Saturday, November 27, 2010

Assume the position...

That history is pop culture!

Ah, and you thought this was about TSA. Well maybe. it's about truth history and myth and oh yes, propaganda.

The premise of history is pop culture is from a guy named Mr Wuhl. Now this is not all that odd when you consider that when the whole story is told often we find the popular story is anything but TRUE. But like Wuhl said, History is pop culture.

However, my tack on this is not his debunking of myth and history but, the idea that most popular stories be they really really old or cooked yesterday on some blog are universally true. Bullshit! If anything the probability is what it made a good story was it being anything but the whole cloth. I'd bet the best stuff was indeed made from cow waste.

So when the legend becomes fact, print the legend. So, likely stories we hear from out own imperious leaders are likely going to have the same Bullshit content as er, uhm, history!

Look up on the net Wuhl and Assume the position.

Keep your powder dry, hoard your precious lead,


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