Monday, May 25, 2020

Selfish to the max...

Quoted from elsewhere and generally like many...

"We've been locked down long enough.  Protect the elderly and let the younger go and get passed this thing once and for all.  Covid is not a death warrant for the young!"

Well, isn't that cute.  You selfish turd!

So lets protect the elderly, those with mostly likely a third of their lives 
still ahead.  One fucking question asshat?  HOW?  There is no treatment 
other than keep 'em alive and hope, no vaccine.  And if the rate does not 
slow down maybe no hospital bed either.

The young (under 40) are not safe.  Just fewer die, isn't that great.  So no your not 
assured you will die but you may loose the lottery.

But be of good cheer you may live at home with elders or insist on visiting them 
and and if you are lucky to get it with minor effect they still are very likely to get 
it with major effect. So that means:

You get to grieve, thought not see them die, or maybe even buried.
You may get to be a orphan.
You got your inheritance, must have wanted that. Enjoy!

In the end your brought the bug home and that makes YOU responsible.
Ponder that, what you did, and its result. 

There is no "past this thing".   It has every look of the polio epidemics
where every year parents had to worry their kids would get it and maybe 
not survive it.  Even with the first vaccine  it took nearly a decade to 
slow it down to a crawl.

For the rest of us keep your powder dry and head down.  Remember, not
everyone out there has your back.



Sevesteen said...

A different view isn't necessarily selfish. We don't have good options here--we aren't likely to be able to lock down long enough to fix this, we'll starve first. Lockdowns weren't supposed to be until a cure, they were just to keep from overwhelming hospitals--same number of cases but spread over enough time.

But ending lock downs where the outbreak isn't awful isn't the same as ending all precautions. Yes, people should wear a mask indoors in public and in crowds, avoid crowds if possible, don't visit at-risk people in person. But people who aren't at elevated risk should go to work if possible, so the economy can support people who can't work, or who are doing research.

Eck! said...

Its December and it is covid all around us everywhere and 300,000 have died. There are few taking the whole mess seriously, another 30 days and we will hit 400,000. So its not the flu, but we are half way to
the the way to the death numbers of the 1918 flu 675,000 for USA).

Seems the idea that its not anything like the big flu was true.