Tuesday, August 31, 2010

interstate travel politiboro

I was told I have to go to Connecticut on business. Who would have thought it would be so involved. So far the paperwork is going smooth, I got the visa today. Now I have to get a passport. I haven't been out of state for over a year so I have to comply with the new regulations. I'd love to move inland to get away from the coastal border states. I'll have to check on emigration visas. I'm told the Toyota has to be approved for travel across borders now, you know washed free of any plants, mud and the like. That will be a pain as I also help with the community composting and methane project. Makes a mess all that gunk. However the synthefuel is available and company is paying. Good thing too at almost nine bucks a liter. I figure if all goes well I'll use maybe 50 liters. I have my shot card, seems one state over they are having problems with immunizations and cross border travelers have to be careful. So many things to worry about, speeding for one. Jim mentioned today the CT dronecop cameras spotted a speeder heading for the border and those RPG7s make a hell of a mess with traffic. He said it took almost an hour to get a tractor there to push the mess off to the side. Doesn't pay to speed, or run for the border the MA cops use drones too. Which is why I'm going to the other state I'm a engineer for Copssee Corp, finest observer drones, sucks but, eating is good when it's regular. Anywho back to the passport. Let see they want the date 31/08/2010. They got all the other stuff including the $1000 fees, seems all the various contractors get $20 each to update their databases. Some one missed one database, they shot on sight. Good thing the actual passport is free. Oh,reason for travel, business. Any activities while visiting? Use the expected answer, All legal purposes. After all it's a legal form and binding. All done.

Used to be a time when I lived on Long Island, part of NY even now, and I'd take the boat across to CT just to look at all the big and cool boats. Now I'm one of the few in the company thats been to oh maybe 25 other states and even lived in three different ones. Kids
don't do that now. Use to be the day I'd take a ride for fun to New Hampshire and maybe Vermont too. Even fuels then were less than ten cents a liter. Fine days back then. I hear building a boat requires a permit. Rumor is there was a big boat burning about two years ago and the video reported it as a building fire near the water. Story was someone built a boat and just as they completed it the travel bureau found it. No permits I guess.

I have to remember to give Jake the itinerary for the trip back. Like I said the job is bad but bits of needed info still get to those that may be able to use it. I mentioned that the 5RE model are 3KM altitude capable. Rocks were too common apparently. Shouldn't take much
methane to launch a spud that high. I keep playing with old steam engines. Theres not much wood to power it but a little steam can really make things happen. I keep seeing glints in the sky, the boiler must be attracting attention. Good thing it's not close to the house. Shoot and check for victims, you know.

Didn't used to be this way, not even sure when it happened. It is what it is.


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