Saturday, March 24, 2018

A forcast I will hope is wrong...

Several things may come from recent events.

You The Collective everyone are being lied to.  Its the big lie and the full force of propaganda being used to make it happen.  Its almost reached the point where truth is meaningless as its feeds the big lie.

The CDC will study guns.  That means they are not studying some other disease a child may die from.  Did the prohibition removal give them more money, no.  Will people believe their results, likely no, being there are those that don't believe in vaccinations being safe nor effective.  They are a government arm and regardless of the answer it will be viewed as a politicalized to favor the wrong answer.  The benefit is there is no cure they can suggest but, some more money might help.

I expect that help for the mentally ill will be enhanced.  I've sure some of the dark buildings people remember still exist.  You know the rather dark and equipped with locked doors and bars outside.  There will be many more.  They will be houses to coup up those deemed and not adjudged as unsafe.

We may even have places for those adjudged worrisome and not in accordance with with acceptable society.   Some truly great writing came out of the gulags and a lot of suffering.  But it will be safer for those no longer exposed to those radical ideas.

I'm sure there will be laws, but I seriously doubt they will make schools safer.  I suspect they will be more hazardous for the students as anything gun related will get them in trouble with the bigger bully.   The children will be taught guns bad.  Likely a lot of other things will be introduced as beneficial to the list of bad things to never be said in school.  Hey parents... if your kid mentions something and gets in trouble for it you may well be too.  Other past eras called it indoctrination.

Crime rates will not improve.  It will still be driven by the increasing economic divide between the have and barely have.

I believe they will not only violate the 2nd amendment, they will soften the First.  We can't have complaints and all.  The 4th and 5th are also in the way.   After all the ends justify the means.

Minorities, they will not benefit. I expect that they will suffer disproportionately and more significantly.

All the problems will remain and just one more law limiting what can be considered an effective defense will be had.  We could end up where self defense is not assumed but must be proven in court every time.

Some of this will seem hyperbolic, maybe.   What if I might be right.

I believe I will be here to say;  I told you so.    When I do it will be with the greatest of regret.

Hide your stuff they really do plan to take it.


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