Monday, November 1, 2021

Things that fall from the sky

 Interesting about those claiming to be patriots.  They are out to destroy government in the name of "fixing" it.  While I feel at times it does deserve a good old fashioned whoppin, that doesn't mean anarchy.  Seems the kiddies are unaware of the results of what what they do might result in and ripple back on them.

Anarchy is when votes are denied, some people are treated more poorly that others.  Equality or even justice does not exist in anarchy, just those getting theirs, enreally at the cost of others skin.  That and government is not improved but reduced to the the hind end of the pig, the stinky part.  The fellow before claimed he might drain the swamp and so far that lie turned out to be metastatic in nature.  He was the swamp and filling it with his dullest claiming they were the best  was a great step backward.  Cleanup of that ecological mess is going to take time and money.

So that is counter to the droppings of birds aka birdshit, and other things that fall from the sky like fools, meteors, and remnants of spacecraft.    So we have anarchists that claim to be patriots and prove to be destructive ignorant dolts. Like the stuff falling from the sky they are pointless and recognizable by the stains they leave.  If you are out to fix something, try not to make it more broken and still sorta working as then you have to live with that, and it may break you.  Missing, deficient, or plain out of control is not fixed, just more broken and likely is a worse way.  Think of it as a half dead almost corpse still twitching and soon to start smelling bad.

In the end the government is people, some mostly broken but at least useful the rest are total hash and need a good whippin behind the shed.  Why?  Because their don't give a rats bottom for you (the collective, you all) and its their pockets and little empires that makes em feel good and all you wishing you had some.  See when you create a lot of people that don't go they tend to get riled up and if they don't have a seat at the table its bad.  Like King George III bad, his pesky colonial rebels didn't want that but at the end of the day someone decided, enough.

So when you blame anyone look to those that are glomming theirs and claiming its the other guys not getting it right when the former guys rendered it FUBAR. Also check the mirror as it may be yourself. Then the idiots will try to be spicy but will make easily visible targets of their selves.  They don't understand what they do, or why.  They are doing it, badly! 

As usual keep your head down, powder dry, and be prepared.


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