Friday, May 1, 2020

Educating Zombies...

Catchy title but the fact is you can't.  They're effectively dead.

So where do we start?

Formal education, critical  thinking subsection.  Seems there is a shortage of that.

For the so called Right... Its real stupid.  Its not a hoax.  Its a disease from a new virus and what we do or not do does not help us understand or protect.  For some not doing doesn't do much save for make its self easier to spread and for other even a smaller percentage it just kills.

That one detail is that if you get it you have likely spread it.  It may kill your kin or more likely granny or papa or your own first born.

So Education time...

Its s fucking disease.  You can get it.  if your the unluckly maybe 2-3% (likely more) you die, sucks to be you.  But hey you wander around like its nothing and it just may be you.

We cannot negotiate with a virus.
So in the end you deny, call it a hoax and lie to yourself and everyone around you.

Some questions

1) Who are you?
How much you accept others' definitions of who and what you are?

2) What do you want?
This is the question addressing one's needs, our wants, our desires. What do
we need, as compared to what we think we need?

3) Why are you here?
Do you believe that your life has a purpose? Do others think your life has a purpose?

4) Where are you going? ...
Are you doing something to edge closer to achieving that purpose or not?

5) Do you have anything worth living for?
This asks you what is important to you that is external to you and your life.

6) Whom do you  trust?
Do they have your best interests at heart? Do they have their own best interests at heart?

7) Whom do you serve?
To whom are you responsible?

Who do you trust,  and why?  Really if you trust DrumpF ,  see #5 maybe you need more self interest and be more protective of family.

Who do you serve, what every party you believe is right are you doing thing that serve their cause or by not doing aid their cause.  Think about that for a while.  There is protest and then stupidity.  For years it was the soap box, the ballot box, and then the cartridge box.  Get them mixed up and you give the wrong side fodder.  In short you not being responsible to your own cause.

I suspect some will see this as too esoteric.  But hey when shooting and killing is a thing there needs to be a good reason.

As usual keep your head down, powder dry, stay safe.


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