Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Have a Bad Feeling About This

We are close to ten years into the 21st Century and I am getting a really bad feeling about it.

Let's look at some facts. These are not disputable.
  • Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It traps heat in the atmosphere.
  • There is more CO2 in the atmosphere than there has been at any time within the past several hundred thousand years.
  • More CO2 means the atmosphere warms up.
  • The polar ice caps are melting.
  • Decreasing ice caps expose more of the sea to the sun. White ice reflects solar rays a lot better than deep blue.
  • Permafrost is melting, which releases methane from the dead plant matter that is entombed by the ice within.
  • Methane is a far more effective/dangerous greenhouse gas than is CO2.
Add to that the point that there are very large and powerful groups who have a stake in the status quo and who stand to suffer some economic pain by any attempts to align the global economy away from burning fossil fuels. Many of those groups are using the same "confuse, confound and deny" strategy that the tobacco industry employed for decades. Only the stakes here are a lot higher than a few tens of millions of people developing emphysema or lung cancer.

The leaders of the world can conference all they want. But until people around the world realize that there is a problem that, irrespective of ideology or borders, has to be addressed, nothing will be done.

Nothing will be done. There will be no serious attempts to mitigate or roll back greenhouse gas production until near-disaster is upon us. The result will be that the costs imposed on humanity will be far, far higher than it would have been to try and correct things in the 1990s or 2000s. A far warmer climate will impose social dislocations and all sorts of costs, most of which we can only guess at.

The end result, I fear, is that when the 22nd Century rolls around, people will be cursing our memories with all of the fervor that they can muster.

And we will have had it coming to us.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Survival, even preparing for it is very time consuming.

Not so much preparing for the grand disaster or 2012 even.

I stated the financial poop hit the blades and we hadn't seen the end of it. I was right. In Feburary Maldorf's ponzi scheme started to have a ripple effect. Yep the money he stole was money on paper others were investing. Now that means some startup lost funding and some people are going to suffer. All because the repubs allowed some good and sound legislation be overturned in 1999 to allow some securities funding methods that had previously proven unsound in the late '20s. So now my contract work is diminished and may even go away because DasGov pissed in the pie in a direct traceable way. Their health, their insurance and their standard of life is not being risked. Damn them all both spineless dems and the anything to look good repubs.

Funding and real property must be based on reality not wishes or Wall Street gambling addicts. Those pikers will bet on anything that will make 1 cent on the dollar using anyones money.

Oh and 2012, If we have a meltdown then my money is the epicenter is the multitudes of fundamentalist religious right be they Muslims or or the fundi Christians or the dozens of other "we are the only true believers". After all history has already seen what havoc they can bestow.

Those that try to cheat the public with shoddy goods and services take a hint too.

Anyhow assets are fire walled, we call that yankee thrift. Several new connections for continuance of adequate income are in the works. Skills are being refreshed and new ones added.

When I said keep your powder dry it wasn't the words of a gun nut. I was speaking to preparedness as well. But, it's going to be more than a bit before the fat lady sings.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Been busy very busy. One might say swimming hard against the current.

So whats to say, well I've decided to try and learn a language I've always found that difficult for me. Also I decided on Chinese as it's as useful as any and certainly interesting.

Lessee, we have birthers, teabaggers, and morons. Oops redundant as the latter describes the the former two. For those this bit of Chinese may apply, Nee mun DOH shr sagwa. A commentary on intelligence or the lack thereof.

So our first words for the day are Zhu yi. Zhen ta ma yao ming. Best english for that is pay attention, be careful. I certainly think that applies.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things go bomp in der nicht.

What scares me:

When with all the rants I see that I wasn't far off.

That others have same or similar views.

The collective we (to avoid specific IDs) all are saying it was coming, is here and and isn't over.

The distance between the have and have barely is increasing. The have barely is my name for the former middle class.

We all worry about the bottom falling out. The result being minimally losing a job, and more worrysome finances or anarchy.

More specifically.. A year ago I speculated that if you were 80% paper and limited real you were in for a hurtin. Well people that had their paper macmansions and other real estate financed with
paper that had more value than the real part of estate have been seeing foreclosure or desperately seeking additional finance. Business likewise and the banks that wrote the the paper are holding the bag but claiming its not their fault and bail us out. Any of this familiar?

Well dammit read up on the methods of finance and banking for the period of 1918 though 1930
and see if any applies to now. Nearly ninety years ago, again in the 1970s, and a repeat in the late 80s all proved one thing finance based on wishes and speculation is bogus and proceeded every one of those finance disasters.

Now to be practical with a real example. You can by electric for your home or business ferom more than one vendor, a fact. Reality is the same generator run by the same coal, oil, gas or
nuke makes that power for all the sellers. The same transformers, switches and wires deliver it regardless of who you pay. Difference none, save for your paying more as all the brokers are selling you the same thing they buy on speculation from the generation company. They all pay a
distribution company to maintain the wires and all the other hardware and you get "choice".
Bottom line is there is no choice just the results of Enron the corrupt making it more expensive so they could figure out how to take a slice. They made it something to speculate on and even after their fall it's now institution so we get to pay for every day, forever.

Likely your powder, that hopefully is kept safe and dry, has seen the same or worse speculative actions prior to your purchase.

Heads down, powder dry, bad weather gear at the ready and the rest locked and loaded.

Stay prepared.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey Fellas I'm back! It's been a while and I've been, well, busy.

But like the line from the movie "didn't I tell ya", well I did.

What have I been doing? Mostly preparing for the year of the jackpot. I really do believe that the repubs have really done it and that we haven't seen the end. They screwed the pooch and it's going to take Obama and friends a while to turn this boat. So it really means we just seeing a sample of the bottom that's comming at us. That's not limited to the financial disaster looming. Money is power and DAS Gov sold out, they caved faster than if they were faced with Ma Duce. Why? Look at who gets paid back afterwards.

Das Gov it's screwed up and it's going to take years to sort it all out that is if the we the people have the stomach to get in there push for the crap of the last seven years be brought under control. We have that atrocity called TSA. They are a failure because the are a bunch of thieves. No it's the the Ipods they steal it's all the money they soak up and for little real security and that's stealing. What they steal is more than the dollars it's the extortion that gives the false hope of safety as real rather than the illusion it really is. We should demand that if we
are all going to be inconvienced that they really do catch the bad guys.

Look at the world around you. The Asian world is suffering from the same finacial ruin we brought on ourselves. That I'm sure will seem right to some but the harsh reality is the world is small and if some one in China isn't working that means she can't buy the products we export either. It is a world economy, it's better to participate and be a leader.

It's going to get hard out there and it's long past time to batten the hatches. I has reached the point of prepare while you can, the best way you can.

Keep your powder dry, gas and oil tanks full and a sharp eye out. We aint seen the real fun yet.