Saturday, July 6, 2024

Project 2025, Mandate for Leadership

 Well I downloaded this piece of crap back in March and its been around for  longer than that and yet people are just noticing.   According to their own document it was conceived in 1979 likely fallout from Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority (he was very immoral).  It was first published in 1981 with the Reagan Revolution.

Gang wake up and pull you head outta your asses, this shit is bad.   Its not new news.  I saw the early elements of this back when and on some really old pre-PC system I have a copy of the moral majorities plan.  It was along the lines of groups of that day and a training handbook for conservative sorts to take over school boards, town boards, and any other easy entries to politics of power.  It was their way at the time to unify power and idealistic control.  To undo what they considered decadent and immoral. 

What it is, its the Conservative Promise for the theocracy.  To me it is a thinly veiled threat. It is how they will make the transition and implement it.  Its the conservative agenda and little if any is good for the USA but much of its great for those with money and seeking more power.

Read it!  All nearly 900 pages and 30 chapters and preamble.

Myself, I see it as a warning to lock and load.

Keep you head down, they are marching to collect or destroy the cannons and powder.  You are next.


Friday, June 7, 2024


 The Federalist society, a apparently christian cult, is going after... wait for it.

Dolly Parton!

Seriously?  No kidding!    The seem to think that her nonjudgmental attitude is unacceptable and they should take her down.   Now come on, attacking a singer that has a long and gracious history has got to be a poisoned Koolaid moment for the Federalists.  

May they die by their own hand.

Stay cool, stay dry and keep your head down.


Thursday, May 30, 2024

Convicted all counts

 Well the TOFF is officially a convicted felon.  You can only lie so long and so much then it catches up with you.

Sentencing should be interesting.  Wonder what his fearless followers will do.

My wish is 1 year and 1 day in a jail or prison.

Heads down, stay safe!


Monday, May 27, 2024

Memorial day

 For most all of my life we, my family,  didn't do the parades or cemeteries.  Comes from my father memories from the Italian campaign I guess he would never say.  What I learned over the years and from reading up is he likely saw the elephant and friends lost.

What did we do, plant tree, bushes, vegetables, and general work on the property.

So for every year and especially for the last 41 I do the vegetable and flower gardens though the for last two years without the aid of my partner.  So I persist in memory of and plant what she would have planted.

One flower that goes in is poppies.

Its about history, memory, and doing something productive but not commercial.

Stay dry, keep your head down.


Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Roster of shame

 These are many that should and will be recognized...

Barrasso (R-WY) 

Blackburn (R-TN) 

Braun (R-IN) 

Britt (R-AL) 

Budd (R-NC) 

Cotton (R-AR)

Cruz (R-TX) 

Daines (R-MT) 

Fischer (R-NE) 

Graham (R-SC) 

Hagerty (R-TN) 

Hawley (R-MO)

Hyde-Smith (R-MS) 

Johnson (R-WI) 

Lankford (R-OK) 

Lee (R-UT) 

Marshall (R-KS) 

Merkley (D-OR)

Mullin (R-OK) 

Paul (R-KY) 

Ricketts (R-NE) 

Rubio (R-FL) 

Sanders (I-VT) 

Schmitt (R-MO)

Scott (R-FL) 

Scott (R-SC) 

Tuberville (R-AL) 

Vance (R-OH) 

Welch (D-VT)

Updated to add members of the support Putin caucus...

Barrasso (R-WY) Blackburn (R-TN) Braun (R-IN) Budd (R-NC)

Cruz (R-TX) Hagerty (R-TN) Hawley (R-MO) Johnson (R-WI)
Lee (R-UT) Lummis (R-WY) Marshall (R-KS) Merkley (D-OR)
Rubio (R-FL) Sanders (I-VT) Schmitt (R-MO) Scott (R-FL)
Vance (R-OH) Welch (D-VT)

The red tie brigade

On Monday,
 Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH),  Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY),  and Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) addressed the media in front of the courthouse. On Tuesday, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (R), Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL), former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy (R), and Congressman Cory Mills (R-FL) did the same. Tuesday's group, in an apparent show of solidarity, wore Trump's signature blue suit and red tie.

Now we have the confederate field dress of the rethugs.

They may claim to be patriots, they are really tools.  Their will is destructive in every way possible.  Their claim to love the country is false  and a lie, they are working to destroy it.

As always keep your head down and your eyes open.


Saturday, February 10, 2024



Filler to come at a later time.

Remember be careful, love those important to you and protect them.


Thursday, February 8, 2024


May her memory be a blessing.

The human soul is a light from God. 
 May it be your will that the soul of
 Evelyn enjoy eternal life along with 
 the souls of our families.

A year has passed.


Saturday, January 13, 2024

Members of the j6 list and fiends...

 Well the season for more lies and fantasy.   We know the sources they are of that list is formed by members of the ridiculous right.  I do not repeat their claims as it would be a free echo chamber for them.  They deserve no one repeating their lies and shaded truths. 

Rethugs, any lie is a good one.  We know we invented them all.  Your task, as useful tools is to repeat that.  Party of chaos and disorder.

We have the book burners... We are protecting our children... ok so they are really yours and we are from an entirely different state.  We are protecting 1A but picking on other parts of 1A.   The lie of it all.   What your children may read is by their decree.  If you buy books make them used and in cash. 

The anticlimate deniers...  Freezing our asses proves the climate warming is false.  Those that ignore science will continue to cause others to die form it.

Religious talibanists, all this is happening because of your sin... as they sin more.  Its just a cult complete with poison koolaid.  Their hypocritical actions are toxic.

Lest we forget those true believers of conspiracies.  Small weak minds that believe in all manner of the impossible, unlikely and just plain stupid.

So with all that going on keep your head down, they want to rent space in it.


Sunday, January 7, 2024

The list, they are not just names...

 Actually two lists...

Those injured and killed in the J6 insurection.   We must remember them.  Truth for them is being killed, maimed and attacked by their so called countrymen.  Its a hard truth to take.

The other list, those perps that  will likely save for a few go back to life after serving their time.  Those people of the lie.  

And of course the rethugs, the lie of them all.  

Keep your power dry, head down.  and be wary of the little maggots.


Saturday, January 6, 2024

January 6th....

 This is a day to remember, not for its success or something to memorialize.

Its the day a bunch or people went criminal, killed, and hurt people in the name of chaos.  They were not patriots, they used that as a cover for their failed attempt to get away with murder and mayhem.

So remember what they did, their petty excuses are trash.

Take care, keep your powder dry, and your head down.  Stay safe.


Monday, September 11, 2023

Haters, jihad, fundamentalism....

 22 years ago...

I watched in horror as buildings burned, then fell.  Many thousands died.   Terrorists as they were called practicing their brand of political inspired fundamentalism.  In my minds eye its vivid and unforgettable. I do not say I will remember like it requires effort to do so.  As part of my life I remember. 

If there is one thing notable about getting old is you see the cycles of life and politics.  Of course it helps to have been paying attention.  The cycles are mixed in that some are good others not at all good.  The sneak attack of 9/11 mirrors many that occurred before in that if one was really deeply paying attention it was not a surprise.  However time has a corrosive property to memory and, we are surprised.

So this 9/11 what new surprises are there?  We still have political motivated fundamentalism and it is pernicious as ever, and its home grown.  Still people die from it and its poison is infiltrating the government.  They are trying to make America in their image.   Are we watching them, of course not.  We've seen it before,

So the names change and their means, but the haters, jihadists, and fundamentalists are still about and if you not one of the accepted groups. 

That said;  those that do not pay attention to history are plagued with living it over.

More than ever keep you head down and watch out.


Monday, June 12, 2023

Apartheid, USA version

The systemic  implementation and maintenance of legalized segregation in which one group is deprived of political and civil rights.  Apartheid is the name for that.

It can be race or gender but in the end its creating an institutional separation and denial of rights. 

It also includes the government taking a seat in the doctors office. 

So keep your head down and watch for the propaganda.


Thursday, June 1, 2023

Segregation, is alive and well

 note this:

Segregation is the action of separating people, historically on the basis of race and/or gender. Segregation implies the physical separation of people in everyday activities, in professional life, and in the exercise of civil rights.

stolen from

segregation, separation of groups of people with differing characteristics, often taken to connote a condition of inequality.

The latter being simplified but really the same thing.  What we think when we hear the word is the old school race segregation.  However in current era this refers to anyone being denied rights universally  and formerly granted to others in the USA.  In reference this is are talking Women, LGBTQ, and along list that covers sex, beliefs, ethnic history, and religion.  

So we consider a minority that has veto power over a majority because of, well anything, though the alt right has focused on children, those that can have children, anything gender based, and the truth.  Truth has become by the actors malleable, and is lost.

With this in effect and being pushed on everyone by the government or by complicit government we have a oppressive activity  and it segregates groups of people.  

I thought we ended this shit. 

Keep your head down and eyes open.


Monday, May 22, 2023

Its official, Florida is a third world state...

 Get your shots before going and also be sure your not some of those disallowed persons.

Why do that?  Florida has the same status as a larger bunch of third works shit hole countries.  Of course we have  few others trying for the same status and they are well known red states.

Its a damn shame. The RQP is broken and they poison everything the touch.

So keep you stuff hidden and head down and whatever you do don't go there.


Saturday, April 22, 2023

Texas, is for stupid

 Those fools forget Pharaoh, and will pronounce the plagues they will fall to..

Its likely the same theology that the profess will not be the orthodoxy they empowered.   

So bring it, the stupidity of greed and power will be their own source of infighting.

Heads down people.


Saturday, April 1, 2023

Rethugs, Qthugs, and asshats

 While in the past I had a thing for DasGov being mostly idiots its was mostly misplaced as it was selective portions of DasGov that was mostly broken.  The fiends on the right did what they claimed was good and broke it more.

So the only think I can say about them is they live and thrive on hate.

So its not so much they do terrible things, its that when they do it we are unsurprised.  Indeed we have such low expectations of them and they do the worst.


Keep you head down, they are dangerous.


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

A special loss

 The late afternoon of Feburary 9th I lost that person that helped me be a better person , was the love of my life, made the last 43 years interesting and exciting.  My wife E, was the friend and someone to be with and I miss her so.   Good bye and never forgotten.

Today is Valentines day, I have only close friends to celebrate it with now.

So that day will forever be marked with remembrance.


Tuesday, January 3, 2023

You are being lied to, Still!

The great lie has a following and some of the greatest since the 1930s America First.   It has been 80 years same and still the play book.  

First they are fascist, the extreme right believes your rights are an inconvenience.

One of the first steps to Fascism is ultra nationalism.

Mixing government intertwined with religion.

Human rights are suspended or adjusted.

Scapegoats are found and named.

Control the media.

Obsessed with security of the nation.

The criminal element has a plan to seek revenge.

And it just goes on.   They lie to get you on their side.  They do not want to "own the libs" its about outright grab to make the libs the scapegoat and lie about what or who they are.

The arts and any other prohibited speech are being designated as designated profane or unacceptable in our schools and colleges.  

In a free country dissenting opinions are allowed.

So as before keep you powder dry and you head down.


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

You are being lied to!

 We start with encyclopedia words and meanings.

At the moment of conception and the first weeks we have a ball of cells called a blastocyst.  Its not a baby, at best it has potential to be one.

After about 10-12 weeks its called an embryo, placenta is formed.  That assumes successful implantation in the uterus, anywhere else in the woman's body has fatal consequence without intervention.  NOTE: we do not have science, surgery, or drugs, that can correct (relocate) an ectopic pregnancy.

A few weeks later its called a fetus. we need many more months to be even viable.  

It is not a baby until it is born, as in outside the uterus, and external to the woman's body.

To survive outside the womb at all the fetus must be 23 weeks and born to a NICU where for the next 5 months the baby will hopefully develop.  At 23 weeks that's currently 50-50 chance of surviving.  Usually if the premie (premature birth) survives it will have behavioural and learning delays or deficiencies. Many problems early on concern brain, eyes, and lung development as well as status of other organs.   That and availability of highest tech NICU.

Any tech that get us viability before 19 to 20 weeks requires the science level that is currently fiction and it would be a test tube baby as its outside the uterus   Right now there are many issues with test tube babies.  Science will get us there but really the same religions that claim life beginning at conception would have hissy fits with test tube babies.  Oh by the way, if fertilization occurs in a test tube that's a blastocyst not even an embryo or a fetus.  The ethics of that is still debated and may go to the banned column.

With basic human development we need typically 39-40 weeks for a normal birth.

All that said:

Religion may have life beginning at birth but science screams not remotely possible with even unforeseen tech to get earlier than where we are maybe 20 weeks (~8 out 100 may make it to 23 weeks).

Bang that against the first amendment:


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. END QUOTE

Specifically no law establishing a religious views or opinion.  That means prohibiting abortion based on the religions that says life begins at birth is now federal law based on religion and not science.  That to me means the justices acted against the Constitution and its prohibitions of this country and are promoting religion. At a minimum they need to be impeached, disbarred, and potentially higher crimes of obstruction.  The last court that made grievous errors and removed or denied right was the one that gave us Dred Scott.  Like that one, the current court will be known to history for their crimes.

We The USA are not a theocracy.  While our founders respected religion and they were diverse in their beliefs they knew from our English and other forebears religion has no place in government.  They also believed the government has no say in any religion or the support thereof.  Their knowledge of that is their own experience or their predecessors fled other countries on that issue alone!

For this keep your powder dry and well hidden.  For surely the redcoats will come for your cannon and shot.


Monday, May 9, 2022

Freedom, I won't!

 The strongest words are yes and no.  If one has the convictions to say no, one has to mean it.   If one says yes they must accept what that leads to.

So we have this thing called freedom.  Its supposedly assured, not granted by law that the government cannot restrict it without very good reasons.  That freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility.  You permit or cause something to happen your responsible.  

If freedom exists by sufferance of your community neighbors then its not freedom guaranteed.  When the law is reduced to a promise its is not law.  When laws exist as threat to freedoms its not law, its oppression.

An aside the Constitution is a complex document but its written in clear english.  It does little to guarantee anything.   It does clearly prohibit what the government can do and limits the conditions that it may.  That is rooted in our history and the abuses of  our historic former overlord King George III.  

Rule by the minority is evil.

“There is a difference between exercising religious beliefs and imposing them on others. Our Constitution fiercely protects the former and expressly prohibits the latter.”
― Joseph Kennedy III

When a group has enough power to force their beliefs over law or unwritten and unspecified freedoms are suspended the Constitution  becomes an empty promise.

In any case people will die.  Those who caused it or permitted it will deny they had any part, they have no honor as they will claim their are not responsible.

Keep you head down and powder dry..


Monday, November 1, 2021

Things that fall from the sky

 Interesting about those claiming to be patriots.  They are out to destroy government in the name of "fixing" it.  While I feel at times it does deserve a good old fashioned whoppin, that doesn't mean anarchy.  Seems the kiddies are unaware of the results of what what they do might result in and ripple back on them.

Anarchy is when votes are denied, some people are treated more poorly that others.  Equality or even justice does not exist in anarchy, just those getting theirs, enreally at the cost of others skin.  That and government is not improved but reduced to the the hind end of the pig, the stinky part.  The fellow before claimed he might drain the swamp and so far that lie turned out to be metastatic in nature.  He was the swamp and filling it with his dullest claiming they were the best  was a great step backward.  Cleanup of that ecological mess is going to take time and money.

So that is counter to the droppings of birds aka birdshit, and other things that fall from the sky like fools, meteors, and remnants of spacecraft.    So we have anarchists that claim to be patriots and prove to be destructive ignorant dolts. Like the stuff falling from the sky they are pointless and recognizable by the stains they leave.  If you are out to fix something, try not to make it more broken and still sorta working as then you have to live with that, and it may break you.  Missing, deficient, or plain out of control is not fixed, just more broken and likely is a worse way.  Think of it as a half dead almost corpse still twitching and soon to start smelling bad.

In the end the government is people, some mostly broken but at least useful the rest are total hash and need a good whippin behind the shed.  Why?  Because their don't give a rats bottom for you (the collective, you all) and its their pockets and little empires that makes em feel good and all you wishing you had some.  See when you create a lot of people that don't go they tend to get riled up and if they don't have a seat at the table its bad.  Like King George III bad, his pesky colonial rebels didn't want that but at the end of the day someone decided, enough.

So when you blame anyone look to those that are glomming theirs and claiming its the other guys not getting it right when the former guys rendered it FUBAR. Also check the mirror as it may be yourself. Then the idiots will try to be spicy but will make easily visible targets of their selves.  They don't understand what they do, or why.  They are doing it, badly! 

As usual keep your head down, powder dry, and be prepared.


Saturday, September 11, 2021


At work in NH that day.

That morning I'd been chasing some of the usual suspects to get past a minor internal network problem when the 2M HT on the desk.  The people on the radio were talking about a crash into the NY WTC.

So I jumped on computer and hit a news site and well it showed a still of a passnger aircraft hitting the tower.

I proceeded to tell my boss (company president) and he put to word out to everyone there.  At that point a TV was bought into the conference room and a station brought up showing what had just happened and then a bit later the second plane...

As the news came if the crash into the pentagon was shown..

Later in the day was the crash in PA,  many died preventing further horror.

To everyone there in the conference room..

Once might have been an accident,

Twice is a coincidence of suspicion,

Three times, no that was enemy action.

Four was confirmation and action had already started.

The towers fell and hope was crushed with it.

The horror and all is recorded in history and many minds forever.

We embarked on wars to punish those that are believed to be complicit or actors.

Now 20 years later a whole generation never saw it, have no memory, some have lost a parent or two as a result of it.

The first on the scene had it seared into their minds and more lost their lives. 

Others its a story from our history.

One thing for sure the players that brought that to hour shore are likely captured, dead, or burnt out outcasts from running.  The revenge of pursuit had time as a party to ending them.

We lost a lot of people to the fools errand of fixing a few countries that are unfixable.

As always take care, Stay safe, protect yous and those around you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sedition edition part II

These people pledged to try and disrupt a free and fair election.

WHY?  Because without any proof they claim (because the liar in chielf lost) the election wasn't fair.

And leader of the pack, VP Mike Pence.

Josh Hawley

Ted Cruz

Marsha Blackburn (TN),

Mike Braun (IN), 

Steve Daines (MT),

Ron Johnson (WI), 

John Kennedy (LA), 

James Lankford (OK),  


 Bill Hagerty (TN),

 Cynthia Lummis (WY),

 Roger Marshall (KS),

 and Tommy Tuberville (AL)

They are dangerous.  Use caution.

Keep your head down and powder dry.


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The list of Infamy, sedition edition.

 Why the list here...

Like 9/11 so we do not forget the terrible things inflicted on the country. Its that simple.

All brought to you by idiots and losers of Texas, which generally is a not loser state.

The full list of the 126, all Republicans:


Robert B. Aderholt

Mo Brooks

Bradley Byrne

Gary Palmer

Mike D. Rogers


Andy Biggs

Debbie Lesko


Rick Crawford


Ken Calvert

Doug LaMalfa

Kevin McCarthy

Tom McClintock


Ken Buck

Doug Lamborn


Gus Bilirakis

Mario Diaz-Balart

Neal Dunn

Matt Gaetz

Bill Posey

John Rutherford

Ross Spano

Greg Steube

Michael Waltz

Daniel Webster

Ted Yoho


Rick Allen

Buddy Carter

Doug Collins

A. Drew Ferguson

Jody Hice

Barry Loudermilk

Austin Scott


Russ Fulcher

Mike Simpson


Mike Bost

Darin M. LaHood


James Baird

Jim Banks

Trey Hollingsworth

Greg Pence

Jackie Walorski


Steve King


Ron Estes

Roger Marshall


Ralph Abraham

Clay Higgins

Mike Johnson

Steve Scalise


Andy Harris


Jack Bergman

Bill Huizenga

John Moolenaar

Tim Walberg


Tom Emmer

Jim Hagedorn

Pete Stauber


Michael Guest

Trent Kelly

Steven Palazzo


Sam Graves

Vicky Hartzler

Billy Long

Blaine Luetkemeyer

Jason Smith

Ann Wagner


Greg Gianforte


Jeff Fortenberry

Adrian Smith

New Jersey

Jefferson Van Drew

New York

Elise Stefanik

Lee Zeldin

North Carolina

Dan Bishop

Ted Budd

Virginia Foxx

Richard Hudson

Greg Murphy

David Rouzer

Mark Walker


Bob Gibbs

Bill Johnson

Jim Jordan

Robert E. Latta

Brad Wenstrup


Kevin Hern

Markwayne Mullin


John Joyce

Fred Keller

Mike Kelly

Daniel Meuser

Scott Perry

Guy Reschenthaler

Glenn Thompson

South Carolina

Jeffrey Duncan

Ralph Norman

Tom Rice

William Timmons

Joe Wilson


Tim Burchett

Scott DesJarlais

Chuck Fleischmann

Mike Green

David Kustoff

John Rose


Jodey Arrington

Brian Babin

Kevin Brady

Michael C. Burgess

Michael Cloud

K. Michael Conaway

Dan Crenshaw

Bill Flores

Louie Gohmert

Lance Gooden

Kenny Marchant

Randy Weber

Roger Williams

Ron Wright


Ben Cline

Morgan Griffith

Robert J. Wittman


Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Dan Newhouse

West Virginia 

Carol Miller

Alex Mooney


Tom Tiffany

Keep your powder dry, your head down and stay safe.


Sunday, July 5, 2020

Freedom to be stupid...

This is the Independence day weekend.

Its also about the small rodent, lemmings.  When the overpopulate they exceed their environments ability to support them and they are mass die off.  With Covid I see the very freedom loving and unmasked rethugs partying like it is 1999.  They will run out of party places due to disease and maybe disappear. 

Its an apparent I don't give a shit for anyone but their selves.

We have maybe a few months to a year to see if they don't kill themselves off or their buddies.
What they forget is many get a secondary fatigue disorder and that if they don't get lung or cardiac disease.  We shall see and when the infected reaches the scary height we can bury them.

So those that are keeping distance and using protection...

Keep that powder dry and well hidden as those bastards will be hunting for anything
they can get.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Tulsa and the pandemic...

Well welcome to Tulsa...

Currently a pandemic city and growing new cases at an alarming rate.

Along come the Rethugicans, six of which in the advance crew are covid postive!
They have been around and social... Wow!

With some potential for upwards of 80K for the external convention
and the 19K internal to the hall this means a high infection rate after all
its not a big deal for the younger set.

  Except for that study the average admission age is decreasing and its currently
  in the 20-35 group that seems to be getting the Wuflu and its hospital admissions
  showing that.

In a few days all those infectees will be returning home, you forgot they are
attending from everywhere.  Airports, airplanes, and busses oh my.   All
those home states if they have in under control or at least tamped down will
get a fresh drink of the virus from active spreaders that devoutly believe the
mask is a muzzle on them and doesn't prevent anything.  So they will not.

So just think your bud or friend that went to the convention just might have
the virus that could spread to you, your mom or dad, maybe the kid.
Remember to thank him if they get that tube out.

Ponder that bug...  Its summer and the hot weather that was supposed to
tamp it down like the flu. In some states have had over two months of
hot and the rest are now hot for at least a month and the bug Covid-19
seems to like it and and infections are increasing more.    The hot south
both east and west are teeming with cases and grwoing fast.

Oh right, all that is fake news...  until it isn't.

For the rest that have their stuff together, keep the powder dry and hidden,
head down and running for cover.  The next wave of shit is about to arrive.

And yes likely wearing MAGA hats, Making Anarchists Grieve Again.


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

why its Lives Matter...

Things are strange…

Black Lives Matter.

I used to think I was pretty much just a regular person,
but I was born white, into a two-parent household which now,
whether I like it or not, makes me “Privileged”, a
racist & responsible for slavery.

The yabut, I have a mostly Irish and some Indian heritage.  I've seen
the old signs that were still on buildings in NYC in the '70s saying
Irish and Negros need not apply.  I guess some are more privileged
than others.  Or the term privilege has acquired new meanings.

Irish Lives matter...

I am a fiscal & moral conservative, which by today’s standards,
makes me a fascist because I plan and budget to support myself.
I'm also a New England Yankee, making me legendary for being

Woman's lives matter...

I went to High School and college, an education and have always
tried to hold a job.  But I now find out that I am not here
because I earned it, but because I was “advantaged” and not
because I knew technology and could apply it.

Education matters!

I am not straight, which according to straight folks, makes
me a queer and worthy of abuse.

Queer Lives Matter

I am almost 70, making me now a useless eater who does understand
Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and computer design and operation.

Old Lives Matter...

I think and reason, and I doubt or research much of what the
“mainstream” media tells me, which makes me a skeptic.

Truth Matters!

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, which makes me a de facto
member of the “vast NRA gun lobby”.  But I'm not.

Our Lives Matter...

I am proud of my heritage & our inclusive American culture, making
me a xenophobe. No just a citizen of the great experiment called

Citizens Lives Matter

I believe in the defense & protection of America for & by all citizens,
now making me a militarist.

I am proud of our flag, what it stands for and the many who died to
let it fly, so I stand & salute during our National Anthem –
so I must be a racist.

I believe in hard work, fair play, fair pay in accordance
to each individual’s merits.  Being big on the proceeds of my
efforts makes me a thieving capitalist.

Work Lives matter.

I believe our system guarantees freedom of effort – I expect for
my taxes those services they pay for, which must make me a

Peoples Lives Matter!

If all this inane noise wasn’t enough to deal with, now there are those that
claim to not know which restroom to use?  That means your stupid.

Trans Lives Matter...

I have come to terms with the new me and I’m sure who I am.  I just
haven't a clue who making up all the terms for what I am not.

Why because every person matters, not any one race, ethnic,
or background.

Lives Matter!

Keep your powder hidden, keep it dry, and your head down.


Monday, May 25, 2020

Selfish to the max...

Quoted from elsewhere and generally like many...

"We've been locked down long enough.  Protect the elderly and let the younger go and get passed this thing once and for all.  Covid is not a death warrant for the young!"

Well, isn't that cute.  You selfish turd!

So lets protect the elderly, those with mostly likely a third of their lives 
still ahead.  One fucking question asshat?  HOW?  There is no treatment 
other than keep 'em alive and hope, no vaccine.  And if the rate does not 
slow down maybe no hospital bed either.

The young (under 40) are not safe.  Just fewer die, isn't that great.  So no your not 
assured you will die but you may loose the lottery.

But be of good cheer you may live at home with elders or insist on visiting them 
and and if you are lucky to get it with minor effect they still are very likely to get 
it with major effect. So that means:

You get to grieve, thought not see them die, or maybe even buried.
You may get to be a orphan.
You got your inheritance, must have wanted that. Enjoy!

In the end your brought the bug home and that makes YOU responsible.
Ponder that, what you did, and its result. 

There is no "past this thing".   It has every look of the polio epidemics
where every year parents had to worry their kids would get it and maybe 
not survive it.  Even with the first vaccine  it took nearly a decade to 
slow it down to a crawl.

For the rest of us keep your powder dry and head down.  Remember, not
everyone out there has your back.


Sunday, May 17, 2020

COVIDiots and the MAGAits that follow

Its all fake news:  

Its only the flu. 
Drumpf is doing a good Job...
He is not an Adderal abuser.

Really!  So my plan is simple keep distance and plan accordingly for the next few month.
Why?    By then their stupidity will have thinned the herd.

The plan is simple you go do the its only the flu thing and hit the bars and all that.  When 
you are sick you may change your mind.  Or you might just die or worse infect someone 
you love.  I suspect that will make you resent everyone that assisted your disbelief and 

In the mean time for all you covidiots and magats have fun, get sick, and hope like hell
the immunity is not fake news.   So sometime in the fall after you all have had your 
stupid moment.  I'll be around to say, told ya so.

So those not so stupid, keep your powder dry, head down, and all due precautions 
around the idiots.


Monday, May 4, 2020

Red states Blue states

Moscow Mitch suggested we should not help the states suffering from pandemic economic woes.

I have a problem with that.  Seems many have stated "hell, the the Blue states fund the Red via taxes to the fed and distributions based on census.".  Well that might even  be likely true.

However I'll stand on a different aspect.

WE as a union exist not as sovereign states but a republic created for the mutual good and defense.
That means we are united to defend any state against those that may attack it.  It was also an economic pact to insure free trade across borders, common currency for payment, and most of all laws that are generally valid from one state to another.  That pact means we support our fellow states against economic woes as well.

So Idiot Mitch its likely your state is doing as well as it is because millions of Blue Staters paid their taxes and you managed to pork up a bit extra for your self and state.

Keep your head down mask on and powder dry.


Friday, May 1, 2020

Educating Zombies...

Catchy title but the fact is you can't.  They're effectively dead.

So where do we start?

Formal education, critical  thinking subsection.  Seems there is a shortage of that.

For the so called Right... Its real stupid.  Its not a hoax.  Its a disease from a new virus and what we do or not do does not help us understand or protect.  For some not doing doesn't do much save for make its self easier to spread and for other even a smaller percentage it just kills.

That one detail is that if you get it you have likely spread it.  It may kill your kin or more likely granny or papa or your own first born.

So Education time...

Its s fucking disease.  You can get it.  if your the unluckly maybe 2-3% (likely more) you die, sucks to be you.  But hey you wander around like its nothing and it just may be you.

We cannot negotiate with a virus.
So in the end you deny, call it a hoax and lie to yourself and everyone around you.

Some questions

1) Who are you?
How much you accept others' definitions of who and what you are?

2) What do you want?
This is the question addressing one's needs, our wants, our desires. What do
we need, as compared to what we think we need?

3) Why are you here?
Do you believe that your life has a purpose? Do others think your life has a purpose?

4) Where are you going? ...
Are you doing something to edge closer to achieving that purpose or not?

5) Do you have anything worth living for?
This asks you what is important to you that is external to you and your life.

6) Whom do you  trust?
Do they have your best interests at heart? Do they have their own best interests at heart?

7) Whom do you serve?
To whom are you responsible?

Who do you trust,  and why?  Really if you trust DrumpF ,  see #5 maybe you need more self interest and be more protective of family.

Who do you serve, what every party you believe is right are you doing thing that serve their cause or by not doing aid their cause.  Think about that for a while.  There is protest and then stupidity.  For years it was the soap box, the ballot box, and then the cartridge box.  Get them mixed up and you give the wrong side fodder.  In short you not being responsible to your own cause.

I suspect some will see this as too esoteric.  But hey when shooting and killing is a thing there needs to be a good reason.

As usual keep your head down, powder dry, stay safe.


Thursday, April 23, 2020

The right to be stupid

So you don't want to distance, wear a mask or, stay home...

No problem, if you happen to test positive for CV-19 you have for all practical purposes put your fist in someones face and the penalty is quarantine.  Really!

I might ad you likely are not the first  Typhoid Mary Mallon was.  If they can and did lock her up so be it for you.  Current guess is you will sit for two weeks, likely tested till clear.

Oh you antivaxer  we have a cure for that, you opt to get the vaccine or exposed assuming that conveys immunity.  Oh yes, the real thing just might make you very very ill.

Also by all means take the cholroquine, hopefully you are one that can tolerate it without loosing eyesight, suffering heart, or kidney damage.  But hey its cheap and unproven to help with Covid-19 virus.  Actually it does sorta, if you get so sick to be on a vent.. your twice as likely to die if you take it.  Oops, yep, wrong cure.

We can of course wait for herd immunity as  that will get us to safer sooner, if there is an immunity.
So what if 1-4% of the people that get it die.  Sucks if its you.  But hey you volunteered to be one less to give it to me. 

Seriously this is not the flu, look at Polio, least its not Ebola, MERS, or SARS, and a few other nice nasty bugs.  We've only won against Polio.

Your a truther and anivaxer or maybe even a believer in chem trails.  Oh, right also 5G is bad so get rid of you phone and routers that can do that, see they also transmit using 5G.  Fools!

If the message isn't clear, this bug is real, people dead is very real,  every excuse and denial can't make it less real.  So stay the hell away and if you open a business and the business is connected in any way, even by guess to a case of CV19.... Your business will likely see sales collapse and your job with it.  So open I dare you.  If all else your belief in you small brain its that this bug is all false and phony go test it with your life and those of your family.  You might be right, or you get to bury the errors.

Go ahead, I think its way to risky.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The world as we knew it, canceled due to FUD.

As DrumpF prattles we run, his spittle is infected with lies.

He has passed hate and confusion, and continued on to what others may recognize, FUD.  For you kids that is Fear, Uncertainty, and Disbelief.

Noisy toddler in chief, keep lying so that truth is unknown, and likely you wish it to be unknowable as anything recognizable.  The big lie works Goebbels may have been on the wrong side but he was the expert at propaganda.  Now we hear it from the wanabe TV star, self appointed, and expert liar in chief.   Your running out of people to fire and compentent people that have sense are avoiding you.

His goal for America, none, its only a source of marks and their money. 

Thankfully a majority of state governors have a basic clue that if nothing gets done it gets bad. They thankfully do not have to wait in the idiot in-diapers.  Despite that  many will die.

As always keep your steel hat on, head down, and your powder dry, the shit is going to be bad.


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Snake Oil, TEOWAKI

Those that subscribe to snake oil and faith cures will die.  The virus does not give
a shit what you believe and if anything likely all your bad habits will revisit you
as a reason to worry about your ability to stand up to it.

Now TEOWAKI... The End  Of World As We Knew It...
The term for what has changed so much that what we knew is not anything
but "before" in our collective memory.

Used to be that would be cause by fictional Zombies, or maybe the real threat of
nuclear weapons.  Some speculated maybe a nasty sunspot like in 1850 (Carrigan
event) or maybe just maybe a super bug.  The latter was the very much feared
Ebola or maybe one of the nasty Staph flavors.

Well dear and fluffy friends, it happened.  Corona virus,  a transmissible bug
presumed from animal sources.  Also common as save for this flavor is very
infectious and plays havoc with the immune system as a way to kill the host.

Used to be we'd go to movies, eat out, and sit in crowds to back our favorite
sports team.  Travel, not so much, you may have the bug.    No more, maybe
a long time from now we will be able to.   So many things that define society
are now taboo as it can pass CV-19.  So many things that made the world
maybe smaller and more likely to consider being a bit more friendly.

Why, unless we gain immunity to this crud we will catch it again, and
maybe this time die.    Ponder that, you get it, again, and again as a nasty
seasonal bug.  You will age and with luck a vaccine may be found, if not
it might get you the next time.

Its not the flu was get immunity to that and we also have flu shots.. Vaccines.
That makes the Flu a bug that mutates recurring but less severe as last years
version is not a factor for those that had it or are vaccinated.  Of course if
you don't subscribe to that you may get it but since most are immune its not
so likely.  Tough as hell if you do, it can really suck, and twenty thousand
die yearly from that.

It, COVID-19  is a not flu bug, new version of the bug!  That brings all the
need to discover how it attacks, sickens and all the other science that we
have applied to Polio, Measels and even the Flu.  Back to square one,
small help is that we are technically advanced.  We know what and how to
hunt it.   But sad to say it still takes time to track it down and get the
weapons needed to wrestle it to a manageable level.
 Those are in the future yet!

So life as we knew it, work, how we feed ourselves all changed in a
few short weeks .  The future is not the past.  We cannot be sure what
there is on the other side of this pandemic.  So we hide from it.  The
counter has cooties save for the this is not imagined, its very real, and
we wash and disinfect the surface to rid them.  A sneeze might be
hayfever or an illness we dare not spread but we may have for several
days before knew it, felt it.  Someone else has it now.

Things we bought are likely less common as someone that made it is
not working, shipping, transporting it.  It would take so little for a
social upset to be come a riot.   Certainly food, water, housing and
medicine are at risk for many.   Hard and harsh just got harder and
harsher, death more likely, maybe more unfair.  An ugly place for
the mind to speculate about without doubt.  Fear and doubt are at
the center of the place we dare not go.

Something to consider just where it may go.  Maybe the great unraveling
or a completely new peace.  One can hope for the latter.

Be careful, stay healthy, and above all keep your powder dry and your
head down.


Sunday, February 2, 2020

Whores and republicans

With Citizens United we get the finance committee, one Moscow Mitch and seems with his ability to distributes those funds he has the pike that the Asteriskinchief wishes he had.

So with that we knew the rethugs are indeed whores and without debate we know the price as well.  Not a proud condition for those we consider keepers of our government.

Ponder that Our governments keepers are bought and paid for,  Worse we don't even get a cut of the action.  If anything we pay even more.

Now that doesn't seem right does it?

So since they have been bought, the impeachment is also bought and paid for, always remember that.


They have had their cushy jobs way to long with benefits WE wish to have and afford to pay for.

What else is left.

While ducking and running, keep your helmet on, head down, and the power dry.


Friday, December 13, 2019

Asterisk *, the power of...

As a result of a lot of events no matter what from here on the dear and fluffy toddler in chief
can and will stamp his feet, yell, tweet, and claim  fake news.

            But it will not change one thing.

He is now one of the few presidents that has the * next to his name.
The footnote will read:  * Impeached by Act of Congress in December of 2019.

What the republicans can do on their side is either add their own personal asterisk
or grab their personal copy of The Constitution Of the United States and realize the
oath they took and may violate.

As usual keep you powder dry and watch for idiots.  They will be many and noisy.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Age of idiocy

We have devolved to an age where stupidity is rewarded and idiocy is held up as a blessed event.

The tedious detail of the obvious having to be proved over and over again ad infinitum.
We evaluate things for truthiness as all lies are not equal and often only partial.
We listen to lies so grand they prove Gobbels postulates for propaganda.
We suffer willingly and unwillingly the liar in chief.

And based on words from all the self proclaimed  great people of this is a good thing
we are remaking America.

Bullshit!  Lies are still lies and it makes no different if they are convenient or in error.
Hiding the truth or calling it false is just another lie.

Our visible government is being reduced to liars and criminals that shade the truth and 
obfuscate their actions.   For those that believe those lies, I offer that warm feeling 
you have is not me pissing on your leg, its the rain.  

For those that consider what is being done is a christian act, your guilty of the worst sin,
that being inhospitable to others and as likely your own self.  For you would destroy 
your own as proof of your weakness.

In the end no matter what the lies and all that goes with them are at a cost.  If you 
don't believe that, time will not be your friend as it will punish you, as well as those 
you believed should be. 

In the end I feel the rethugs would be taken out behind the woodshed and whipped 
with a Willow switch until they stop whimpering.   Then allowed to contemplate 
their navel.  Those that simply support them by doing nothing should be made 
to watch.  Guilt by inaction has a price as well.

This is not about big gov or small or nanny gov is is the concept of honest and 
verifiable governing.   This we clearly do not have.

To those I think this says it all.   Someone or something should offer mercy on 
your soul for it is already dead and completely without honor.

For the rest keep your powder dry and keep you head down.


Sunday, December 8, 2019

Message to dumbshit Scammers

If you send me your gag post of "we know your password" and display one from somewhere
around the first yahoo break in, dumbass its gotten a bit old and very stale. and the password is older and long since gone to the old useless passwords Valhalla.  You are not even creative.

Some of the lines are priceless...  such as we saw you doing the right hand boogaloo by turning
your camera on.  Good trick champ this desktop is super tricked out, no camera, or a microphone either. Did it every occur that the target is not a man?  Dumbass.

We caught you at some pornsite we bugged.  Seriously?  I have no words for that level of stupidity
on your part.  Start with if you bug those buggers for real they will likely hunt your sorry butt.

Then of course,the "We put a pixel in the mail to tell us when you read it" I think you have no idea how web bugs work.   Or how system filters on non-winders systems.  Its just sad man.

I think the best one was the guy that did the deed on his Apple recently, HI!  Oh how do I know?
Seems the Mime encoded shit containing the misspelled text has a system signature.   pwnd!

Anyhow despite that level of stupidity your message was nearly unreadable due to your extremely poor English.  I ignore lazy idiots.

So for our readers all, we have these bumbling fools running scams and think you are as foolish and dumb as they are.  Please do not fall for it.

So to those scammers... Bless your little hearts.  Look that up in the urban dictionary.

As always keep the powder dry and your head down.


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Evolution of things...

MAGA was supposed to be, Make America Great Again...

After 32 days of government shutdown there is a correction...

MAGA is now, Mostly Anarchy Governing Again.

Anarchy is the best word to describe the president small hands and the rethugs who support him.

Keep your powder handy and head down.


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Senate heariings, or are they deaf?

Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.  M. Twain.

This week we watched sausage and we didn't like the idea.  It was highly irregular and high theatre.

It was not fun watching Graham and friends play the game from the other side.  Oh, what other side the side they too back about 2 years ago when Obama tried to fill a spot...  Games kids play and the shock and awe when of "I didn't do that" while being caught at it.

Well buckos... Karma, that is the cause and effects of life.  When Karma visits it is because you invited it there.

What I didn't see what the Rethugs doing what they didn't do.  If you did the FBI thing it likely would have come back "ok" and the whole thing would be over.  Because you didn't people are paying attention and it better be clean.  But now we drag it on.

I expect but can't endorse the end will be Kavanaugh (rhymes with, had enough) being installed.
I'd say I'd be pleased if he was not, as his position on a number of issues are meat of earlier postings and no secret unless your polarization goes that way.  After all he is the bought and paid for member of the local flavor of the radical fundies. 

So history rhymes, and we wait and weep.

Keep your head down, powder dry, and a full bag of shot.