Saturday, October 9, 2010


Lately we have heard of a situation where a man lost his house in the rural area of Tennessee. Its unfortunate that it happened and worse that animals died.

Id argue that the fire dept should have suppressed the fire if only to prevent it spreading as a fire safety measure for land and neighbors. They didn't, nothing changes that.

If the 75$ was an over sight or "ah, not needed" one wonders if same applies to insurance? What other oversights or skips existed.. unknown.


There is the sticky issue of responsibility. We can argue the politics and economics of the fire till the cows arrive. The bottom line is, everyone at the end of the day is responsible for their safety and efforts to maintain it. With that said, if there is a fee to have the fire department arrive, pay it or provide a water storage, pump and hose to protect yourself or at least do control and if you paid till the heavy gear hits the driveway.

Seems harsh I realize but the key here is if your in the outlying areas the time it takes to get there may be too great to save anything. Did he have a first line of defense, Did he consider it? Hey you out there, is there a fire extinguisher in YOUR kitchen? Do you expect the fire department will arrive to put out that bacon grease fire before it destroys the kitchen?

Bottom line fires are a major disaster wherever you are! All efforts are to prevent as the damage is always extensive enough to be costly or result in being without housing. First step always is protect thyself, family and pets.

Fire protection, water, extinguishers, safety measures with flammables, electrical safety, and knowledge of how to fight basic fires go to managing risk or prevention.

Insurance, this is an after the fact device so you have a shot at getting back to normal as fast as possible. Any extra fees for rural fire service is a must and part of that.

How do I know all this.. I lived in the Poconos PA and the nearest fire department was nine miles away and the roads were narrow and nasty if snow was present. A neighbor had a chimney fire from green pine. There were 15 long minutes spent with buckets and garden hoses before the first volunteer arrived. The owner was lucky, enough was done to save the house and within three months the house was habitable again and a few more to restore all the rooms to the before fire condition. the local fire people were good but they admitted for the region getting there fast enough was their greatest problem. It can happen to you, are you prepared?

Keep your powder in a safe place and have water handy.


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