mixed features or they already have three like it. Reality has not ventured there or at best the visit was fleeting.


Good, Fast, Cheap Yes sir/maam we have them all.

The boundary of truth and fiction was blurred by marketing but sales would never know it if it hit them in the face. The scary part is they are the consumers interface.

Das gov:

Good, Fast, Cheap We need three bids and through out the low, high, people we don't like and screw around with those that can actually do it. Then we create a set of requirements that border on the absurd and complain about the cost which those requirements have made even more costly. No matter there is an unlimited source of the needed supplies, taxpayers. Besides theres a "police action" in effect.

Foreign gov:

Good, Fast, Cheap we know dollars, send many, send trade.

Big banking:

Good, Fast, Cheap we are never fast or cheap but our stock holders demand good. Good in our case is the only metric known, profit.

Folks, if you aren't a government or a bank your screwed. One hint for the paper shufflers, if you more than 80% financed over all there is a word for that, crash. The next depression is likely to involve a lot of very sorry McMansion owners. Heres another chapter of history to be relived. This time I'm old enough to have seen the depressions of the 70s. Again we watch the stock market and the financial institutions with great interest as those of us that know it are watching all the deregulation and civil rights limiting acts of anarchy that made life so "interesting".

So batten down the hatches, keep your heavy weather gear handy, get you life preserver and pray, the sea is starting to shift.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm a big fan of science fiction, not that stuff that is fantasy thats a different thing. One of the best SF was B5. Why? I never failed to end up thinking a bit, and there are a few things that stick with me..

"Breen. You've managed to import breen from homeworld. How?"
"It .. isn't actually Breen."
"But the smell, the taste..."
"It's an Earth food. They are called Swedish meatballs. It's a strange thing, but every sentient race has its own version of these Swedish meatballs. I suspect it's one of those great universal mysteries which will either never get explained or which will drive you mad if you ever learned the truth."

-- Na'kal and G'Kar in Babylon 5: "Walkabout"

I always took that as a comment on how despite our global differences and all we as a species have a lot in common. Most of it's centered around surviving, having a life and maybe even doing some good. With all that in mind how is it that there are people who seem bent on destroying others because of ethnic, sex, sexual preference or just about anything difference that can be identified. There are those that would create laws to criminalize that and I tend to be for it but why even have to? Likely because those nuts would try to kill or maim if they thought they could get away with it. They claim it's it's doGs word, seems there are too many opinions of something that is just a word of mouth hand me down and a history of the old world that's less than pretty. But in the end it's using history or tradition as an excuse to abuse, hate or hurt.

I figure that light a few fires...


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Duck and cover...

A while back there was Babylon 5:

Who are you?

What do you want?

Where are you going?

Who do you serve and who do you trust?

I think about those questions from time to time. The answers for me are very personal
but I'm comfortable with the answers. It serves to remind me who I am and where I need
to get to. It's fair reality check.

When I apply those questions to the world and especially the government I really don't like what I see. Das-gov is certainly reality, but real? No 'fraid not. We have a wag the dog going and all sorts of off center types trying to make USA the land of the free and all that into a fundamentalist socialist nanny state complete with all the negative vestiges of old feudal lords and status. The only good news is there are enough of the radicals sufficiently opposed they usually and hopefully nullify each other. The scary part is status quo is never stable for long and the only constant is change. Change is good but with an environment where just plain nuts seems to have sway that delicate balance fails. Thats where my head was at 30 years ago and you know what? The nuts are winning. Seems they were adopted by the corrupt and as long as the nuts utter "DOG's book says so" they feel it's right to do wrong. Some how the up coming elections may make the long hot summer seem like just a minor heatwave. For those of you that don't remember the riots or maybe you born long after them maybe reading history is worth a bit of time as repeating it really sucks.

So where is it all going? Beats me but I'm training myself to do things I would have never considered and making sure I'm good enough to win. As they say in some camps, keep the bore clean, shot handy and the powder dry.

Oh, and keep your damn head down when the shit flies.
Unless you want your name to be "casualty".


Sunday, March 2, 2008

tap tap tap... Testing ahh testing testing HElloooooooo echo echooo echooooooooooo.

Seems to work. It's random wazzzup day.

Anywho over the last few weeks das-gov shoots a errant mostly bored spysat down and all is forgotten. Not likely. I'm sure the other guys noted that. One wonders what the micro-evil empires are thinking of that? Me I wonder how much more orbiting space junk there is from that to muck up other Sats and maybe manned missions? Eck hopes all that trash falls down quickly.

On a different channel we have our well paid federal officials some even work. Getting them to do anything takes an act of dog or at least something they can gain recognition for toward their real job after retirement. It would seem writing their boss might work but then even he/she would have to do his or her job and well we have a paradox. The paradox is who will work, why and when. Someday or in the federal case some daze. They do seem in a daze.

All in all watching the government at work is sorta like observing the small head, every so often
it puffs up and gets all sorts of attention. In the end it's just a little thing.

Another moment of curious boredoom from


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lesse, a spysat that didnt' work is falling...shades of Skylab where is the guy with the bullseye on his shirt. Yes, it's very '70s

The upside is a LEO (lo earth orbit) sat makes for a good watch if you get the chance and you know where and when to look. News on that is likely from the local 'lectronic Max Headroom.

All that money and it's at best light entertainment and no pictures.


Nobody Here But Us...

Buck, buck, buck, buck, baCAAAW!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Sad Comment on the State of This Nation

In trying to build up a community to write to this blog, the biggest item of resistance that I am encountering boils down to one thing: Fear that the Federal government will, one day, start coming after bloggers for exercising their right of free speech.

I've heard variations of that from three people so far, and they span the political spectrum from conservative to liberal. They aren't afraid (yet) of being disappeared into a black-box of a gulag. They fear that the Feds will pressure their employer or take direct action against their job or, in one case, cancel their work visa and deport them.

That is a sad commentary on where we have wound up as a nation after the last six years of this "Global War on Terror", that people are afraid to speak up. And, if you have read my solo blog, you know who I blame.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oy Vey Iz Mir

I think I accidentally killed Ted.

Ted is dead (as a contributor).

Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh joy whitespace.. just gotta fill it with noise.

First noise, sound of linksys router being used for small arms practice.
It's a pretty box but the first was a brick. The second was worth it
almost. Wait 56 minutes on their award winning help line for someone
to answer. Then 5 minutes telling first level that this is a hard case
and to kick it to second as I've been through the drill. Once we got him
and all the pleasentries like an email address. I'm glad used a spam dump
account, 20 minutes after that the new spam dump address got a spam..
humm " we keep it private" is not true. I hate being sired too. I
mentioned that to him as we were on the line for another hour plus as
the product shipped apparently without the router software installed!
Go through the fetch, download install process. After all that...

Spend 50 bucks on computer hardware,
Return it once as dead.
new one is lights on and nuttin happenin

Get the support guy in India to say "shit thats weird" .. that's priceless.

Success, but you have to ask about quality.

Hope that didn't cost him he really had to work for this one.


Hey, I'm Contemplating The Future, Here

What I am thinking of doing (and "thinking" is probably too grandiose a word), is opening this one up to some folks who have things to say, but who may not want to run their own blog. If I do that, expect that most folks will be sympathetic to my point of view, but I hope to get some not-too-die-hard liberals in here and maybe even a conservative or two.


I am not really sure what I am going to do here. I had the idea for the name of the blog, so I created it.

I'll think of something.