Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The world as we knew it, canceled due to FUD.

As DrumpF prattles we run, his spittle is infected with lies.

He has passed hate and confusion, and continued on to what others may recognize, FUD.  For you kids that is Fear, Uncertainty, and Disbelief.

Noisy toddler in chief, keep lying so that truth is unknown, and likely you wish it to be unknowable as anything recognizable.  The big lie works Goebbels may have been on the wrong side but he was the expert at propaganda.  Now we hear it from the wanabe TV star, self appointed, and expert liar in chief.   Your running out of people to fire and compentent people that have sense are avoiding you.

His goal for America, none, its only a source of marks and their money. 

Thankfully a majority of state governors have a basic clue that if nothing gets done it gets bad. They thankfully do not have to wait in the idiot in-diapers.  Despite that  many will die.

As always keep your steel hat on, head down, and your powder dry, the shit is going to be bad.


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