Monday, June 14, 2010

Far time long.

When time and experience collide you hopefully learn.
Some learn by books, other observe and a smaller lot
just do.

Doing is failure prone. Failure in itself, if not lethal,
is a useful thing. It can clearly flag a path that can't
succeed and possibly shorten finding the path that
just might do well. In the end the more you do the
more failures may accrue and if stupidity is not a factor
and the failures not final in any way one can become
smarter knowing what works and what just might get
ya killed or worse.

We look at the world and we see failures. Some are not so
bright others brilliant. Deepwater Horizon and the following
megamess can be looked at that way. We discovered
the bottom of the ocean and for the first time maybe we'll
pay some attention because there is stuff down there. The
downside is "we" are in the midst of making and later
cleaning one whole hell of a ecological mess. The mess
was the result of stupid doin. Maybe there will be some
learning too.

Oil booms, Dawn detergent, and rain gear be the plan of the day.