Monday, December 30, 2013

Phobia and fear...

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Guns are a Rorschach test.

As one that doesn't fear firearms its interesting that I do respect them. What does that mean...

Well I've also got a healthy respect for the chainsaw, I even use them.  That said I handle it with great care as I'e seen what can happen and its very bloody.   So yes, a tool deserves respect.  I also understand how it works so I can use it carefully and efficiently.  After all nothing makes short work of trees and logs better.  I build and do things with them,  recreation, fun even!

With that said I've seen people use chainsaws with the chain brake wired back and carried by the handle with fingers on the throttle and all my hairs stand up as I know it can do a lot of damage.

That's healthy fear.  It can hurt me or my workmate if I am careless or they are.

A gun is no different.

Unhealthy fear is ban all those chainsaws, the blood!.  Never touch one as it may start and slice me up.  When it get to that level the term phobia is warranted.

So we have guns a very useful tool as well. I have used them for all lawful purposes over the years.  I treat them with respect, not fear.

Yet we see unhealthy fear.

Those that say guns are bad, guns kill, guns are the root of crime, they are truly past fear.  If it were fear it can be corrected or moderated with education, training, and experience.  However the concept of touching a gun as something to never be done is phobic.  Its irrational for fear a  device or a tool that left alone or handled properly is inert. Those that do not even want to read the truth or fact are phobic.  See to even lean about it means they could use it and fear happens.

We also have those that claim to hate guns and take them to congress and political places to show off how evil they are.  This is a very special thing as its no longer phobia and we should watch them very closely for signs of sociopathic need for power and control.

We sometimes call them gun grabbers and that is a misnomer as their phobia would not allow them to touch a firearm.  For that they rely on  those dark people with no fears to do their bidding.  Such as it is for the gun banners.

Keep your head down and powder dry.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All Hail the cat! Aye!

We call them companion animals.

However in my life this one was an extra special guy.

To me he was a friend.  He waited for me and would lay next to me or on me.

We called him Boo...  He was a Maine Coon Cat, strong as an ox, yet never scratched me in fear. A true gentle giant.  He prowled the house, his domain, the empire, one we gladly shared.

Today at a ripe age of over twenty and some, and with us for more than eighteen, it was time.

Cancer, the evil taker had done its damage and he was unable to be a cat.  To the very end he was aware and with us as his friends.

Forever is never enough.

Goodbye dear Boo.  You will be missed.