Sunday, May 17, 2020

COVIDiots and the MAGAits that follow

Its all fake news:  

Its only the flu. 
Drumpf is doing a good Job...
He is not an Adderal abuser.

Really!  So my plan is simple keep distance and plan accordingly for the next few month.
Why?    By then their stupidity will have thinned the herd.

The plan is simple you go do the its only the flu thing and hit the bars and all that.  When 
you are sick you may change your mind.  Or you might just die or worse infect someone 
you love.  I suspect that will make you resent everyone that assisted your disbelief and 

In the mean time for all you covidiots and magats have fun, get sick, and hope like hell
the immunity is not fake news.   So sometime in the fall after you all have had your 
stupid moment.  I'll be around to say, told ya so.

So those not so stupid, keep your powder dry, head down, and all due precautions 
around the idiots.


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