Wednesday, August 4, 2010

math is hard

The stupid it hurts!

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish newspaper reports from fiction. Sad day for the news when they forget the basics or facts and a worse one if they ignore conflicts between the two.

Same for those that read the news. Check the stated so called facts as you may find they are anything but.

Opinion is not news. You news writers need to get a hold on that. If you don't at least realize everyone else has an opinion as well and they might think you are an ass, in their opinion.

Note to the media and so called lawmakers. We have enough laws, way to many laws and the problem is not the availability of a law for every occasion but enforcement. The only thing worse than lack of enforcement are the laws that are unenforceable. So hey law guys, learn the difference between proclamations and an enforceable law.

Gotta stock up on dry powder and shot.


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