Monday, May 4, 2020

Red states Blue states

Moscow Mitch suggested we should not help the states suffering from pandemic economic woes.

I have a problem with that.  Seems many have stated "hell, the the Blue states fund the Red via taxes to the fed and distributions based on census.".  Well that might even  be likely true.

However I'll stand on a different aspect.

WE as a union exist not as sovereign states but a republic created for the mutual good and defense.
That means we are united to defend any state against those that may attack it.  It was also an economic pact to insure free trade across borders, common currency for payment, and most of all laws that are generally valid from one state to another.  That pact means we support our fellow states against economic woes as well.

So Idiot Mitch its likely your state is doing as well as it is because millions of Blue Staters paid their taxes and you managed to pork up a bit extra for your self and state.

Keep your head down mask on and powder dry.



Eainsdad said...

It's not a new virus. It's a variant of an old virus.
Evidence indicates that people have been getting infected as far back as November 2019.
Possibly even further.
It is not the Spanish influenza or the Asian flu.
It is what it is, which is an illness that strikes all ages but only tends to cause serious illness in people already sick with some other ailment or who have compromised immune systems.
I have asthma and high blood pressure and am overweight.
All three were listed as indicators of vulnerability to the virus.
I caught it the first week of March 2020, which means I was exposed midway through February or so.
While Democrat politicians were telling people not to worry, that it wasn't a big deal, and to enjoy the parades and trips to Chinatown.
I took ibuprofen and fluids and when it got bad I was prescribed steroids and a Z pack.
I was in bed for four days and then had to self quarantine for another 15 after I had no more symptoms.
Evidence indicates that 80 percent of the population will be exposed and catch the virus and never have symptoms to speak of.
You can choose to lock yourself up in your house after being lied to for months by the media.
It makes more sense and is infinitely more logical for people to quarantine the elderly and infirm and otherwise live their lives.
If you do not approve this comment it will only reveal you are a hysteric.
You should think about what that says about you.

Eck! said...

I understand what Covid-19 is and its ancestry.

One little thing, was it confirmed you had CV19 or assumed you did.

I had a bug Feb20, two days of high fever and other symptoms no cough
clearly to me a flu, like not CV19. But IF I said it was and then said it was CV and nothing then what am I doing? Mind you I believe I had not exposed to anyone that had it or exposed at that time, two weeks later and the Biomedical conference in Beantown spread it
about it was in our very local area and I had already started
taking precautions. For this state that was the start.

In the real world I have a few things to worry about being retired
and my partner has a few years on me and spent last summer in the hospital when they mistreated gallbladder went septic with major surgery to clean that up. Add COPD and a triple bypass and then getting covid is a serious problem, lie sleep in the shed for two weeks or more. Can't afford to bring that home, even if it were
the really the Flu (and not CV) with known respertory issue that turns ugly too.

Hysteric, that is your words. your application of them is also telling about you. or it maybe a reaction to your local version
of governing, here it was handled well enough. Seems MA learned a lot being the epicenter of Spanish flu in 1918.

I prefer to treat is as not risking my partner life. I happen
to think being responsible and avoiding undue risk is not

That and what some call lockdown may be forced confinement.
I never experienced that. Maybe where you are, or is it
you wanna do and its inconvenient. We had restaurants and
all close but I could do take out from them and did, walk
in the park was no issues. Go out and work on my property.
Shake someones hand, ok with gloves. Precautions, yes.
Careful that's all.

Any delay in approval was incidental as I don't check older
posts at all often. Sorry.