Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ghouls and Blood dancers

One of the most interesting part of the latest version of the attack on the constitution is the name calling.  I might point out that the obscenity laced name calling of a particular side, the anti-gun faction.

So we know the sides...

Ghouls, children killers, supposedly the NRA.  FYI hint, its a organization of people, millions of them, maybe even the gal next to you.  Would you call someone that works with you any of those names, your neighbor?  What do you think they should say to you if you did?  I know what I'd say and telling your to shut up would be the nice part.  I'm entitled to feel safe too!

Blood Dancers,  The anti-gun faction.  They deserve that name as every time something terrible happens they are out and asking for more money to create more laws and calling people names if they don't cow tow to them.  Yet they get to call names on TV and insult people that otherwise might agree with stopping the crimes but only differ on how.  Pot meet kettle.

Listen up, if you are going to deliver obscenity laced screeds in public to crowds supposedly filled with young teens what does that make you?   I can offer my mothers bar of soap and the  admonition do you eat with that mouth!  You also risk having adults notice and decide your not the type they want around them.   So a hint; the difference between a riot and a march is small but distinct.  Try hard to not create a riot, as then the blood is not on your hands.

For the idiots holding signs, "We are coming for your guns", "We are going to take your guns".  Seriously?   No, you are not, and not on a bet.  The reason I say that is the collective "we" in your case is always someone else.   That someone else is nowhere as stupid as you.  The law has not changed for property or breaking and entering.  That means if you try your likely committing trespass, breaking and entering, theft, theft over 1000$ and likely criminal assault should you encounter the owner and cause harm.   If you don't understand just write on your crappy sign, "I'm going to take your car", stand by the highway and see how long it takes to get a warning from a cop.   Last I checked taking a car that is not yours is still theft.   So if you decide to enter my property and take something, hint make sure I'm not home, as I'll call the cops and bust your ass to jail.  Now do you understand what stupid is!

So stop telling lies, it makes you all look bad!  You are not going to do what you claim.   Anyone with a functional brain can figure that out.  The rest of us will likely to point and laugh save for that would make us bullies and no better than you.

Remember the laws you'd likely create are easily used against you and if they aren't there are no shortage of existing laws that could be.  My safety comes first, that includes all those in my family and others  around me.  So if you want to call names, well stupid, here's your cop!


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Here's your sign!

Well kids its time for a lesson.

First I'll state if you jump to the opinion I'm a hateful bitch.  You are an idiot.

I really don't care what you feel.  You are unsafe because you believed the adults told you your safe.  Ponder that you believed it, and your an idiot.  What have they done to as a commitment to that? Right they put up a sign saying no guns.

You believe that sign works?  Here's an exercise for you.
Go to the nearest stop sign, and see how many cars and trucks come to a full stop, remember its the law to stop at that sign.  Note if its 100%, 90%, or less.  Do you feel stupid for believing a criminal will stop for the no guns sign 100% of the time?

Fact opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.  They mean absolutely nothing.
A definition:
   a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

When you voice an opinion and disregard someone else's that is not discourse its contradiction.  It is also unsupported.  In short you didn't do your homework and just got a Zero for the effort or lack thereof.

If you want to take a stand here is a hint:
I'm seriously older, and had the opportunity to protest Vietnam War.  Like all idiots like you I had an opinion, no facts and didn't care.  People I knew were being drafted and dying.  One slight difference.  After getting my ass handed to me I realized I was being stupid but I was educatable.  I learned what the war was about and why it was corrupt to continue it, also those that went were not to blame, but would suffer none the less.  By then I could vote and did.  Shame the guy that claimed he would stop the war lied and nearly got impeached!

Look around and pay attention.  Your being lied to by more than a few.  How and what you do must be informed with the truth, not some talking points of the side pushing you.  Yes, you have to educate yourself about guns, those mechanical things that are simple but cloaked with language about what they are, how they work, and what the pieces are.   Why?   I'm not trying to make a gunny out of you but if your going to write laws don't look like an idiot.   If you buy into the fully semi-automatic assault rifle using multi-clip magazines and believe it, then you are an idiot, there is no such thing!  Its a few incorrectly used inflammatory words strung together.   The AR in AR-15 is Armalite Rifle number 15, from the company that designed it.  The Army does not use it, never did.   The use the derivative M-16, which is a both capable of semi and full automatic operation  rifle.  All that is simple descriptive words and easy to fact check.  You might try that.  Lookup what a Assault rifle is and how a real one might be purchased.

All the other hype is about esthetics.  Things and their looks.  Often the look of the rifle has very little to do with its power or accuracy.  Much of that is cosmetics.  To that and its been done if you have the average hunting rifle its deemed OK, after all wood and all.   Put a black plastic stock on it and its a Assault rifle.  Really?  Its the same thing save for plastic is easier keep from rotting and cracking.   The words for that is improved durability.   But you are being told that black rifles are bad.   You are both stupid and being programmed.

About laws:
While your at it learn what the existing laws are, there are no shortage.   After all if your going to change them least don't repeat prior stupidity.   If you are making suggestions note a few things.  Murder is universally illegal, planning it is too, and obtaining the material to execute the plan is as well, if you do that your a criminal.   But hell, criminals stop for signs, right?  Remember every law you propose is a restriction on those that follow laws, including yourself.

Learn history all of it. besides being interesting how good intents failed (check prohibition) it also can show how defective laws hurt good people.

I figure not many made it to this line as their opinion got in the way making them an idiot.  The stupid can be educated out, idiots are the examples why education is important.


Saturday, March 24, 2018

A forcast I will hope is wrong...

Several things may come from recent events.

You The Collective everyone are being lied to.  Its the big lie and the full force of propaganda being used to make it happen.  Its almost reached the point where truth is meaningless as its feeds the big lie.

The CDC will study guns.  That means they are not studying some other disease a child may die from.  Did the prohibition removal give them more money, no.  Will people believe their results, likely no, being there are those that don't believe in vaccinations being safe nor effective.  They are a government arm and regardless of the answer it will be viewed as a politicalized to favor the wrong answer.  The benefit is there is no cure they can suggest but, some more money might help.

I expect that help for the mentally ill will be enhanced.  I've sure some of the dark buildings people remember still exist.  You know the rather dark and equipped with locked doors and bars outside.  There will be many more.  They will be houses to coup up those deemed and not adjudged as unsafe.

We may even have places for those adjudged worrisome and not in accordance with with acceptable society.   Some truly great writing came out of the gulags and a lot of suffering.  But it will be safer for those no longer exposed to those radical ideas.

I'm sure there will be laws, but I seriously doubt they will make schools safer.  I suspect they will be more hazardous for the students as anything gun related will get them in trouble with the bigger bully.   The children will be taught guns bad.  Likely a lot of other things will be introduced as beneficial to the list of bad things to never be said in school.  Hey parents... if your kid mentions something and gets in trouble for it you may well be too.  Other past eras called it indoctrination.

Crime rates will not improve.  It will still be driven by the increasing economic divide between the have and barely have.

I believe they will not only violate the 2nd amendment, they will soften the First.  We can't have complaints and all.  The 4th and 5th are also in the way.   After all the ends justify the means.

Minorities, they will not benefit. I expect that they will suffer disproportionately and more significantly.

All the problems will remain and just one more law limiting what can be considered an effective defense will be had.  We could end up where self defense is not assumed but must be proven in court every time.

Some of this will seem hyperbolic, maybe.   What if I might be right.

I believe I will be here to say;  I told you so.    When I do it will be with the greatest of regret.

Hide your stuff they really do plan to take it.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Children, useful idiots, and follow the money

Lenin called those that didn't care or know enough to care, useful idiots.

Children seem to have a lot to say these days.  By children I mean people who are too young to, vote, drink and most can't even drive without a keeper.  They have feelings but not much in the way of education or critical thinking skills.  In short they are not adults.  The again many adults are still children by behaviour and not age.

The Pnews (pwnd news as the facts part is missing but the profit part is solid) has all the coverage of the school walkout.  You  kids, do you know your being played!   Who payed for your trip if not YOU?   Who made it ok for you to walk out of classes without permission or penalty?     You wouldn't be at risk if some stupid adult decided that making your school a defenseless gun/weapon free zone.  After all is fishing in a barrel is a good and fair thing for the fish.

Given that criminals do not obey the law.   There many things criminals  can possibly employ to put YOU at risk for injury or death.  I ask the following test.  Its open book.

This is a 100 point multipart question, show your work and offer proof and references.

    IF YOU are in a place where you can't defend yourself who is responsible for defending you?
    Who would those people responsible people be?
    IF they are not nearby, how long must you survive until they assist?
    IF the person(s) responsible for your safety is prohibited from having any weapons,
    can they successfully defend YOU?

      Trick question, if they do not have the means to defend you is it fair they should die trying?

      Trick question two, is it fair they{teachers, administrators, staff, custodian}
       should not have protection?
    If the people that are supposed to keep YOU safe insist that they lock you in a room defenseless
    what is YOUR protection?

    IF a criminal enters with intent of doing harm, what is your solution for preventing that?

    How would YOU stop that person, prevention? 
    Presuming that didn't work, stop the perp during the event?

Failure to answer this question gets a 0{zero, failing} grade.

     Self defense is a right.   Should anyone in the building be allowed to defend themselves?

     If so why? 

     If not why no to self defense?   YOU get to be asked, are you suicidal?    

         If yes please report to the local mental health center, do not handle
         anything dangerous, drive, vote or drink.  You are unsafe without 
         someone to watch over you.

Keep your powder safe.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The gunz, the feelz

Listening to the various stations today...

There are those that have no clue what laws exist and propose the same one.   There are those saying we must do something.... mostly nonspecific.

Then there are those reading from the gungrabbers playbook, Gun Violence Messaging Guide.  I happen to have a copy so I know the lines well and the recommended context to use them in.

My favorite is:

The gun lovers value their guns more than children.  Well that is absurd to the ridiculous.  It never considers those that have guns to defend their children or family member.

I'd put it on them:
By creating protected areas where self defense is reduced to a sharpened pencil they are murderous by their inaction to create a actual safe zone.  If its easy to get in with a rifle with the intent to harm then the result will be a horrific disaster as you have created a protected area for the person bent of harm.  You have mandated a "gun free" zone and those in it are unprotected and devoid of any means of self defense.  You created it, its on you!  The difference is we can prove that this happens.

So here it is the anti-gun blood dancer creed:
*Alarming facts open the door to action. Powerful stories put feeling and emotional energy behind those facts.

*Emotionally-engaging images are vitally important... never stop showing the blood and screaming!

They claim to talk of facts but if they talk about background checks they use the fact that many states don't do it... forgetting the FACT that its a federal background check called NICS.  Never lie however don't say too much either.  Shade the truth.

They claim anyone can buy a gun, likely most have never seen a federal 4473 form that requires truthful statements or its federal rap and backed up by NICS.  Again hide the truth.

The best is "there's gotta be a better law"....  all 41,000 of them that exist obviously do not cover their feelings there must be a better law.

Lie and say we have weak gun laws, ignore those that do exist, take advantage of ignorance of the law.  Lest we forget criminals ignore laws. 

Their claim is 30,000 people die from guns, likely true at some level save for most are criminals
shot in the act by police and private people defending themselves and those around them.  But as horrific as that is  lets look at Cars.  When checked that number falls to 13286 were in fact killed by firearms. How many people die from drunk drivers every year?  Over 10,000!  How about auto crashes, its more than 37000 a year. We could easily save over 30,000 lives a year if we ban cars and trucks.  However is we take the drunk drivers and mandate the highest impacted age group wait till 21 to drive we may cut that sharply.  Remember driving is a privilege not a right.

Anywho I hope the picture is clear the gun violence people want to ban stuff they have at best a minimal understanding of and without any proof that it  will have the desired effect.

This is propaganda they ar pushing.   Propaganda works by tapping into emotions through images, slogans and a selective use of information, or control and censorship of the facts.  They speak to confuse, conflate, create division, and obscure facts while appealing to
less than critical thinking by emphasizing feelings, your fears.

If that is not clear read Jason Stanly's book How Propaganda Works.

Remember keep your powder and arms secure lest the redcoats march on you to take it away.