Thursday, April 23, 2020

The right to be stupid

So you don't want to distance, wear a mask or, stay home...

No problem, if you happen to test positive for CV-19 you have for all practical purposes put your fist in someones face and the penalty is quarantine.  Really!

I might ad you likely are not the first  Typhoid Mary Mallon was.  If they can and did lock her up so be it for you.  Current guess is you will sit for two weeks, likely tested till clear.

Oh you antivaxer  we have a cure for that, you opt to get the vaccine or exposed assuming that conveys immunity.  Oh yes, the real thing just might make you very very ill.

Also by all means take the cholroquine, hopefully you are one that can tolerate it without loosing eyesight, suffering heart, or kidney damage.  But hey its cheap and unproven to help with Covid-19 virus.  Actually it does sorta, if you get so sick to be on a vent.. your twice as likely to die if you take it.  Oops, yep, wrong cure.

We can of course wait for herd immunity as  that will get us to safer sooner, if there is an immunity.
So what if 1-4% of the people that get it die.  Sucks if its you.  But hey you volunteered to be one less to give it to me. 

Seriously this is not the flu, look at Polio, least its not Ebola, MERS, or SARS, and a few other nice nasty bugs.  We've only won against Polio.

Your a truther and anivaxer or maybe even a believer in chem trails.  Oh, right also 5G is bad so get rid of you phone and routers that can do that, see they also transmit using 5G.  Fools!

If the message isn't clear, this bug is real, people dead is very real,  every excuse and denial can't make it less real.  So stay the hell away and if you open a business and the business is connected in any way, even by guess to a case of CV19.... Your business will likely see sales collapse and your job with it.  So open I dare you.  If all else your belief in you small brain its that this bug is all false and phony go test it with your life and those of your family.  You might be right, or you get to bury the errors.

Go ahead, I think its way to risky.


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Comrade Misfit said...

I agree. Except that the aggressively stupid Covidiots will spread the virus to others.

If you're going to be a Covidiot, you should have to sign a DNR and a refusal of treatment. Go die in the corner, because fuck you guys.