Monday, December 6, 2010

Tradition, ah feh!

Ah ha! Some of the ah, family tradition on this.

First que the music for the Ten Commandments, yes Charlton Heston... Nah thats not
it. We need Tevye, Yes, that works!

Now with no excess of flourish..

The adult male is foremost as it is his role to gather "The Tree", but since Christians are known to borrow on Hebrew tradition the first being guilt. For example we hear from the Missus, Frank, when are we going for "The Tree". Typical response is after the game. Wrong! Frank will be introduced to the proper answer, Now Frank, if you ever want sex again! Now with three kids it's likely that is more than an idle threat and way to close to fact. With that resolved Frank, the Missus, and the kinder, all three of the darling stair steps, are captured and swaddled in their best winter gear against the 42 degree cold. Where upon they trundle down the road in the family van to "The Tree" farm. Now note the kinder are far from old enough to be loose and there are all manner of sharp implements about so Frank opts for the precut tree. So off to the racks to the mob doth waddle. Now the Missus is not loath to notify every one to stay together (for disassembly is possible with all those cool sharps) and search for "The Tree" Which by all accounts exists and will be perfect. Now we take a moment to consider that trees grow mostly wild and tend to have varying genetics and many will suffer less than stellar upbringing due to crowding and, oh yes, the weather. Now back to the great tree hunt. Trees will be stood upright and viewed with an eye, usually less than expert but the attempt is to look that way to the farmer. this will progress for about 20 minutes where upon one of the kinder, even bet it's the youngest, will exclaim, MOMMY IN NEED TO PEE, ugh, loudly. After assurances it's not a matter of extreme immediacy the very tree will be deemed "The Tree" without observing the truck has a severe case of scoliosis of the trunk. It will be thumped and if most of the needles remain it is claimed and paid for. Often the farmers crew will do the honors of lashing it to the van as in prior years, when the new owners of "The Tree" were left to their own, accidents, police reports and depositions ensued.

Once home the kinder that needed to pee will inform the keepers too late. The winter swaddling will be shed. some on the floor, couch, beds, kitchen chair, and likely some back at the farm. This leads to Frank having to rassle with "The Tree" which as fewer needles now due to a blistering trip home on the highway at a mere 80 miles per hour, down off the van, alone. Bringing it in the house usually works like this, Frank your getting needles all over, yes dear. Where "The Tree" stand Is rescued from hiding, dusted off, and convinced to hold properly straight "The Tree", remember it was the one with really bad scoliosis. That process usually involves about 45 dollars of quarters in the family cuss jar, one of the kinder saying I'm telling mommy, one cut finger, tools that Frank the accountant never uses, and a pledge this is the last time and next year will be artificial.

Decorating "The Tree" will be reserved for, oh no!

Hope all your holidays are happy and joyous!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Assume the position...

That history is pop culture!

Ah, and you thought this was about TSA. Well maybe. it's about truth history and myth and oh yes, propaganda.

The premise of history is pop culture is from a guy named Mr Wuhl. Now this is not all that odd when you consider that when the whole story is told often we find the popular story is anything but TRUE. But like Wuhl said, History is pop culture.

However, my tack on this is not his debunking of myth and history but, the idea that most popular stories be they really really old or cooked yesterday on some blog are universally true. Bullshit! If anything the probability is what it made a good story was it being anything but the whole cloth. I'd bet the best stuff was indeed made from cow waste.

So when the legend becomes fact, print the legend. So, likely stories we hear from out own imperious leaders are likely going to have the same Bullshit content as er, uhm, history!

Look up on the net Wuhl and Assume the position.

Keep your powder dry, hoard your precious lead,


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Four legs good, two legs better.

So it goes without TSA chiefs, Congress critters, Senators, and likely their families having to be screened. I'm sure many other of their select friends will get exempted too.

The rest of the sheeple will get screened, xrayed, and groped for security sake and
apparently like it.

Right arm please so we can read the chip. Baa to you too.


Authority, right?

TSA is a government authority and claims as such they have the right to touch you and your children. Sounds specious to me.

The Catholic church has gone down this path with rouge sexual predator priests and by covering it up gave it Papal authority. We see that has caused problems. Illegal acts under the authority of government is still crime.

I'd bet that while the TSA can make claims of "its for your own good" there is absolutely no proof that there is good and if examined closely it may be proven that it has done damage to people.


We know there are TSA people that feel they are being abused by being called names, also some have been clear they don't want to touch others "junk". Hey like the millions of business travelers that need that job suck it up or quit your job.

We know they reuse the gloves, so any "bad" stuff picked up from one person is transfered to another. This is not sanitation, at best personal protection for the TSA agent.

We know they have rudely upset rape victims, sexual assault victims, children, breast cancer survivors, Ostomy patients, and amputation survivors.

We also know there are many people that to the level of severe stressful reaction do not like to be touched or knowingly be seen naked even by a fuzzy X-ray or milimeter wave imaging system.

One area we don't know is how the X-ray based devices do on exposure as that is significant for cancer and to people that have survived cancer. We do know that just flying exposes the user to the effects of cosmic rays. We also know that pilots are more likely due to length of exposure that they see greater risk ad do not want the additional X-rays.

So in the end it's OK if the US government does it but outside the TSA screening area it's still sexual battery or worse. Those that want to test that theory just check what the risk is. On the street doing that (especially to a legal minor) will get you prison time, and classed as a sexual predator complete with the requirement to have your name on a sex offenders list for life.

I call this tipping point. The only unknown is if we will see short memory where the sheeple will just get used to it and submit. Maybe they will start chipping the sheeple like pets
as a faster identify the compliant from the potential terrorists.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

two by two, hands of blue

Fact the following were events that originated in a foreign country..

Shoe bomber..

Underwear bomber...

Shipping explosives in printers..


A image of someone naked or a invasive pat down that includes touching genitals and breasts will prevent the above from happening.

Duh! They already happened, the flight started outside this country and its too freaking late.

Security kabuki. We no longer have the right to unfettered travel if all public conveyances are monitored and controlled like the TSA or worse by the TSA.

Madams and sirs please have your papers ready.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Gate, slopes slippery

We start on a fall day, September 11th, 2001 with terrorists hijacking four planes for the purpose of crashing them as flying bombs.

On that day you went to the airport and got screened for guns, swords and bombs and other unsafe things and boarded a plane.

On that day the cockpit door didn't lock and if it did it was pretty flimsy.

On that day a hijack usually meant a survivable outcome as the passengers and plane were bargaining tool for some criminals to be freed or an escape to another nation.

Since then we have locked secure doors to the cockpit.

Since then we strip search the passengers and crew.

Since then many of those that service the plane on a daily basis are not closely checked.

Since then every threat that made it on a plane originated in another country.

Since then we have a massive security force called TSA.

Since then we have spent billions on magical appliances that do not find bad things but do bad things.

Since then we get property stolen from baggage we cannot lock anymore.

In 9 years of security kabuki we see more of our personal space infringed and outright stolen but no real security as every bit of it was after some event HAPPENED {note past tense}. We had our rights to being unmolested eroded severely.

So lets look at what works..

We lock the doors of the cockpit limiting access for bad guys to the critical controls.

We fight like hell with possible terrorists to prevent success, be they flight 93, shoe bomber or underwear bomber.

We disarm passengers, seems that the bad guys are still holding the cards there. Seems
disarming passengers might just be the wrong way.

We still let too many unchecked people clean and potentially put bad things in planes.

We still have criminals in and around the luggage bays, we know that as material possessions are being stolen from baggage. If criminals are handling or near baggage then the plane is still at risk. Since then with enhanced security we expect our bags to arrive and be untouched. Too often things are stolen out of them.

In the end all that TSA stuff is useless, as in pointlessly useless. Also seems that people in the plane are the biggest weapon against terrorists and are totally unarmed. But locking the cockpit door does work, shame the pilots aren't armed.. SHAME ON YOU TSA for doing nothing provably useful. But they claim that flying is not a right, and they also want to be in bus stations and at train stations, I guess that will no longer be a right to unfettered travel.

Sirs and madams please present your travel papers.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Date rape without dinner or rufies

For those that think being part of a costly unpaid porno shoot is ok...

Welcome to the TSA grope fest. Things you can do to make the experience better for them.

Arrive mildly sedated but not drunk.

Wear a thong, gstring, or better go without.

Remind them your a virgin.


Offer to marry the "inspector".

Me I think taking the train or other private conveyance I control seems less offensive to ME!

Papers madam?


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sarah, There is No "S" in the Word "Club".

Sarah Palin is out for blood (again) this time against an Alaska CBS affiliate. She's accusing the station's reporters of conspiring against Joe Miller, calling them "bastards" and suggesting that the initials CBS stand for "Corrupt Bastards Club."
Now that would work if that stupid bint was in Canada, where one of the television is the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

But she is not.

Random Musings, and
It Must Suck to Be a Kid Nowadays

If you drive like a moron, either hogging the road or overly aggressive driving, and you are driving an identifiable company vehicle, then you should not be too surprised when your boss's voicemail is overflowing with complaints that have been called in by the drivers that you so blithely offended.

I cannot wait for Tuesday to come and go. I am so sick of being bombarded with campaign ads and telephone calls. Most of my incoming landline calls for the last week have been political-begging calls. The only difference seems to be that the local Democrats have live people calling and the Republicans are using robocalls. There are a couple of clowns running that I absolutely won't vote for because I know them or of them and they are creeps.

Haven't you stupid monkeys out there ever seen a cop pull over a motorist before? Haven't you ever seen a cop park his cruiser to protect a motorist who is changing his car's tire? You'd think not, judging from the number of vehicle-operating primates who had to slow down in order to take a look. Eyes front and drive on, you stupid, stupid monkeys.

Got my candy ready. I hope the kids have fun tonight. It just feels odd to see kids in their early teens out trick-or-treating who are escorted by their parents. It must have been a different time when I was young; kids who were old enough to walk to school were let out on their own for the annual Extortion of Candy.

It's not just that. I go for walks early in the morning, starting out well before dawn. On my return leg, the school buses are picking up the young ones for school. I watched one bus pick up kids, move to the next stop, and pick up some more. The difference between the two stops was less than 100 yards. At all of the stops that I've seen, there is at least one parent in attendance. For my last job, I had to change my route to work to avoid going past a local school complex in order to not get stuck in the crush of SUVs and minivans which were dropping off kids.

For most of the school districts I attended as a child, one had to live more than a half-mile from the school to get bus service in grammar school, a mile for junior high and a mile-and-a half or two miles for high school. Less than that, you had to hoof it and it didn't matter if it was bucketing down rain or -20deg. If you got bus service, the stops were well separated and you walked to them. Other than maybe the first day of school, I never saw a parent at a bus stop. My family lived or a time in a town where there was no school bus service whatsoever; you had to walk to school or, if you lived far enough away, you were given a bike permit.

In the summer, everywhere I lived, it was the same. If the weather was good, you got up and you went outside to play. You'd come home to lunch and then it was back out the door to play until it was time for supper. If you were taking music lessons, then part of the day was allocated for practice. You and your friends were expected to make your own fun, totally without adult supervision. It didn't matter if it was a semi-rural new subdivision or an old suburb with two-decked houses and small yards, summer came and you, your siblings and your friends were on your own. Thanks to Drs. Salk and Sabin, "polio summers" were a thing of the past.

If you wanted to read, you could go to the library. If you had the money, you could go to the movies (fifty cents for kids 12 and under, 75 cents for teens and adults). There was one movie theater in the town, one screen, and one horrible summer, only one movie played for the entire summer. (Which is why, to this day, I cannot force myself to watch Dr. Zhivago.) If you wanted to roam the woods out back with a BB gun, nobody thought anything about it.

All that has changed, of course. So many kids seem to be in structured activities year-round. There is also a pervasive fear, real or not, that child molesters will hoover kids up from the bus stops if they walk to school or if they are allowed to get off the bus unattended. The local school district's buses will not let kids off at a stop if there is not at least one adult to receive them.

I suspect that it is not as much fun to be a child nowadays.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey YOU!

Consider this brief Public service message..


I really don't care for who, thats your choice. Or for that fact against whom as desired.
Only that if you didn't vote, besides being scum, you are going to be told to go whine elsewhere if you do not like the result.

That is all!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Somewhere it's lunchtime, its true!

I'd like to repeat and follow up..

A while back there was Babylon 5:

Who are you?

What do you want?

Where are you going?

Who do you serve and who do you trust?

It's fair and wise to ask those question of those that claim to lead us, advise us and use the modern term be an expert. The last time it was a look inward, this time I apply it to those that would try to propagandize me.

When I hear news or read a blog I try to understand the source, their beliefs and if any goals. Often only one of those is exposed so reading critically is required to glean those elements. Once they are understood it's easier to understand the full message and the motivations behind it and more importantly if the message is truthful, biased truth, falsehood or opinion. All are possible and exist on the Internet realm. Know the difference and why.

As usual, heads up, keep a sharp eye, be aware.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

In the hills

To be fair to rural life I have to post this..

I lived in the southern tier of the Pocono hills of PA, an interesting areas as it's along the Appalachian Trail and a really nice though parts of are remote as all get out. Life slowed down and was generally healthier. Hunting was good and not fouled with a million contradictory regulations. People there were private but would help in an emergency. The nearest Sears or other store was 45 miles away in Allentown or Wilksbarre. A car or truck was a must have as everything was a decent ride. Living there was different in small ways things like trash meant a weekly trip to the town landfill. Where on a weekend you get to talk to your neighbor from a few miles down the road. A good well was important and property that was not all rock that could pass a perk test was deemed buildable. Trees were cut for two reasons to build with or keep warm. Often they were replaced with fruit trees or the opened up area was cultivated for crops if the soil was decent.

Still makes me think of warm summer days hiking the local paths, watching for bear or maybe a snake.

Seems a different land and time long gone.


Saturday, October 9, 2010


Lately we have heard of a situation where a man lost his house in the rural area of Tennessee. Its unfortunate that it happened and worse that animals died.

Id argue that the fire dept should have suppressed the fire if only to prevent it spreading as a fire safety measure for land and neighbors. They didn't, nothing changes that.

If the 75$ was an over sight or "ah, not needed" one wonders if same applies to insurance? What other oversights or skips existed.. unknown.


There is the sticky issue of responsibility. We can argue the politics and economics of the fire till the cows arrive. The bottom line is, everyone at the end of the day is responsible for their safety and efforts to maintain it. With that said, if there is a fee to have the fire department arrive, pay it or provide a water storage, pump and hose to protect yourself or at least do control and if you paid till the heavy gear hits the driveway.

Seems harsh I realize but the key here is if your in the outlying areas the time it takes to get there may be too great to save anything. Did he have a first line of defense, Did he consider it? Hey you out there, is there a fire extinguisher in YOUR kitchen? Do you expect the fire department will arrive to put out that bacon grease fire before it destroys the kitchen?

Bottom line fires are a major disaster wherever you are! All efforts are to prevent as the damage is always extensive enough to be costly or result in being without housing. First step always is protect thyself, family and pets.

Fire protection, water, extinguishers, safety measures with flammables, electrical safety, and knowledge of how to fight basic fires go to managing risk or prevention.

Insurance, this is an after the fact device so you have a shot at getting back to normal as fast as possible. Any extra fees for rural fire service is a must and part of that.

How do I know all this.. I lived in the Poconos PA and the nearest fire department was nine miles away and the roads were narrow and nasty if snow was present. A neighbor had a chimney fire from green pine. There were 15 long minutes spent with buckets and garden hoses before the first volunteer arrived. The owner was lucky, enough was done to save the house and within three months the house was habitable again and a few more to restore all the rooms to the before fire condition. the local fire people were good but they admitted for the region getting there fast enough was their greatest problem. It can happen to you, are you prepared?

Keep your powder in a safe place and have water handy.


Monday, October 4, 2010

poor, no you're not allowed

MA gun laws.

To own a basic .22 caliber rifle:
FID hunter safety course $100, FID $50, must be member of gun club $180 plus initiation, Also be a member of GOAL or NRA too, and not including any special hoops or barrels to hurdle..

This means if you are unable to pony up over $300 on speculation your FID will be approved you cannot exercise a right. This translates to only those that have excess money aka the rich can exercise this right.

Is this broken?


Sunday, October 3, 2010

That can't possibly be!

La, lala, la, la la.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rights, right?

Things never banned..

The state concerned over the high number of traffic accidents and thefts causing accidents has passed a new policy.

Under this ruling cars can be {cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, powered transport or capable of powered transport} .

Effective today the cost of drivers license increased to 500 dollars, and good for 1 year.
You must apply for it with the local chief of police and as it's may issue the chief may deny for no specified reason.
You cannot apply for it if you have any prior civil, criminal or traffic infractions.
You must be 18 or older.
You cannot purchase a car without a valid license and if for any reason your license becomes invalid you must return the car to an authorized holder or dealer.
Owning or having a car with an terminated or expired license on your property is a felony.
Your license must be valid to sell a car, if you sell more than 1 a year you must have dealers license.
You cannot sell your car to anyone that does not present a license.
There is a mandatory 14 day waiting period on all sales.
You cannot have more than one car unless you are a business with prior approval.
All transfers and sales must be checked through the License Authority to confirm the buyers license is valid.
A license check is required to buy gasoline.
When not in use or under the control of it's licensed owner the car must be disabled, secured in a garage, and locked using a lock approved by the police chief.
You must be register to the car you are driving and the car must not be on any prohibited list created by the energy conservation enforcement people.
Other licensed drivers may only use your car if you are present.
The major cities, since there is mass transit you must prove you need a license as you have no need to drive.
You may not drive your car to another state unless the license and type is recognized there.
You must file Part B of Registration if the car is from another state and it must be verified it is not modified outside the compliance list.

See I didn't ban cars either. I am reasonable. Of course if your rich or important this is not a handicap.


Monday, September 27, 2010

What happened?

My brother was a sharp wit. So I'll borrow from him again as it applies.

Regarding the "Reasoned discourse" which was anything but..

It wasn't a total failure, as it can stand as an example of what not to do.

Or maybe, Those that repeat history are doomed to finally learn it.

May favorite was, In a battle of wits, you are unarmed, go away, quickly.
He was of no patience with those that made claims and not much else.

Bottom line it was the old rehash of Usenet troll post of leading with ideology, beliefs and some fragmentary statistics and engaging in a flamewar unprepared. Back in the Usenet days we had users that were likely experts in a wide range of fields and also good at spotting falsity and poorly thought out claims. The trolls would bring in their shills and often would get caught. In the end they were often exposed or badly ridiculed.

At the start it was clear, censorship and veiled agenda. The mind wasn't open as it required looking at many things that didn't fit the faith based model. Those that took the ball off her court got their full say and agree or not the First amendment was upheld.

I'll throw the first bone. Japete, I will defend to the end your right to say anything be it outrageous or simply poorly thought out. The expectation is you must honor that as well. All else is dishonorable.

Incoming, check six..


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Over at "Common gunsense"

First I will say it with there is no common sense there.

japete said...

See anonymous above about arming airline passengers. Wow. " but aided and abetted by those who require passengers and pilots to be unarmed. A single armed passenger or crewman could have stopped the terrorists from taking over the plane, or significantly helped in preventing continued use of the plane." Are you sure you want that in writing? You have no idea if a single armed passenger could have stopped those terrorists- conjecture on your part and not fact.
--close quote

This is faulty on so many levels. Horribly so and an insult to those passengers of flight 93 and the three other aircraft that day.

At 09:28:17, Hijackers took over flight 93 with presumed intent of crashing in the Washington DC Captital area with one of the major government sites being targeted.

Due the the availability of flight recorder, radio communications and more than 10 cellphone calls the course of that flight was clear. The passengers did attempt to overtake the hijackers and interrupted their plan. We do know the crash was the result of the passengers attempting to take back the aircraft by physical force but were unable to do so before the hijackers crashed it rather than fail completely.

As such The people of Flight 93 exhibited the valor we expect of heros, they acted to the fullest extent rather than die in vain. To say it another way they were trying to be responsible and prevent a tragedy of greater proportions and possibly save their lives as well. This is not speculation.

Had one or several passengers a weapon of any effectiveness such as a firearm their capability to overcome the 4 hijackers would have have a higher probability of success. To deny they could have possibly had a better chance if armed is remarkable.

Japete's comment is a off hand dismissal without critical consideration. I would submit she believes that is because a firearm/gun is only evil and therefor cannot be of assistance. This is a failure of thought, counter to the initial precept of "an open mind.." and indicative of the underlying belief system. To wit, all guns cause death and therefor are evil. This is not fact it is belief. At this point we cannot have discourse as the initiator has made clear if it does not support her position all other positions are to be denied, derided, dismissed, suppressed and in the most most disingenuous ways to hide from a presented argument. This is corrupt to the fullest extent. Though the answers given to her have been met with a clear and consistent pattern of deceit and deception and obfuscation.

To this I call bullshit!
You are a liar, disingenuous and employ obfuscation in the conversation, it's not name calling is a clear use of descriptive terms regarding your acts.

Liar: a person who tells lies, falsehoods are lies.

Disingenuous: lacking in candor; also : giving a false appearance of simple frankness : calculating

Obfuscation: the concealment of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, intentionally ambiguous, and more difficult to interpret.

late update:
Thank You Joe Huffman:

Cognitive dissonance, when there are two ideas in conflict and they cannot be resolved and can manifest as cognitive distortions. This would form a cogent basis for the failed attempt to communicate where the belief system is confronted. See Wikipedia Cognitive distortion for more detailed analysis.

Your "Japete" actions are a ruse intended to present your view and only that and by doing so attract an audience. I firmly believe you have achieved attracting an audience but have failed in the most unattractive way to present an unbiased stance. I'm sure you got your faithful club members that believe your truth as they are also incapable of critical thought and willingly accept bankrupted thinking. Unfortunately for you you have attracted the curious and those that oppose failed thinking as well as those that believe in th right to own firearms for lawful use and I fully believe [but without any facts on my part to support it] that is the larger audience and they are clearly displeased with your tragic denial of anything that does not fit your paradigm. So you filter as a defense mechanism any answer that would not meet the ridding of evil guns criteria and it comes from the only violence you know.

Gun violence is a subset of violence. Any critical thinker can explain that but you cannot accept it. The converse, that is all gun violence is a superset of violence is patently false. You have asserted that position. By logic we conclude that removing guns does not remove violence and your thinking is defective. End game, discourse is not possible as the end result is only two sides delivering their position and there is no exchange possible.

Regarding compromise:

The end this discussion is in USA, our Constitution article 2 makes clear firearm ownership is a right. One that is being abridged incrementally without due consideration. When good citizens are forced to pay outrageous fees, climb all manner of bureaucratic walls, submit to regulations that are a minefield then the laws invoked are defective and must be struck. The courts have been presented with cases that clearly show the line is being crossed and have ruled that was so. We have no need to present arms to compel the government as it is still legitimate and the judiciary is still functional.

When compromise has the effect of suppression or submission without serving a greater good it is corrupt. We have seen compromise, the greater good is that common citizens are frustrated when they attempt to use the tools of self defense. That is broken.

To the uncritical thinkers:

I have gone past compromise and I find I near nothing left. You are whistling in the wind, ignoring reality and are the very wolf at the door. I have a low tolerance of varmints, be gone.

Everyone else; heads up, look ahead, look right, look left and check your six.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Singing pigs and Logic

My younger brother once taught me a lesson.

It's impossible to argue with an irrational person.
Simple and very profound and painfully accurate.

The anti-firearms people and the religious fanatics are birds of a kin. They fervently believe they are right with nothing but false data, bankrupt conclusions and a firm belief that this time they can make it work. Since they do not aspire to critical thought, you cannot engage them in a dialog that does not either support their beliefs or result in stalemate.

Doing the same thing repeatedly is a symptom of insanity. Insanity is often applied as irrational thoughts and/or actions. Entering a discussion with a known outcome and hoping for a different one is a risky behavior.

With that if you do not want to appear insane, it is suggested that discourse with irrational people should not be attempted.

Or put anther way. Teaching a pig to sing is pointless. It annoys the pig and most everyone else. There is remote chance for success.

Ear plugs and secondary hearing protection are well advised.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years..

I will not forget.

I am no longer angry.

They should fear me.

They will never rent space in my head.

I will try to be prepared.

We must still be the nation of laws that existed on 9/10/2001

Today is the 9/11 and nine years later. I can't forget the horror, shock and dismay.

I was angry, but life has taught me anger is sometimes a poor motivator. However, I have resolved to be more alert, prepared and have put some deep thought on who is best able to protect me, and those around me. As a result I do not fear them as I will not go to them and play on their field and if they come to me I get to play on my field. On my field I make the rules, they are designed for me to win. Reminder, you (the vermin) "We have awakened a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a terrible resolve" (Yamamoto) applies to you.

I prepare, not out of fear. I have learned that hurricanes, tornadoes, lightening, and inattentive drivers are a greater risk to my having a bad day. I prepare for those with an eye to the possibility of the unlikely. The vermin that made this day infamous I cannot prepare for as they did the unlikely though with far less than complete success.

For those that insist that we should be a nation of disarmed sheep overburdened with incomprehensible laws and nearly autonomous security agencies I say you have sold out to them. Them being those that want America to fail, collapse or die. They have no designs to invade, convert or change us. They only want anarchy so they can have it their way. To that I say stay over there, shoot each other up, live like vermin. Don't come here, we for the still shoot vermin. Hunting varmints is an American tradition too.

Message to the vermin. We are a free an open society. Open debate is encouraged. Do not let the few that are favorable to your case, belief or riotous cause give you cheer. It is only commentary and debate, and it can easily turn on you.

We still remain.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Big Lie

While touring the web I come to witness a perfect example of The Big Lie. Seem the rapacious religious right has no moral qualms about the use of hyperbole or out right Lies.

Tolerance is not negotiable. Bullies are not good, right or even moral. Bullies abusing anyone be they, geeks, gay, nerd, poor, shy, or whatever should have no place to hide. They are about power and control, they live for fear induced in others. They are criminals. Those that suggest not squelching those activities are criminals as are those the "look the other way".

Bottom line, schools should be safe and promote education, not hives of petty criminals
maintaining their domains like prisons.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

interstate travel politiboro

I was told I have to go to Connecticut on business. Who would have thought it would be so involved. So far the paperwork is going smooth, I got the visa today. Now I have to get a passport. I haven't been out of state for over a year so I have to comply with the new regulations. I'd love to move inland to get away from the coastal border states. I'll have to check on emigration visas. I'm told the Toyota has to be approved for travel across borders now, you know washed free of any plants, mud and the like. That will be a pain as I also help with the community composting and methane project. Makes a mess all that gunk. However the synthefuel is available and company is paying. Good thing too at almost nine bucks a liter. I figure if all goes well I'll use maybe 50 liters. I have my shot card, seems one state over they are having problems with immunizations and cross border travelers have to be careful. So many things to worry about, speeding for one. Jim mentioned today the CT dronecop cameras spotted a speeder heading for the border and those RPG7s make a hell of a mess with traffic. He said it took almost an hour to get a tractor there to push the mess off to the side. Doesn't pay to speed, or run for the border the MA cops use drones too. Which is why I'm going to the other state I'm a engineer for Copssee Corp, finest observer drones, sucks but, eating is good when it's regular. Anywho back to the passport. Let see they want the date 31/08/2010. They got all the other stuff including the $1000 fees, seems all the various contractors get $20 each to update their databases. Some one missed one database, they shot on sight. Good thing the actual passport is free. Oh,reason for travel, business. Any activities while visiting? Use the expected answer, All legal purposes. After all it's a legal form and binding. All done.

Used to be a time when I lived on Long Island, part of NY even now, and I'd take the boat across to CT just to look at all the big and cool boats. Now I'm one of the few in the company thats been to oh maybe 25 other states and even lived in three different ones. Kids
don't do that now. Use to be the day I'd take a ride for fun to New Hampshire and maybe Vermont too. Even fuels then were less than ten cents a liter. Fine days back then. I hear building a boat requires a permit. Rumor is there was a big boat burning about two years ago and the video reported it as a building fire near the water. Story was someone built a boat and just as they completed it the travel bureau found it. No permits I guess.

I have to remember to give Jake the itinerary for the trip back. Like I said the job is bad but bits of needed info still get to those that may be able to use it. I mentioned that the 5RE model are 3KM altitude capable. Rocks were too common apparently. Shouldn't take much
methane to launch a spud that high. I keep playing with old steam engines. Theres not much wood to power it but a little steam can really make things happen. I keep seeing glints in the sky, the boiler must be attracting attention. Good thing it's not close to the house. Shoot and check for victims, you know.

Didn't used to be this way, not even sure when it happened. It is what it is.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crasy, thats all just..

Every so often the eye will juxtapose words. Some of todays reading put this pair together.

"Christian conservatives" “a violent cult with the goal of world domination”

Now if we ponder that the whole thing it's reads like a rather baroque line out of a classic spy movie. Actually it was part of an article of one groups misgivings toward another. I just took the who and grafted it to the what and it fit who's own model as to be recursive.

Makes me think the who in that instance is reading the Acme(1) Anvil and Fireworks companies version New Acme Bible. Maybe they are drinking the Acme artificial sugary red drink as well. Be very scared of the erstwhile real Wile E Coyote for he is "A fanatic is one who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim."(2).

Keep your powder safe as old Wile is running around wearing sheeps costume.


1) ACME is a acronym for A Company that Makes Everything, it's is also irony of the high point or acme. In the case of poor Coyote everything was misapplied and therefore broken.

2) Quote by —George Santayana

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Google's New Motto: Be Evil

If it were not for net neutrality, Google as a company might not even exist today. The only word that Google's agreement with Verizon to gut net neutrality is, in a word: Evil.

The operating principle is the old one of "I've got mine, fuck you."

Google turns out to be just another slimeball, selfish corporate behemoth.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

not good


No magic in that number. It's a lot of people that do not have jobs and the .5 is those of us that get maybe part time paying hours work a week when we formerly had a "real job".

That part of a nasty little upset some ass calls a recession. I call bullshit on that. It's a depression. The last major recession I know was early 1970s, aerospace companies were closing and gas jumped up more than two times and we had people looking for work and not finding any as employers had folded or was trying to survive as well. Then came the foreclosures. Well that was nothing like today but it did in a lot of neighborhoods close around those prime jobs that became empty buildings. My dad made his money in construction, thing like roofs, siding, dormers, new kitchens, finished basements, when money got tight for home owners that were barely working or not working he was impacted. My college was impacted by that and so on. There is never one victim, a company goes down, employees are let go, they move out or buy less, the corner store starts to go under, gas station sells
less gas price goes up, the corner store doesn't hire kids for the summer, prices go up,
the kid delivering newspapers makes less as every 5th house is now empty.

If you younger than 35 you never saw this before. Never mind the big one from 1929 that put the country in lines looking for a bread, maybe a little work too. Well boys and girls, this is it. Maybe not the bread lines, tent cities and large migrations like the great depression but look close the food pantries are working their asses off, people are buying less, or worse relying on credit. This one had the same start with false investments and investments funded by credit. Because the the ripple effect is so great many areas have suffered in housing either by loss of near by jobs or large amounts of outright foreclosure. If you have a job know all the housing in those areas is going cheap, buyers market. That pot many that were betting their house would be worth more and financed 95% or more, more investment speculation. Its where people live as they are now owning something not worth the loan amount, lenders get itchy but hey, they signed up for that. Both players know they signed up for that one and would do best to ride it out as if you wait long enough it may work out or, collapse completely. Using large amounts of credit in a down betting there is an up soon is also likely to bite back. There are no credible predictions this is short lived or we are on the upswing. We cannot call that until the history books are written.

Think about finance cost, think critically for a change.

Me it's yankee thrift, savings, dry powder and a plan B and C.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

They got it right

From the other side of the country..

California, federal judge in San Francisco ruled that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional!

Chalk this up as the best news in a while as the courts got it right.


math is hard

The stupid it hurts!

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish newspaper reports from fiction. Sad day for the news when they forget the basics or facts and a worse one if they ignore conflicts between the two.

Same for those that read the news. Check the stated so called facts as you may find they are anything but.

Opinion is not news. You news writers need to get a hold on that. If you don't at least realize everyone else has an opinion as well and they might think you are an ass, in their opinion.

Note to the media and so called lawmakers. We have enough laws, way to many laws and the problem is not the availability of a law for every occasion but enforcement. The only thing worse than lack of enforcement are the laws that are unenforceable. So hey law guys, learn the difference between proclamations and an enforceable law.

Gotta stock up on dry powder and shot.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Mine, mine, mine, all mine

Yep that says it all. But before you claim ownership one better make sure it's both theirs and unencumbered. I propose titles for copyright, if you claim copyright you have to prove you are the title holder if there is any dispute.

Seriously, monetizing information and news is old but in the day of networking if your selling you have to allow people to have a peek, point to, and also advertise, as you do want buyers. Fair use is a peek and attribution
forget the latter and it's not fair. So fair is fair sue me for fair use with attribution and you risk getting charged an equal amount for advertising your wares. After all attribution is direct free advertising. But there are the predatory sorts and well things like lists of who they are and all are easy to manage with computers. It's not hard to blockade sections of the Internet as it's already done and in common use. It's not illegal to do that as your walling yourself off from those that may be offensive. Technology is a very sharp two edged sword. So if you get rude and nasty be wary of your own errors, they could be used against you.

Then again if you are a predator you may end up paying for that information your claiming copyright on. Just think if your dependent on people sending pictures, sound bites of events and crimes they might get the idea you have money and start expecting payment for those freebies. Highest bidder, one with best payment record.

In the end there is the big fish, as in the fish eat plankton and get eaten by bigger fish, and bigger fish still. Somewhere out there is a fisherman with a big hook going for the trophy and he has the fighting chair, bait
and the special drinking buddies needed to make the catch. So Great White Shark, meet man.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

silly season

Just watching the clouds. No energy for a rant so we wander the what if highway, randomly.

Observationally there has been insanity idiocy or was it stupidity, I always have to check to see which applies.

Lessee, insane is doing things repeatedly hoping for a different result. Idiocy the process of exercising a loss of intelligence. Stupid ignoring all possible education and input.

I see the, I wants, you can't haves, oh and the really wild if either of you get we all gonna mess it ups. What a septic porridge of wacks, bad intentions and fervent believers.

When you try to take the sunspots, economy, unemployment, various natural disasters, random clots of crazed people and a Dasgov into account I think the Mayans missed the boat. It's clear 2012 is not the date. How is more a interesting question. As random feeling this world will go on. Not much to support that but inertia is what it is. It may be proven that humans are more durable as a species than the common roach. With survivial and reproductive instincts to match. Civilization or what may pass for it has a far more questionable lifespan. You can't be this randomly nutty and not hurt oneself and others. No doubt law will the first to go, it's edging away even now. I think thats the tipping point. Once law breaks it tends to collapse on itself like a gas giant. What suggests this is a severe and noticeable loss in the real of critical thinking. People believing as in putting true faith in nonfunctional methods and ideas that do not pass muster as theory never minding any form of practical or logical test. People done got stupid, some slid to insanity.

So I sit and ponder. Run and hide or just continue studying history repeating, ah gas again, history. For certain being around those bloombergian cities is unhealthy, when it all goes pop fizzle fart, they will be a epicenter of chaos extending a wave of insanity out to the cruising distance of most cars and trucks like a shock wave from a blast. Then comes anarchy and all the little princes and their serfdoms. Of course all those little princes will want to be king and the dark ages and crusades will begin again.

Me I'm pondering how much technology will survive. Keeping in mind that the techocenters will likely have been deserted or worse become part of the castles moat. It's clear those that can make even rudimentary tech will have a power of sorts. Maybe the techie sorts will be subculture of hidden powers the last true magicians. I can hear the laughter now for that one. Lets face it, how many can cook raw food over a burning log without injury? Ah skip that, how many can get the log burning? Toothaches and posion ivy will get a lot of those gone feral. But those that can exceed the basic needs of survival will have an edge. Maybe the other subculture will be the keepers of books, assuming after a generation people can even read. Come to think of it many don't now.

Yep. It's gonna be quite a show. Just watching the clouds making shapes as they drift in the wind.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today is July 4th.

As a nation we exist because we largely were not represented.
If Jolly King George had gotten the message and laid off the crap
we could be a crown colony still out at least related. Alas he didn't
and America is not of the family.

Ponder that as we have little laws like the Patriot Act and it's spawn
playing a Jolly George on the the people.

Freedom is always at risk. It may be due to nefarious people with
desire to control or destroy order or its pure stupidity either way
failure to be educated, involved and vigilant is a hazard for all.

Enjoy your fireworks assuming you're not in an nanny state where
they are banned and enjoy the holiday. Above all thank those that
made it possible, and keep it possible.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Far time long.

When time and experience collide you hopefully learn.
Some learn by books, other observe and a smaller lot
just do.

Doing is failure prone. Failure in itself, if not lethal,
is a useful thing. It can clearly flag a path that can't
succeed and possibly shorten finding the path that
just might do well. In the end the more you do the
more failures may accrue and if stupidity is not a factor
and the failures not final in any way one can become
smarter knowing what works and what just might get
ya killed or worse.

We look at the world and we see failures. Some are not so
bright others brilliant. Deepwater Horizon and the following
megamess can be looked at that way. We discovered
the bottom of the ocean and for the first time maybe we'll
pay some attention because there is stuff down there. The
downside is "we" are in the midst of making and later
cleaning one whole hell of a ecological mess. The mess
was the result of stupid doin. Maybe there will be some
learning too.

Oil booms, Dawn detergent, and rain gear be the plan of the day.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Death of a file..

In this day of mass storage and internet we take for granted information. What we miss is the loss of information that occurs around us with great frequency and quantity.

We are approaching the last flights of the space shuttles and one of the things I bemoan is that when the shuttles stop flying forever all of the information that goes into making, testing and flying the shuttle will be lost just like the earlier programs like Apollo, Gemini and Mercury. It came to pass that when NASA and their commercial vendors started down the path Constellation and Orion it was discovered that what had been done before was forgotten and mostly lost. It became a task of researching how did they do that!

How does this happen, simple really. NASA contracts to vendors and to build and do research and the vendors maintain files. If the programs files the files are kept and are retained for some period afterwards. This is both normal and typical. Later after the project has ended the retention period times out usually after 7-20 years and guess what, those files being bulky and requiring floor space are simply disposed of assuming a fire or flood has not destroyed then before then. Often this also applied to electronic files as well. If the media is not destroyed it goes moribund because the technology to read it has gone by or the computers of the time that had the devices to read it have also gone by. This is very common for the pre-IBM PC and internet era.

If you take a moment to read the blogroll for the Apollo Guidance Computer You will say one persons work to discover how did they do that and how much was not findable any more.

Hopefully this painful event may not happen to the shuttle as it's lifespan brought it into the modern PC era. However there are many files and details that could be lost just like how we got to the moon.

In this age of information being a commodity of value this one hopes that some bits of it haven't become so low in value as to be reduced to simply "We used to know how but, it's forgotten.".

Something to ponder.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

criminals, bricks and the who?

Word to the radright with their undies to tight..

Busting windows is a crime, it is not protest. Civil misconduct is still crime.

As bad as dasgov may be it's fair to remind all the craphead protesters that you are the government and your misbehavior is cause and valid reason for rules and actions. You want marshall law, you might just get it. Beware as there is a sleeping populace that has a high annoyance factor and your pushing it.

For those that don't read or maybe have those Texas revisionist history books..
When King George crapped on us we didn't declare war until we exhausted all of the civil paths and reasonable protests. So far dasgov has not sent armies to assure a peace.

If you think it's bad a law then work in the system to get better law. Don't burn the system!



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bubble burst.

The captain's word came down yesterday, abandon ship,
open the bilge cocks, set hull charges and prepare to
scuttle on orders. Note to crew, you signed on with
your own safety gear. If you neglected this, swim hard.

This was not a sudden thing. It was clear from late
2008 the problem was money and the sources were no
longer there. The result is a good idea that needed
funds to get through to market, will not.

The boy scouts havent a clue, it's not be prepared its
prepare for the worst, you will be ready. Previous
gov pee'd in the pool and current gov can't smell it.
They shot the fat lady and she ain't singin.

Heads down, secure you gear, blow the hull boys.