Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ghouls and Blood dancers

One of the most interesting part of the latest version of the attack on the constitution is the name calling.  I might point out that the obscenity laced name calling of a particular side, the anti-gun faction.

So we know the sides...

Ghouls, children killers, supposedly the NRA.  FYI hint, its a organization of people, millions of them, maybe even the gal next to you.  Would you call someone that works with you any of those names, your neighbor?  What do you think they should say to you if you did?  I know what I'd say and telling your to shut up would be the nice part.  I'm entitled to feel safe too!

Blood Dancers,  The anti-gun faction.  They deserve that name as every time something terrible happens they are out and asking for more money to create more laws and calling people names if they don't cow tow to them.  Yet they get to call names on TV and insult people that otherwise might agree with stopping the crimes but only differ on how.  Pot meet kettle.

Listen up, if you are going to deliver obscenity laced screeds in public to crowds supposedly filled with young teens what does that make you?   I can offer my mothers bar of soap and the  admonition do you eat with that mouth!  You also risk having adults notice and decide your not the type they want around them.   So a hint; the difference between a riot and a march is small but distinct.  Try hard to not create a riot, as then the blood is not on your hands.

For the idiots holding signs, "We are coming for your guns", "We are going to take your guns".  Seriously?   No, you are not, and not on a bet.  The reason I say that is the collective "we" in your case is always someone else.   That someone else is nowhere as stupid as you.  The law has not changed for property or breaking and entering.  That means if you try your likely committing trespass, breaking and entering, theft, theft over 1000$ and likely criminal assault should you encounter the owner and cause harm.   If you don't understand just write on your crappy sign, "I'm going to take your car", stand by the highway and see how long it takes to get a warning from a cop.   Last I checked taking a car that is not yours is still theft.   So if you decide to enter my property and take something, hint make sure I'm not home, as I'll call the cops and bust your ass to jail.  Now do you understand what stupid is!

So stop telling lies, it makes you all look bad!  You are not going to do what you claim.   Anyone with a functional brain can figure that out.  The rest of us will likely to point and laugh save for that would make us bullies and no better than you.

Remember the laws you'd likely create are easily used against you and if they aren't there are no shortage of existing laws that could be.  My safety comes first, that includes all those in my family and others  around me.  So if you want to call names, well stupid, here's your cop!


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