Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm aching from the idiot.

We all know what Akin said and it's plum crazy.  But he believes that and that is whats more than scary.

But rather than rehash that as others have done well I'll take the other tack.


What he said is a woman has limited rights and those are ones he believes are granted to him and his.
In short girl, hes saying he gets to say what legitimate and when, your say don't count,

What do I think?    Hrrumph!    Thank Darwin I don't live in that pisshole state.

He's trying to tell me or more correctly anyone he can influence control over is, hon you have no say.  That's a direct statement we wimmin are chattel and in servitude.   Ain't that cute and all condescending.  All you women that vote for that thing this election both deserve to be at
the head of the line as you have done gone to Gilead.  If that is disagreeable to you just remember
hes saying,  you don't have a say.  Lay back and enjoy it.

My cut is hit them good old rethugican boys where it hurts, I'd suggest nine months sleeping on the couch, tub, or floor and no sex for that long too.  It's about time they get to relearn what NO really means.  Might as well start with your body as it's all you have left.

Powder up and tell them to blow it out their arse.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

13 percent

What does 13 percent mean to me..

Well if I got to pay only that I'd get the equivalent of one whole month work this year back as cash.

Seem us in the trenches get the higher rates.

That is one whole hell of a lot of money to  any person working I'd bet.

But you see I'm not Rmoney, I have to buy a silver spoon as mine was not given to me.

Now, does that seem right to you?

Keep your powder dry as it's all ready tax paid.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rmoney's legacy

I live in the Volkspublik of MA.. That means we have that individual mandate to have health insurance. If we don't we pay a fine, err rather, a tax.

Like and good law abiding sort I have that insurance and it's damn expensive.

I go to the doc for a routine renewal of medication, the doc charges $542 for a office visit with no labs or procedures.  Nothing complex or involved or even life threatening.

The insurance company of big blue and the cross refuse to pay.

I get a bill that I have to now pay with post tax money to the tune of about 20 plus hours of my time.  I really wish I could charge 20X my current hourly rate, but the doc does.

Yep the system works just fine.  Thanks Mittens for all the costs.

Keep your powder hidden as someone is surely ot to steal it.