Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All Hail the cat! Aye!

We call them companion animals.

However in my life this one was an extra special guy.

To me he was a friend.  He waited for me and would lay next to me or on me.

We called him Boo...  He was a Maine Coon Cat, strong as an ox, yet never scratched me in fear. A true gentle giant.  He prowled the house, his domain, the empire, one we gladly shared.

Today at a ripe age of over twenty and some, and with us for more than eighteen, it was time.

Cancer, the evil taker had done its damage and he was unable to be a cat.  To the very end he was aware and with us as his friends.

Forever is never enough.

Goodbye dear Boo.  You will be missed.  


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