Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Here's your sign!

Well kids its time for a lesson.

First I'll state if you jump to the opinion I'm a hateful bitch.  You are an idiot.

I really don't care what you feel.  You are unsafe because you believed the adults told you your safe.  Ponder that you believed it, and your an idiot.  What have they done to as a commitment to that? Right they put up a sign saying no guns.

You believe that sign works?  Here's an exercise for you.
Go to the nearest stop sign, and see how many cars and trucks come to a full stop, remember its the law to stop at that sign.  Note if its 100%, 90%, or less.  Do you feel stupid for believing a criminal will stop for the no guns sign 100% of the time?

Fact opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.  They mean absolutely nothing.
A definition:
   a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

When you voice an opinion and disregard someone else's that is not discourse its contradiction.  It is also unsupported.  In short you didn't do your homework and just got a Zero for the effort or lack thereof.

If you want to take a stand here is a hint:
I'm seriously older, and had the opportunity to protest Vietnam War.  Like all idiots like you I had an opinion, no facts and didn't care.  People I knew were being drafted and dying.  One slight difference.  After getting my ass handed to me I realized I was being stupid but I was educatable.  I learned what the war was about and why it was corrupt to continue it, also those that went were not to blame, but would suffer none the less.  By then I could vote and did.  Shame the guy that claimed he would stop the war lied and nearly got impeached!

Look around and pay attention.  Your being lied to by more than a few.  How and what you do must be informed with the truth, not some talking points of the side pushing you.  Yes, you have to educate yourself about guns, those mechanical things that are simple but cloaked with language about what they are, how they work, and what the pieces are.   Why?   I'm not trying to make a gunny out of you but if your going to write laws don't look like an idiot.   If you buy into the fully semi-automatic assault rifle using multi-clip magazines and believe it, then you are an idiot, there is no such thing!  Its a few incorrectly used inflammatory words strung together.   The AR in AR-15 is Armalite Rifle number 15, from the company that designed it.  The Army does not use it, never did.   The use the derivative M-16, which is a both capable of semi and full automatic operation  rifle.  All that is simple descriptive words and easy to fact check.  You might try that.  Lookup what a Assault rifle is and how a real one might be purchased.

All the other hype is about esthetics.  Things and their looks.  Often the look of the rifle has very little to do with its power or accuracy.  Much of that is cosmetics.  To that and its been done if you have the average hunting rifle its deemed OK, after all wood and all.   Put a black plastic stock on it and its a Assault rifle.  Really?  Its the same thing save for plastic is easier keep from rotting and cracking.   The words for that is improved durability.   But you are being told that black rifles are bad.   You are both stupid and being programmed.

About laws:
While your at it learn what the existing laws are, there are no shortage.   After all if your going to change them least don't repeat prior stupidity.   If you are making suggestions note a few things.  Murder is universally illegal, planning it is too, and obtaining the material to execute the plan is as well, if you do that your a criminal.   But hell, criminals stop for signs, right?  Remember every law you propose is a restriction on those that follow laws, including yourself.

Learn history all of it. besides being interesting how good intents failed (check prohibition) it also can show how defective laws hurt good people.

I figure not many made it to this line as their opinion got in the way making them an idiot.  The stupid can be educated out, idiots are the examples why education is important.


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