Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The gunz, the feelz

Listening to the various stations today...

There are those that have no clue what laws exist and propose the same one.   There are those saying we must do something.... mostly nonspecific.

Then there are those reading from the gungrabbers playbook, Gun Violence Messaging Guide.  I happen to have a copy so I know the lines well and the recommended context to use them in.

My favorite is:

The gun lovers value their guns more than children.  Well that is absurd to the ridiculous.  It never considers those that have guns to defend their children or family member.

I'd put it on them:
By creating protected areas where self defense is reduced to a sharpened pencil they are murderous by their inaction to create a actual safe zone.  If its easy to get in with a rifle with the intent to harm then the result will be a horrific disaster as you have created a protected area for the person bent of harm.  You have mandated a "gun free" zone and those in it are unprotected and devoid of any means of self defense.  You created it, its on you!  The difference is we can prove that this happens.

So here it is the anti-gun blood dancer creed:
*Alarming facts open the door to action. Powerful stories put feeling and emotional energy behind those facts.

*Emotionally-engaging images are vitally important... never stop showing the blood and screaming!

They claim to talk of facts but if they talk about background checks they use the fact that many states don't do it... forgetting the FACT that its a federal background check called NICS.  Never lie however don't say too much either.  Shade the truth.

They claim anyone can buy a gun, likely most have never seen a federal 4473 form that requires truthful statements or its federal rap and backed up by NICS.  Again hide the truth.

The best is "there's gotta be a better law"....  all 41,000 of them that exist obviously do not cover their feelings there must be a better law.

Lie and say we have weak gun laws, ignore those that do exist, take advantage of ignorance of the law.  Lest we forget criminals ignore laws. 

Their claim is 30,000 people die from guns, likely true at some level save for most are criminals
shot in the act by police and private people defending themselves and those around them.  But as horrific as that is  lets look at Cars.  When checked that number falls to 13286 were in fact killed by firearms. How many people die from drunk drivers every year?  Over 10,000!  How about auto crashes, its more than 37000 a year. We could easily save over 30,000 lives a year if we ban cars and trucks.  However is we take the drunk drivers and mandate the highest impacted age group wait till 21 to drive we may cut that sharply.  Remember driving is a privilege not a right.

Anywho I hope the picture is clear the gun violence people want to ban stuff they have at best a minimal understanding of and without any proof that it  will have the desired effect.

This is propaganda they ar pushing.   Propaganda works by tapping into emotions through images, slogans and a selective use of information, or control and censorship of the facts.  They speak to confuse, conflate, create division, and obscure facts while appealing to
less than critical thinking by emphasizing feelings, your fears.

If that is not clear read Jason Stanly's book How Propaganda Works.

Remember keep your powder and arms secure lest the redcoats march on you to take it away.


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