Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Authority, right?

TSA is a government authority and claims as such they have the right to touch you and your children. Sounds specious to me.

The Catholic church has gone down this path with rouge sexual predator priests and by covering it up gave it Papal authority. We see that has caused problems. Illegal acts under the authority of government is still crime.

I'd bet that while the TSA can make claims of "its for your own good" there is absolutely no proof that there is good and if examined closely it may be proven that it has done damage to people.


We know there are TSA people that feel they are being abused by being called names, also some have been clear they don't want to touch others "junk". Hey like the millions of business travelers that need that job suck it up or quit your job.

We know they reuse the gloves, so any "bad" stuff picked up from one person is transfered to another. This is not sanitation, at best personal protection for the TSA agent.

We know they have rudely upset rape victims, sexual assault victims, children, breast cancer survivors, Ostomy patients, and amputation survivors.

We also know there are many people that to the level of severe stressful reaction do not like to be touched or knowingly be seen naked even by a fuzzy X-ray or milimeter wave imaging system.

One area we don't know is how the X-ray based devices do on exposure as that is significant for cancer and to people that have survived cancer. We do know that just flying exposes the user to the effects of cosmic rays. We also know that pilots are more likely due to length of exposure that they see greater risk ad do not want the additional X-rays.

So in the end it's OK if the US government does it but outside the TSA screening area it's still sexual battery or worse. Those that want to test that theory just check what the risk is. On the street doing that (especially to a legal minor) will get you prison time, and classed as a sexual predator complete with the requirement to have your name on a sex offenders list for life.

I call this tipping point. The only unknown is if we will see short memory where the sheeple will just get used to it and submit. Maybe they will start chipping the sheeple like pets
as a faster identify the compliant from the potential terrorists.


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