Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Rabbit Day.

I say that with the full recognition that the easter bunny thing is the fiscal holiday and does not have any basis in the religious sense..

In general I pass on all organized religion. It's always seems to come down to My GAWD is, the GAWD, and your "god" is some perversion or worse. So in the end we have the fundies, be they Islamic, Catholic, or any of the other smaller but equally vocal we have it right and you are all sadly wrong types. It's pretty sad as the only count that makes any sense at all is th numbers of "faithfull" that have died in the name of "their religion", and continue to die I might add. If all that effort were put to something truly useful we would have beaten drought, famine and diseases of poverty. Not likely to happen though that would mean helping the heathens, infidels, perverts or unclean and we can't have that. Of course we also have the "they can't help what they are" mindset where the help is rendered because they are so obviously broken and we'll tolerate their sick notions till we cure them. In the end religion and das-gov are both the same as they serve themselves and not those that empowered them.

So Happy Rabbit Day.

Keep your powder dry. Eck!

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