Friday, September 24, 2010

Singing pigs and Logic

My younger brother once taught me a lesson.

It's impossible to argue with an irrational person.
Simple and very profound and painfully accurate.

The anti-firearms people and the religious fanatics are birds of a kin. They fervently believe they are right with nothing but false data, bankrupt conclusions and a firm belief that this time they can make it work. Since they do not aspire to critical thought, you cannot engage them in a dialog that does not either support their beliefs or result in stalemate.

Doing the same thing repeatedly is a symptom of insanity. Insanity is often applied as irrational thoughts and/or actions. Entering a discussion with a known outcome and hoping for a different one is a risky behavior.

With that if you do not want to appear insane, it is suggested that discourse with irrational people should not be attempted.

Or put anther way. Teaching a pig to sing is pointless. It annoys the pig and most everyone else. There is remote chance for success.

Ear plugs and secondary hearing protection are well advised.


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