Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Stupidity and hurting people

Its a thing some have with Twitter, they crack the knuckles and then inflict hurt and never engage brain.

In the last day or so we have a good example, R. Barr gets in there and does stupid on twitter and I will not repeat or even classify it other than stupidly idiotic and hurtful.  Why so bad? She got cancelled and likely deserved it...  But one second... that means a cast, the crew,  and the network all lost money because of that.  Now who did she hurt?  A lot of hard working people we never see that did the things needed to present a show.

That is an abuse of position.  Soon as you become a face on the tube you have responsibilities to people and bad behavior is not doing that.

So for all the little kiddies out there that do not understand lets break it down.  Do the stupid and be recognized for it and spend time maybe your life trying to live it down.

Oh, one last thing.  Internet is for ever, it has a large and unforgetting memory and someday it may cost you.  No matter how much you might pay to have the net scrubbed, someone with a bone to picjk can go to their local hard drive and start it all over again.  Consider this; put your face on a billboard in your town and put the word Stupid in big easy to read at 80mph letters next to your face. Want to do that?  I think not.

Keep your powder dry and safe.


Friday, May 18, 2018

Not again...

Well the first to appear on the net were the blood dancers.

My feeling is asshat is going to die as he is charged with capital murder, a death penalty in Texas.

The gun didn't make him do it.
Asshat did it.

Even Australia's and London has proved less guns are not a hint of a solution as violence is not a gun its persons/people gone out of control.  Violent people are humans with foul intent and being a tool using species they find tools to implement their horrific desires.

So its not gun crime and more than its knife crime or rock crime.  Its evil f*(king crime!

Heads down here comes shit again.