Sunday, July 5, 2020

Freedom to be stupid...

This is the Independence day weekend.

Its also about the small rodent, lemmings.  When the overpopulate they exceed their environments ability to support them and they are mass die off.  With Covid I see the very freedom loving and unmasked rethugs partying like it is 1999.  They will run out of party places due to disease and maybe disappear. 

Its an apparent I don't give a shit for anyone but their selves.

We have maybe a few months to a year to see if they don't kill themselves off or their buddies.
What they forget is many get a secondary fatigue disorder and that if they don't get lung or cardiac disease.  We shall see and when the infected reaches the scary height we can bury them.

So those that are keeping distance and using protection...

Keep that powder dry and well hidden as those bastards will be hunting for anything
they can get.


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