Tuesday, January 3, 2023

You are being lied to, Still!

The great lie has a following and some of the greatest since the 1930s America First.   It has been 80 years same and still the play book.  

First they are fascist, the extreme right believes your rights are an inconvenience.

One of the first steps to Fascism is ultra nationalism.

Mixing government intertwined with religion.

Human rights are suspended or adjusted.

Scapegoats are found and named.

Control the media.

Obsessed with security of the nation.

The criminal element has a plan to seek revenge.

And it just goes on.   They lie to get you on their side.  They do not want to "own the libs" its about outright grab to make the libs the scapegoat and lie about what or who they are.

The arts and any other prohibited speech are being designated as designated profane or unacceptable in our schools and colleges.  

In a free country dissenting opinions are allowed.

So as before keep you powder dry and you head down.


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