Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey Fellas I'm back! It's been a while and I've been, well, busy.

But like the line from the movie "didn't I tell ya", well I did.

What have I been doing? Mostly preparing for the year of the jackpot. I really do believe that the repubs have really done it and that we haven't seen the end. They screwed the pooch and it's going to take Obama and friends a while to turn this boat. So it really means we just seeing a sample of the bottom that's comming at us. That's not limited to the financial disaster looming. Money is power and DAS Gov sold out, they caved faster than if they were faced with Ma Duce. Why? Look at who gets paid back afterwards.

Das Gov it's screwed up and it's going to take years to sort it all out that is if the we the people have the stomach to get in there push for the crap of the last seven years be brought under control. We have that atrocity called TSA. They are a failure because the are a bunch of thieves. No it's the the Ipods they steal it's all the money they soak up and for little real security and that's stealing. What they steal is more than the dollars it's the extortion that gives the false hope of safety as real rather than the illusion it really is. We should demand that if we
are all going to be inconvienced that they really do catch the bad guys.

Look at the world around you. The Asian world is suffering from the same finacial ruin we brought on ourselves. That I'm sure will seem right to some but the harsh reality is the world is small and if some one in China isn't working that means she can't buy the products we export either. It is a world economy, it's better to participate and be a leader.

It's going to get hard out there and it's long past time to batten the hatches. I has reached the point of prepare while you can, the best way you can.

Keep your powder dry, gas and oil tanks full and a sharp eye out. We aint seen the real fun yet.


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