Saturday, July 18, 2015

Been a while....

I've gone a while because saying nothing as I have had little new to say.  I could mutter the same old stuff from time to time but why?


Gun Free Zones.  What outrageous stupidity.  There are those that call these free  victim zones, or my favorite, Fish in a barrel.

Yes, fish in a barrel.  Your in there, its hard to get out fast, not many places to securely hide.  A barrel!  All you can do is wait to be fed or a hook to drop in.

My suggestion, get the hell out of there.  Either that or wear a bullseye over your heart.  Get out and stay out.  If the business goes broke so be it they signed up and on.

If you didn't sign up and on, and your in that, maybe you need to leave or arm up.  Those are your choices, unless you don't mind wearing a bullseye,  see your already in the target  zone.

Why advocate this?  Self defense is a right.  If you do not believe that you have missed something important.  Its responsibility.   Really!  If you die your family is stuck with burial, your bills, and maybe raising your kids.  Your responsibility is to be there for them and protect them, to do that you must protect yourself.  You have the right to do that, and the responsibility to do that.  Its not the job for the police or anyone else, though I applaud those that would step in and render assistance.  You are the first line of defense in saving yourself and and those around you.

Now for the love of life and all things important why would you ever go into a Gun Free Zone where you are obligated to be nothing more than a FISH IN A BARREL.

Keep your head down, Eyes open, and your powder dry.