Thursday, April 23, 2020

The right to be stupid

So you don't want to distance, wear a mask or, stay home...

No problem, if you happen to test positive for CV-19 you have for all practical purposes put your fist in someones face and the penalty is quarantine.  Really!

I might ad you likely are not the first  Typhoid Mary Mallon was.  If they can and did lock her up so be it for you.  Current guess is you will sit for two weeks, likely tested till clear.

Oh you antivaxer  we have a cure for that, you opt to get the vaccine or exposed assuming that conveys immunity.  Oh yes, the real thing just might make you very very ill.

Also by all means take the cholroquine, hopefully you are one that can tolerate it without loosing eyesight, suffering heart, or kidney damage.  But hey its cheap and unproven to help with Covid-19 virus.  Actually it does sorta, if you get so sick to be on a vent.. your twice as likely to die if you take it.  Oops, yep, wrong cure.

We can of course wait for herd immunity as  that will get us to safer sooner, if there is an immunity.
So what if 1-4% of the people that get it die.  Sucks if its you.  But hey you volunteered to be one less to give it to me. 

Seriously this is not the flu, look at Polio, least its not Ebola, MERS, or SARS, and a few other nice nasty bugs.  We've only won against Polio.

Your a truther and anivaxer or maybe even a believer in chem trails.  Oh, right also 5G is bad so get rid of you phone and routers that can do that, see they also transmit using 5G.  Fools!

If the message isn't clear, this bug is real, people dead is very real,  every excuse and denial can't make it less real.  So stay the hell away and if you open a business and the business is connected in any way, even by guess to a case of CV19.... Your business will likely see sales collapse and your job with it.  So open I dare you.  If all else your belief in you small brain its that this bug is all false and phony go test it with your life and those of your family.  You might be right, or you get to bury the errors.

Go ahead, I think its way to risky.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The world as we knew it, canceled due to FUD.

As DrumpF prattles we run, his spittle is infected with lies.

He has passed hate and confusion, and continued on to what others may recognize, FUD.  For you kids that is Fear, Uncertainty, and Disbelief.

Noisy toddler in chief, keep lying so that truth is unknown, and likely you wish it to be unknowable as anything recognizable.  The big lie works Goebbels may have been on the wrong side but he was the expert at propaganda.  Now we hear it from the wanabe TV star, self appointed, and expert liar in chief.   Your running out of people to fire and compentent people that have sense are avoiding you.

His goal for America, none, its only a source of marks and their money. 

Thankfully a majority of state governors have a basic clue that if nothing gets done it gets bad. They thankfully do not have to wait in the idiot in-diapers.  Despite that  many will die.

As always keep your steel hat on, head down, and your powder dry, the shit is going to be bad.


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Snake Oil, TEOWAKI

Those that subscribe to snake oil and faith cures will die.  The virus does not give
a shit what you believe and if anything likely all your bad habits will revisit you
as a reason to worry about your ability to stand up to it.

Now TEOWAKI... The End  Of World As We Knew It...
The term for what has changed so much that what we knew is not anything
but "before" in our collective memory.

Used to be that would be cause by fictional Zombies, or maybe the real threat of
nuclear weapons.  Some speculated maybe a nasty sunspot like in 1850 (Carrigan
event) or maybe just maybe a super bug.  The latter was the very much feared
Ebola or maybe one of the nasty Staph flavors.

Well dear and fluffy friends, it happened.  Corona virus,  a transmissible bug
presumed from animal sources.  Also common as save for this flavor is very
infectious and plays havoc with the immune system as a way to kill the host.

Used to be we'd go to movies, eat out, and sit in crowds to back our favorite
sports team.  Travel, not so much, you may have the bug.    No more, maybe
a long time from now we will be able to.   So many things that define society
are now taboo as it can pass CV-19.  So many things that made the world
maybe smaller and more likely to consider being a bit more friendly.

Why, unless we gain immunity to this crud we will catch it again, and
maybe this time die.    Ponder that, you get it, again, and again as a nasty
seasonal bug.  You will age and with luck a vaccine may be found, if not
it might get you the next time.

Its not the flu was get immunity to that and we also have flu shots.. Vaccines.
That makes the Flu a bug that mutates recurring but less severe as last years
version is not a factor for those that had it or are vaccinated.  Of course if
you don't subscribe to that you may get it but since most are immune its not
so likely.  Tough as hell if you do, it can really suck, and twenty thousand
die yearly from that.

It, COVID-19  is a not flu bug, new version of the bug!  That brings all the
need to discover how it attacks, sickens and all the other science that we
have applied to Polio, Measels and even the Flu.  Back to square one,
small help is that we are technically advanced.  We know what and how to
hunt it.   But sad to say it still takes time to track it down and get the
weapons needed to wrestle it to a manageable level.
 Those are in the future yet!

So life as we knew it, work, how we feed ourselves all changed in a
few short weeks .  The future is not the past.  We cannot be sure what
there is on the other side of this pandemic.  So we hide from it.  The
counter has cooties save for the this is not imagined, its very real, and
we wash and disinfect the surface to rid them.  A sneeze might be
hayfever or an illness we dare not spread but we may have for several
days before knew it, felt it.  Someone else has it now.

Things we bought are likely less common as someone that made it is
not working, shipping, transporting it.  It would take so little for a
social upset to be come a riot.   Certainly food, water, housing and
medicine are at risk for many.   Hard and harsh just got harder and
harsher, death more likely, maybe more unfair.  An ugly place for
the mind to speculate about without doubt.  Fear and doubt are at
the center of the place we dare not go.

Something to consider just where it may go.  Maybe the great unraveling
or a completely new peace.  One can hope for the latter.

Be careful, stay healthy, and above all keep your powder dry and your
head down.