Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things go bomp in der nicht.

What scares me:

When with all the rants I see that I wasn't far off.

That others have same or similar views.

The collective we (to avoid specific IDs) all are saying it was coming, is here and and isn't over.

The distance between the have and have barely is increasing. The have barely is my name for the former middle class.

We all worry about the bottom falling out. The result being minimally losing a job, and more worrysome finances or anarchy.

More specifically.. A year ago I speculated that if you were 80% paper and limited real you were in for a hurtin. Well people that had their paper macmansions and other real estate financed with
paper that had more value than the real part of estate have been seeing foreclosure or desperately seeking additional finance. Business likewise and the banks that wrote the the paper are holding the bag but claiming its not their fault and bail us out. Any of this familiar?

Well dammit read up on the methods of finance and banking for the period of 1918 though 1930
and see if any applies to now. Nearly ninety years ago, again in the 1970s, and a repeat in the late 80s all proved one thing finance based on wishes and speculation is bogus and proceeded every one of those finance disasters.

Now to be practical with a real example. You can by electric for your home or business ferom more than one vendor, a fact. Reality is the same generator run by the same coal, oil, gas or
nuke makes that power for all the sellers. The same transformers, switches and wires deliver it regardless of who you pay. Difference none, save for your paying more as all the brokers are selling you the same thing they buy on speculation from the generation company. They all pay a
distribution company to maintain the wires and all the other hardware and you get "choice".
Bottom line is there is no choice just the results of Enron the corrupt making it more expensive so they could figure out how to take a slice. They made it something to speculate on and even after their fall it's now institution so we get to pay for every day, forever.

Likely your powder, that hopefully is kept safe and dry, has seen the same or worse speculative actions prior to your purchase.

Heads down, powder dry, bad weather gear at the ready and the rest locked and loaded.

Stay prepared.



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