Monday, September 11, 2023

Haters, jihad, fundamentalism....

 22 years ago...

I watched in horror as buildings burned, then fell.  Many thousands died.   Terrorists as they were called practicing their brand of political inspired fundamentalism.  In my minds eye its vivid and unforgettable. I do not say I will remember like it requires effort to do so.  As part of my life I remember. 

If there is one thing notable about getting old is you see the cycles of life and politics.  Of course it helps to have been paying attention.  The cycles are mixed in that some are good others not at all good.  The sneak attack of 9/11 mirrors many that occurred before in that if one was really deeply paying attention it was not a surprise.  However time has a corrosive property to memory and, we are surprised.

So this 9/11 what new surprises are there?  We still have political motivated fundamentalism and it is pernicious as ever, and its home grown.  Still people die from it and its poison is infiltrating the government.  They are trying to make America in their image.   Are we watching them, of course not.  We've seen it before,

So the names change and their means, but the haters, jihadists, and fundamentalists are still about and if you not one of the accepted groups. 

That said;  those that do not pay attention to history are plagued with living it over.

More than ever keep you head down and watch out.


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