Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crasy, thats all just..

Every so often the eye will juxtapose words. Some of todays reading put this pair together.

"Christian conservatives" “a violent cult with the goal of world domination”

Now if we ponder that the whole thing it's reads like a rather baroque line out of a classic spy movie. Actually it was part of an article of one groups misgivings toward another. I just took the who and grafted it to the what and it fit who's own model as to be recursive.

Makes me think the who in that instance is reading the Acme(1) Anvil and Fireworks companies version New Acme Bible. Maybe they are drinking the Acme artificial sugary red drink as well. Be very scared of the erstwhile real Wile E Coyote for he is "A fanatic is one who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim."(2).

Keep your powder safe as old Wile is running around wearing sheeps costume.


1) ACME is a acronym for A Company that Makes Everything, it's is also irony of the high point or acme. In the case of poor Coyote everything was misapplied and therefore broken.

2) Quote by —George Santayana

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