Saturday, June 20, 2020

Tulsa and the pandemic...

Well welcome to Tulsa...

Currently a pandemic city and growing new cases at an alarming rate.

Along come the Rethugicans, six of which in the advance crew are covid postive!
They have been around and social... Wow!

With some potential for upwards of 80K for the external convention
and the 19K internal to the hall this means a high infection rate after all
its not a big deal for the younger set.

  Except for that study the average admission age is decreasing and its currently
  in the 20-35 group that seems to be getting the Wuflu and its hospital admissions
  showing that.

In a few days all those infectees will be returning home, you forgot they are
attending from everywhere.  Airports, airplanes, and busses oh my.   All
those home states if they have in under control or at least tamped down will
get a fresh drink of the virus from active spreaders that devoutly believe the
mask is a muzzle on them and doesn't prevent anything.  So they will not.

So just think your bud or friend that went to the convention just might have
the virus that could spread to you, your mom or dad, maybe the kid.
Remember to thank him if they get that tube out.

Ponder that bug...  Its summer and the hot weather that was supposed to
tamp it down like the flu. In some states have had over two months of
hot and the rest are now hot for at least a month and the bug Covid-19
seems to like it and and infections are increasing more.    The hot south
both east and west are teeming with cases and grwoing fast.

Oh right, all that is fake news...  until it isn't.

For the rest that have their stuff together, keep the powder dry and hidden,
head down and running for cover.  The next wave of shit is about to arrive.

And yes likely wearing MAGA hats, Making Anarchists Grieve Again.


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