Thursday, March 25, 2010

criminals, bricks and the who?

Word to the radright with their undies to tight..

Busting windows is a crime, it is not protest. Civil misconduct is still crime.

As bad as dasgov may be it's fair to remind all the craphead protesters that you are the government and your misbehavior is cause and valid reason for rules and actions. You want marshall law, you might just get it. Beware as there is a sleeping populace that has a high annoyance factor and your pushing it.

For those that don't read or maybe have those Texas revisionist history books..
When King George crapped on us we didn't declare war until we exhausted all of the civil paths and reasonable protests. So far dasgov has not sent armies to assure a peace.

If you think it's bad a law then work in the system to get better law. Don't burn the system!



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bubble burst.

The captain's word came down yesterday, abandon ship,
open the bilge cocks, set hull charges and prepare to
scuttle on orders. Note to crew, you signed on with
your own safety gear. If you neglected this, swim hard.

This was not a sudden thing. It was clear from late
2008 the problem was money and the sources were no
longer there. The result is a good idea that needed
funds to get through to market, will not.

The boy scouts havent a clue, it's not be prepared its
prepare for the worst, you will be ready. Previous
gov pee'd in the pool and current gov can't smell it.
They shot the fat lady and she ain't singin.

Heads down, secure you gear, blow the hull boys.