Saturday, September 11, 2021


At work in NH that day.

That morning I'd been chasing some of the usual suspects to get past a minor internal network problem when the 2M HT on the desk.  The people on the radio were talking about a crash into the NY WTC.

So I jumped on computer and hit a news site and well it showed a still of a passnger aircraft hitting the tower.

I proceeded to tell my boss (company president) and he put to word out to everyone there.  At that point a TV was bought into the conference room and a station brought up showing what had just happened and then a bit later the second plane...

As the news came if the crash into the pentagon was shown..

Later in the day was the crash in PA,  many died preventing further horror.

To everyone there in the conference room..

Once might have been an accident,

Twice is a coincidence of suspicion,

Three times, no that was enemy action.

Four was confirmation and action had already started.

The towers fell and hope was crushed with it.

The horror and all is recorded in history and many minds forever.

We embarked on wars to punish those that are believed to be complicit or actors.

Now 20 years later a whole generation never saw it, have no memory, some have lost a parent or two as a result of it.

The first on the scene had it seared into their minds and more lost their lives. 

Others its a story from our history.

One thing for sure the players that brought that to hour shore are likely captured, dead, or burnt out outcasts from running.  The revenge of pursuit had time as a party to ending them.

We lost a lot of people to the fools errand of fixing a few countries that are unfixable.

As always take care, Stay safe, protect yous and those around you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sedition edition part II

These people pledged to try and disrupt a free and fair election.

WHY?  Because without any proof they claim (because the liar in chielf lost) the election wasn't fair.

And leader of the pack, VP Mike Pence.

Josh Hawley

Ted Cruz

Marsha Blackburn (TN),

Mike Braun (IN), 

Steve Daines (MT),

Ron Johnson (WI), 

John Kennedy (LA), 

James Lankford (OK),  


 Bill Hagerty (TN),

 Cynthia Lummis (WY),

 Roger Marshall (KS),

 and Tommy Tuberville (AL)

They are dangerous.  Use caution.

Keep your head down and powder dry.