Friday, July 27, 2012


We wander down the lane of those that listen and those that might
if they did.

The problem is not guns it's the people that often are criminal to 
start with that have them despite many layers of laws imposing 
sanctions on their actions.  It's real easy to blame the NRA.  It's 
also just that, the lame blame game.  There is NO correlation 
between guns and death that is unique to guns.  There is a very 
strong correlation between violence and death.  Guns are a 
means, not the cause.

People even make up stories about lax gun laws.  Yet here in 
the USA in Chitown where gun ownership is was banned, DC 
and  NYC too, yet bad guys do criminal things.  Doesn't 
work, never worked.  Here in the volksreplubik of MA the laws 
are draconian regarding guns yet criminals still hurt and maim 
some with guns most without.   The most common shootings 
happen to be criminal on criminal and ignoring murder it's 
illegal in all 50 states for a criminal to possess a firearm and in 
many cases a weapon of any form.  Generally the criminals 
involved are out on bail or even parole. 

So far the most horrid examples of violence were often committed
in one of two cases, in declared gun free zones (gee can't criminals 
read) and by criminals on criminals.  Like drugs which are illegal 
yet any fool can easily buy them, banning guns will work at least 
as well.  Not going  to work.  Best example, prohibition, then we 
only tried to ban booze.

As to gun play being "shocking, deplorable, preventable"  We
react the same way to the first two, but prevention is best left to 
jailing (not a slap on the wrist) the criminals and becoming s
elf aware enough to know the wolf exists and likes his sheep 
docile and defenseless.  Murder is still a capital crime and 
carries one of the highest criminal sentences.  Yet we have killers.

You do have violence I really don't care if its gun, machete, or 
baseball bat in the bad guys hands it's still mayhem and death 
about to happen.    The first problem is violence and usually 
unless it's a insurgency problem, the cause is local and criminal.

There is no 100% solution, look at all the shootings is England 
and Austraila.   Then look at the violence there, the non gun type.
Look at the people committing the crimes and not how.  In the 
end the kid that was busting heads then going on to  robbing the 
corner store and ends up moving on to bigger and worse criminal
activities before he/she either gets killed or finally incarcerated 
for a long time.

Evil exists, it is the hand and the rest of the body holding a weapon.
 It's not rational, nor frequently correctable or predictable.  Most 
people choose to wander through life and say it does not exist in 
their realm, that is mostly due to statistical luck and faith in 
fantasy.  The choices are there,  but the first step is be alert 
and aware, avoid those places and times. When all else reaches
ends you may find you need a plan that does not include running.
If you say that will never happen, I offer the this, Virginia tech.
In life always, never, and can't  often sneak up and get real 
because they don't reflect the exception nor reality.

None of this is to say packing heat is a solution.  For some it's 
an unacceptable one and others are better off without anything 
dangerous including a car.  The reason is they all imply 
responsibility and require being aware.  In this case 
responsibility is not who we blame but the obligation to 
insure what they do is conducted safely without undue 
risk to others.  

Ponder that,  going though life trying to not induce undue 
risk on others.

As always keep the powder dry and the family safe.


Oh, I forgot what is YAAGT..  Yet Another Anti-Gun Troll.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Short and to the point..

Some believe they are safe, only to find they are not.  What is the difference?

Denial and a profound lack of awareness.

Never confuse the illusion with reality.  The latter may be harsh and ugly but the key word is

Keep your heads down and powder safe, those that might take that from you believe in the fantasy of illusion.


Monday, July 2, 2012


When someone writes a post about the radical nuts running off at the frothing mouth what happens..

The frothies attack,

  they foam,

    and they say all the crazed things..

       Damn,  That's priceless irony.

Hey ya all keep your heads down and watch for the crazies..take care now.