Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Its 9/11 again

12 years, have we really learned?

I say that with a hard realization that many thousands of people died that day so dasgov could go nutzingfutz and get a power trip on.

Those people will not recognize how we are now.   I'm not sure I do either.

So I'll only say good words for the dead.

... and resist walking around with a 1000 yard stare making sheep like noises.

The good new is the people that did this and instigated it are dead and hopefull in their own private hell.

The rest of us are or at least a few are waking up to dasgov growing like black mold in a bathroom all toxic and nasty.

Grieve for the living as the dead are now beyond their cares.

Heads down, it many not be safe out there.