Saturday, July 6, 2024

Project 2025, Mandate for Leadership

 Well I downloaded this piece of crap back in March and its been around for  longer than that and yet people are just noticing.   According to their own document it was conceived in 1979 likely fallout from Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority (he was very immoral).  It was first published in 1981 with the Reagan Revolution.

Gang wake up and pull you head outta your asses, this shit is bad.   Its not new news.  I saw the early elements of this back when and on some really old pre-PC system I have a copy of the moral majorities plan.  It was along the lines of groups of that day and a training handbook for conservative sorts to take over school boards, town boards, and any other easy entries to politics of power.  It was their way at the time to unify power and idealistic control.  To undo what they considered decadent and immoral. 

What it is, its the Conservative Promise for the theocracy.  To me it is a thinly veiled threat. It is how they will make the transition and implement it.  Its the conservative agenda and little if any is good for the USA but much of its great for those with money and seeking more power.

Read it!  All nearly 900 pages and 30 chapters and preamble.

Myself, I see it as a warning to lock and load.

Keep you head down, they are marching to collect or destroy the cannons and powder.  You are next.


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